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5 months ago
Well, it says a lot when a large company does not allow users to post reviews in Google or Facebook!. Well cost cutting by closing all your stores and being online only, great!. Well its great if you use a reliable courier not NZ Post. I am a company that relies on a reasonable delivery timeframe, I am ordering cardboard boxes and bubble wrap constantly throughout the year. I have now been waiting 3 weeks, I contacted sales a week ago and they said they would look into it. Nothing, so I email again yesterday, nothing. Ok then, I would say a lot of your custom is businesses and you have made your business completely useless to me if you cannot supply products in a timely manner, goodbye!.

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a year ago
Completely useless. For a month they continued to sell items that they had no ability to supply. I had hundreds of dollars taken out of my account for items they couldn't supply. Items were listed as available with delivery as 3-5 working days but in reality the items wouldn't be available for 2 months. The website continue to sell these items for weeks in spite of knowing their delivery information was completely wrong.

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9 years ago
My inquiry re Imation Apollo 500GB external hard drive. I phoned the local officemax store and were diverted to the national call centre. The volume of her voice was defening.The operator was not familiar with the product I was trying to describe because i did not have an product no. I had seen the item on Pricespy which showed the item as being in stock from office max. after I spelled the details she said the price was $55 more than the price spy price, then she asked if the web site was American, then she said Pricespy was not a good site. when I said that the officemax website showed the location od stores but did not show products she said they had a website but it was not listed under the office max name I just gave up.......
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