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Nikolay Ivanov(1 review)
Not bad
davionnz(1 review)
Have bought several perfumes over the years. Items have always been better value than elsewhere and arrived very quickly. Last order arrived the day after ordering!
Rain(2 reviews)
Arrived in 2 days. Safely packed. Love the product. Very happy with my purchase. Great price .
Julia(1 review)
Very happy with my purchase. Super reliable and pricing isn't too bad, My order came the next day. Only down side was the unnecessary polystyrene peanuts in the package - no sure if they're biodegradable ones or not.. if so, thumbs up!
Haydes74(1 review)
My order arrived two days after placing order. Very happy and best price.
Roimata(1 review)
So happy with my purchase delivered on time. Will definitely purchase more from PerfumeNz
T Family(1 review)
I always choose to buy from Perfume NZ, not only for the good price but the high quality service as well. The staff went out of their way to ensure my gifts were delivered in time for a birthday and the fragrances all smell sensational! Thank you very much for your help.
Steve S(1 review)
Thank you for the fragrances which arrived early this morning. Very speedy delivery, the packaging was excellent, great trouble free service which I highly recommend and also very great price. I was recommended your website from a colleague at work and I am very glad I purchased from you. I will definitely be spreading the word as my fragrances are top quality & I am yet to find a retailer with prices even close! A+++++
Leigh(1 review)
This company is horrendous and their customer service is deplorable. Order placed on December 24, 2018 ($800) and as of today, February 27 2019, still nothing received and no refund and no communication from them. They avoid responding, make excuses and do not even abide by Consumer Guarantees Act. They do not take accountability and blame DHL and DHL are just as terrible. Numerous phone calls, emails and rude, unprofessional customer service. DO NOT order with this company. Buy with any other company and hopefully have a better outcome.
Blake(1 review)
This company is the absolute worst in customer service. I'm not sure what the their problem is but their customer service is a joke - they have a decent range of products - the only reason I have shopped with them. They are inconsistent with responses, they almost never get back to you on time and can not be contacted at all through phone. They went off the grid for two months over the holiday period and started deleting negative comments off their Facebook page when they came back from holiday. Not sure why it is so hard to get an attentive Facebook manager throughout the day and to reply to emails in a timely manner. They either don't care enough or have no business sense whatsoever. I've given them chance after chance with orders and each time, the item will get shipped at a completely random date - there is no consistency or routine. No transparency or face to the company. If it wasn't for the selection I wouldn't waste my time with people who don't care at all about their customers.
Kelly, Napier(1 review)
DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY: I placed my order just after xmas & was very taken back when AFTER I placed/paid for my order a box popped up advising they were closed until 16th January (would have brought elsewhere if id known) It then took 2 months to recieve my full order & only because I kept hounding them. I recieved the body spray a month after I ordered and within a few days the smell had dissapated leaving a chemically smell. The perfume/gel and mousse pack a month later, and the perfume has a similar chemically smell, i havnt opened the other bottles. I believe its either expired or a knock off. I emailed perfume nz and needless to say they arent interested and tried to blame the manufactorer. They claimed they get container loads in weekly and had no issues, if thats the case why did it take so long and so many emails to get my product? And why does my perfume appear to have expired. Note to ones self, ALWAYS read the reviews before purchasing online. Very annoyed with myself too because i usually do.
Tom(1 review)
Not sure what to make of the good reviews here. A bit too glowing for my taste. I ordered three deodorant sticks worth about $150; only one arrived. Two months later I am still trying to get the outstanding shipment or a refund. PerfumeNZ seems keen to sit this one out. Not recommended.
Megan Louise (thrashz0r)(1 review)
PerfumeNZ is awesome! huge range of designer fragrances and even a few niche fragrances. Fast shipping, almost always overnight. Very satisfied with my purchases and will continue buying from them :)
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Sarena (1 review)
Very happy I received an entire box this morning, well packaged and all are genuine. Received them the next day which is perfect.
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