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4 days ago

Never use this company! I don't believe they exist. Took my money and I never heard from them again. Upon trying to find contact details to chase up my order I realised my mistake. I ordered from inksale instead of Inksave who had been good to deal with. Lesson learnt, always check contact details before ordering.

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a year ago

Ordered ink for my Canon Maxify Printer as ink was getting low. Received order on time and scored a good deal on the price since the original Canon ink was around the same price for 1 cartridge and I received 4 from Trademe user evebaby AKA Email:[email protected] Ordered them on 17/02/21 then when ran out of ink used them in April. The ink color was not printing correctly and thought ok let me give run the clean option on printer to get it working properly. After numerous attempts noticed it was not working and then decided to send an email. I sent the pics showing nearly half of the ink had already been used with the cleaning and still not working. I then received a very defensive email saying it was due to my printer being faulty and being the issue and that nothing was fault of inks I had purchased and that I could take it into a lab to confirm. I explained I had been using ink which I had previously purchase from another ink provider with no issue and tried to see if they would correct issue before leaving negative feedback. After a few emails going back and forth she basically was not prepared to do anything an happy to receive negative feedback. I have since learned my lesson and suggest to everyone do not buy cheap ink as it can damage your printer. Luckily when I bought the Canon ink and did clean it fixed my printer. Please see picture links below for your reference.

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