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3 months ago
Just don’t buy from them. We bought a refurbished iPhone which was faulty on arrival and had to be returned via a lengthy and unfair rma process for “assessment”, to submit the form you HAVE TO answer all sorts of ridiculous questions, they want you to connect it to computer and do full backup and restore first, if they approve your request you need to have a printer handy to print out their return label, then it’s up to you to organise re-packaging and collection of the item. They say it will take up to 3 weeks for inspection before they make a decision. We also bought a brand-new pair of wireless earbuds which when arrived we discovered were not genuine but clones, the representative I spoke to about this agreed that it was “not the correct product” however they couldn’t send out a replacement or refund until another lengthy rma was completed, and the item re-packaged and returned for assessment.

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9 months ago
Really, really bad. Bought an iPhone through their Trade Me store, took two weeks to send and had to ask where it was because they hadn’t dispatched it, description said “excellent battery life” etc - when it finally arrived turns out the battery’s dying. Filed a dispute with Trade Me.
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