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Shona (1 review)
First time I purchased through ggstore I had no issues. 2nd time purchasing... complete nightmare, ripping my hair out is faster than contacting them. I've sent an email and Facebook message to cancel my order and request refund. Do you think they'd respond, NO. Will never purchase from them again. You'd get more satisfaction buying from elsewhere
BE1L3ND(1 review)
Pretty bad. Seems to have taken my money and not sent me my purchase. Been 13 days and no word, just the same copy paste email. DO NOT BUY from this site.
Kiweeb(1 review)
I've personally had no issues with the service provided by GgStore! I ordered Tetris Effect recently and although there was some delay in getting it (and this was simply because they didn't have it in stock and thus I had to order it) once I got it I couldn't be more happy! I got a fantastic game, for a fantastic value, and really it only took around two weeks to receive anyway which is nothing (considering I usually order from overseas and sometimes it can take a couple months). GgStore has an interesting business model. The have a system which automatically seeks the lowest retail sale, and then they lower the price based on that - so you're almost guaranteed to get the BEST deal possible! Of course, since the system is automated sometimes things go wrong and an order can't proceed or it takes longer than anticipated: but this is a risk you should be willing to take, as there's really no loss as you'll receive a full refund. So okay, the pros; *Guaranteed the best deal for a brand new game if you do a little research before hand. *Usually two weeks delivery if an item is on 'order' or possible less than a week if they have the item in stock already. *Free shipping. *Fully refunded if something goes amiss. *There are GenoaPay and LayBuy options for added convenience for any order regardless of value (I think). And the cons; *You're not guaranteed to receive a product you ordered due to how their system works. *Shipping can be delayed depending on how long it takes the seller to get the product if it was on order. Really, the pros out-weigh the cons and as such I really recommend GgStore if you're okay that there could be a chance your order doesn't go through. So maybe do it for a game you'd like but aren't super hyping over and are fine with forgetting about until you receive a surprise in the mail. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 simply because I have had one time where an order was cancelled. So yeah, minus one star because of inconvenience.
tbonesteak(33 reviews)
Judging by the other reviews they seem very hit or miss with service. I have purchased multiple games from ggstore both in stock and out of stock with entirely reasonable shipping. Alongside games I’ve ordered gift cards; which so far have all arrived within hours of ordering. As far as I know ggstore seems to be a 1 man store so I understand how some people can get shafted and others get extremely lucky. 3/5 - would be 5 stars if i wasn’t weighing in the people getting shafted.
Gg gg(1 review)
DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. False advertising of services. I paid for a game a week ago and it still has not been sent. Neither have any of my emails been answered. Disappointing.
Edited 27/02/2019
Cancelled my order at 10pm at night for no reason, no communication,
Edited 12/02/2019
Very happy with my purchase and very fast sending through my Xbox code. Also really handy you can use Laybuy.com will definitely purchase from GgStore again.
Edited 07/02/2019
They wrote a little letter hoping i enjoyed my game :) it was super sweet and the game was cheapest conpared to everywhere i searched and top notch
i didn't receive my gift card codes
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Coolcats2015(1 review)
Seriously slow service. Bought a game nearly a week ago and it still hasn't arrived and I still haven't received any updates about whether it has even shipped! If I knew this is how this store does business I would have avoided them. No replies to emails either. These people sound like amateurs. Would not advise doing business with them.
Sarahleigh(1 review)
Sadly I would not recommend this site to anyone wanting a good deal or have a product shipped at a suitable time frame. They have advised me their website price matches against others which in turn gives them cheaper rates at first but sadly after that they will cancel the order and advise their system was flawed, saying it was too low and a mistake. This in my opinion is an incredibly bad way to operate causing customers a lot of wasted time. The previous game I had ordered also had a huge wait to get a new release, it was incredibly slow and took around 14 days after release to reach my house which makes other sites much more sensible to use. Please avoid this site for your own sake
Edited 14/11/2018
Always delivers
Useless. 4 days and still not sent. Going to cancel and get a refund. Don't bother. Go to mighty ape.
Reply by GgStore:2018-11-08
yet the order was not cancelled, also unable to read and comprehend emails.
I purchased a PS4 game on preorder for release day delivery as promised by the store and which I confirmed by contacting them to clarify. I received an email the day before delivery saying the distributors were holding back the stock. However once the package was sent on release day, it was still only sent by economy post rather than overnight courier post. I still haven't received the ordered item 9 days after ordering it and 5 days after it was released and posted...no doubt they'll blame NZ Post, but it wouldn't have been difficult to send it by courier instead of economy post.
Reply by GgStore:2018-11-08
not quite right, nzpost tried to deliver the game 3x and nobody was home. we emailed and advised everyone and gave the option to cancel the order if the delay was going to be a problem
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