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12 years ago

Comunication with this store was very good was able to talk to them very easly and was passed on to a tech when asking questkions about products. Web site was not as easy to find products as other sites and the search function couldnt find products that were actually listed when i manualy searched the lists of procucts. Some products were listed as being in stock but when ordered, was informed as being out of stock and had to be ordered in. had to wait a week to receive goods. Their delivery of the goods were exellent from their store to me, same day. Packaging was good and products arived in exellent condition. Prices are average i only orderd from them as other stores were out of stock of the items and i needed them ASAP. So waiting for goods was not cool for me. I was also sent an email asking for more money to cover freight that had not been calculated corectly on the web site. This was also not cool. I would like to see the website improved to be more user freindly and accurate when it comes to freight and stock availablity.

12 years ago

I bought a UPS from these people which failed within a year, but I didn't recognise it as a fault 'till I had a power failure just outside the 1st year. Anyway I took it into the shop and spoke to the store owner who didn't want to know! First he suggested that I buy another UPS from him. I said that this wasn't acceptable and could he give me the name and contact details of the manufacturer or supplier so that I could contact them direct and get an explanation as to why it had failed so early. The store owner refused this request, even when I pointed out to him that by doing so he was in breach of consumer law. He then said that as a special concession to me he'd send it back and get a report as to why it had failed. So a few days later I contact the store owner who tells me the UPS has been repaired and returned and that I can call in and pick it up. So I call in and he then says I have to pay him $78.75 for getting it repaired. I tell him that this isn't fair as I only requested a report as to why it had failed and hadn't authorised any repairs to be carried out. He tells me I can take it or leave it, he snatches my UPS off the counter and says that I have to pay up or it's his. Somewhat with my back against the wall I pay and leave with my UPS. When I get home I make some lengthy enquiries to track down the supplier, which I eventually do. I phone them up and explain who I am, and they proceed to tell me that they REPAIRED MY UPS UNDER WARRANTY AND RETURNED IT TO GAMMA FREE OF CHARGE!!! When I phoned the store owner and told him what I had discovered he didn't give a damn and refused to give my money back. MY CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RATING FOR GAMMA COMPUTERS AND IT'S OWNER, IS A BIG FAT ZERO. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT THIS STORE AGAIN!

Reply by Gamma Computers:2011-02-08
For the past 22 years Gamma Computers has been providing computer hardware and services with a good customer satisfaction record. Products purchased from Gamma covered by a limited wrranty. After the expiry of the warranty period (i.e. 1 year) Gamma on behalf of the customer continues to support the product and arrange with the manufacturer or distibutor to replace or repair the product free of charge if needed. Gamma charges a small admin fee and freight cost for courier of the product to and from the supplier.

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