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Guest user
Guest user
2 months ago

They had no idea what they were doing. They literally butchered my hair. My intoxicated son once cut my hair and with exaggerating -he did a better job. When I tried to get it fixed I felt like I was a r fault even tho I had multi coloured hair and uneven sides-they cut to close around my ears. It seriously was horrific and I’m not that precious regarding hair. Then when I asked for a refund they had an attitude (customer service) saying they had fixed it but missed the point I still looked worse than when I first walked in.

Guest user
Guest user
a year ago

I got a keratin treatment done at Vivo salon in cashew street, while the senior hairdresser assigned to me was polite, I can’t say the same about the result after washing my hair 4 days after the treatment. I lost a lot of hair and keep losing to date, not only that the results were nothing similar to what they had said the service would garner. In fact my hair was more frizzy, extremely dry and unmanageable. Deeply dissatisfied with the result and it was a waste of almost $300 in my case. Pls they made me sign a waiver in the midst of doing the hair treatment maybe because their keratin treatment does not work! Pls do your research before paying for this treatment at Vivo salons

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