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Neville(1 review)
Tim at Soundlab is Absolutely Awesome!. His knowledge about AV and customer service is par excellence. Tim takes the time to understand your requirements and makes suggestions to suit your budget and goals. There is no sales pressure or gimicks. Great place to see a lot of high end and good quality merchandise under one roof. Keep in up Tim and Soundlab. You Rock! No pun intended. :)
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Edited 21/10/2016
925(1 review)
Yes, very very very good. Best I have seen. Well done!
Roger Tripp(1 review)
Soundlab New Zealand re-defines passion and love for music, and they love sharing it with everybody….their commitment towards their customer is mind blowing and they are genuinely nice fellas! I have been looking for a decent Home theatre Cinema set up for over a year with various people suggesting a million things and giving me endless options with sky rocketing budget…One visit at Soundlab and conversation with Sam made me realize I wasted so much time everywhere else. Right in the first meeting I knew what I am going to buy and most importantly where I will buy it from…Months of confusion, and all the ambiguity between various products & options just disappeared, funny enough I never felt pushed or miserable about my budget. Going extra miles seemed to be a starting point for these guys they literally knocked my socks off. For those who like being precise, these guys have expert knowledge, this helped me immensely with my pre-purchase and post purchase setup..they are extremely passionate in what they do- Sam practically breaths in and out his love for quality of music, his biggest asset is his knowledge that he loves to share with other people without making them feel stupid….don't believe me?? call them…and be prepared to knocked off..And of course its all about $$$$$$$, as I said earlier, going extra miles is just a start…whatever your budget is, you will come out of this place with a big smile…Well done Soundlab, you have practically made my little dream come true and I am super happy with my purchase and relationship/support that I have with you guys….someone once said, its about how good you do small things that matter rather then doing big things good..well you guys have delivered every single bit of my experience in an outstanding way, and I will be delighted to recommend you guys to everybody. Wish you a lot of well deserved success…
Edited 29/03/2015
Graeme Keith(1 review)
Hi, i tried a few stores looking for a decent receiver, i wish i had gone here first and saved myself some time. These guys, especially Sam were super helpful throughout and were certainly more interested in making sure i bought the right thing rather than they get a quick sale. Before i bought, Sam did a lot of checking about a potential issue that i had not originally considered to make sure i would not have an issue. In terms of service, Soundlab were the best and friendliest i encountered and as another bonus , i got a tremendous price as well. they have some amazing high end equipment and even though i was buying at the lower end of their ranges they were still super helpful. after set up, i did run into one little problem [due to a conflict with my existing imported equipment] , a phone call to Sam, he did some research and within the hour came back with a perfect fix for me. thank you guys and good luck in the future ! i'll certainly be happy to buy again from Soundlab.
Edited 28/03/2015
Rodswansons(2 reviews)
Am very impressed with the knowledge, service of soundlab! Honest advise and best team. Would recommend 100%. You guys rock!
Edited 28/01/2015
amy200392(1 review)
I have purchased a set of B&W speakers from them. The service was great; staffs were very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely will buy again!
stellasu(2 reviews)
Very impressive and friendly service. We are very happy with our B&W A7. Keep up with the good work.
nza_gi(1 review)
Great experience. Very helpful people. Thanks.
Edited 28/12/2013
markfarrell(1 review)
I bought a pair of Sennheiser MM550x from Soundlab just before Christmas. Really happy with their service and product. Nice and friendly people too.