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Fast delivery, great communication. Great products. Thank you for helping us out :)
Taco Horrorfist (1 review)
Built me a Shmick PC, put in a 2600X instead of 1500X but i aint complaining. Definitely coming back when this baby needs an RTX. \m/
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chamill(12 reviews)
I've been a returning customer over the years, most recent purchase 6/1/19 for 2x SSDs. Definitely my first port of call before PBTech. Good friendly service, easy pickup of orders in Christchurch and very competitive pricing. Highly recommended!
DrSaac(1 review)
Ordered a simple cable from Dragon PC USB A - USB C (male to male). They said it had shipped and I recieved no updates for 2 weeks. Sent a follow up email asking what was happening, some poor communication and another 2 weeks later they said they would send another product. Another month later and I had gone back to them multiple times asking for details to do with delivery and they then tell me that they no longer have stock available for the product I ordered 2 months ago. There was no redeeming factor and I will find it hard to buy from them again.
EthanW(1 review)
I purchased a Chassis and other computer parts from Dragon pc, their online store stated "low stock" on the Chassis, shortly after the purchase they called me informing me that there is none available and explained why. I asked for a refund and they offered it within the hour along with care in offering a refund on the other parts that they even had stock for, just in-case the rest of my build needed adjustment. They seem like a friendly bunch that are happy to cooperate with their customers. Only gripe was that their online stock information wasn't indicative of availability in this case.
ridgenairn(2 reviews)
Offered immediate instore replacement of a Western Digital 4TB Red drive, allowing me to get my server up and running within hours of failure. Great service.
Reply by Dragon Computer:2017-05-25
Thank you for perfect review :)
Edited 24/03/2017
hazzyhaz(2 reviews)
After purchasing a screen from them, I engaged in a conversation through their online chat, only to find they were going to send me a demo model, which I decided ok as it was low stock around the country on the condition they send it out same day. 3 days later I checked the tracking number and it is still not shipped.
Reply by Dragon Computer:2017-03-24
Take one working day for the payment show on our bank statement & you forgot to mention we give you $40 off for the demo unit. We can't control the courier when the miss they pickup on that day. When the courier come to pickup next day but you won't answer our call so we refund your money same day.
Edited 15/09/2016
Unregistereda0f8b405(1 review)
Purchased several parts for a new build from multiple different shops. DragonPC was by far the best. They had to get the case in from their supplier, they said it was going to be overnight and I got an email same day saying it was ready! 10/10 Expectations set and then blown out of the water. Cheers guys!
Reply by Dragon Computer:2016-10-13
Thank you for perfect review :)
soulan(4 reviews)
Ordered a monitor and picked it up in-store the next day. Fast and painless.
Reply by Dragon Computer:2016-05-28
Thank you for perfect review :)
eunkkor(3 reviews)
I recently purchased a hdd from this shop, the website is the worst, but their response to emails were fast. Would have been better if they let me know that the HDD was bulk, but they didn't, so I was little disappointed when I went to pick it up and saw there was no box and just ESD bag which felt little dodgy. Anyways, the HDD seems to work fine so far so I would say that's ok. A Good shop, they are very kind and response to my inquiries are fast, but needs improvement on their website and product details.
Reply by Dragon Computer:2016-01-20
Thank you for good review :) we have new website coming soon http://www.ecompower.co.nz/dragon :)
brandonp2412(2 reviews)
Engaged in bait advertising. Stated that they would sell a Noctua NH-D15 for $89.50 and reneged after payment was received stating "we don't know when we can get this item, it may be in next year". They then went on to attempt to get me to buy a different type of cooling system.
Reply by Dragon Computer:2016-01-22
Sorry for the wrong prices, error source from supplier csv price list & they don't have stock either. we did list the supplier stock ETA on our site...
Kenshin210(3 reviews)
Very helpful and decentish comunication
3dnutta(1 review)
Great store, been buying from them for years
shane73(1 review)
Motherboard had obviously been used :( Seems to work OK so I won't return it, but yeah not really happy...
Edited 27/12/2013
Peter Murphy(2 reviews)
Great Store, Friendly Staff, ok with return/warranty issues
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