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Edited 05/09/2016
raspor(1 review)
Can completely agree and empathise with the Beki below about the poor customer service levels at ETC. Purchased a brand new monitor, which within a couple of days developed an intermittent shadowing fault. When I brought it back to the shop the fault did not appear so they sent me away again. When the fault got worse they told me I needed to contact the supplier and have the brand new monitor repaired under warranty. When I said this would be an inconvenience and that I was not happy with this solution and I requested a full refund I was told there would be a 15% "unboxing fee". Eventually the monitor was fixed, after I returned it to the shop and I picked it up again, a big inconvenience to myself. There as no apology from shop-owner -- woeful customer experience. I have used them several times down the years and found their prices competitive but I won't be using them again Tread very carefully when dealing with them.
Edited 26/01/2015
Beki(1 review)
We purchased from ETC based on the previous reviews and yes they did seem knowledgable and had good prices but their after sales service was very lacking when it came to resolving a problem. Within the first week the brand new PC build starting showing black screens and losing files etc.. however, as we do not live close to ETC we were not able to immediately take it . I sent them some screen shots and they said it was our fault for plugging in a USB external hard drive. That seemed strange so we left it for a whiel but he propblems continued and got worse, freezing up at least once a day even when nothign was plugged in. My daughter thought it might come right.. long and short , I forgot about the issues till months later my daughter asked if we could get her PC looked at as it was still causing poroblems but freezIng more regularly than before., JUST out of warranty darn it so we took it to ETC who diagnosed quickly as a hardware problem (Faulty hardrive that they installed!) but would not wear any responsibility at all . Thought they would at least have had the good consience and provided the labour but no we had to pay new harddrive and their installation fees, ($170 all up) they didn't even remove the faulty one just lef it there unplugged. they were rude and umnprofessional and said we couidl take them to small claimns if we wanted but we would lose. Their attitude to fix the problem was not great at all. MOst other business we know would be happy to work with us and not immediately become defencsive and sticking to the letter of the law. They also did not give us any information on how to reimnstall the prgrammes they had put into backup.. clicking on them didn't work ...nor tell us the wifi would now no longer work becuase the driver was on the old hard drive.. but we didn't know that,,had to source and download everything again. Would have been helpful if they had reinstalled the drivers for us as we had no idea what to do at first. So my recomendation is buy the cheap stuff that you need but don't get a build done unless you yoruself are tech savvy in the first pace.
sqwazare(8 reviews)
Bought a CPU cooler, stock available quickly and easy store to deal with
Edited 04/05/2010
silent7(5 reviews)
Great stuff, went in and bought a LCD monitor, cheap prices. So far so good. No complaints.
c_rh_s(5 reviews)
Bought a computer case. Was here the next day faster than any other parts, very good to deal with highly recommend, better than any other store I have dealt with.