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anon(1 review)
rude service. lady rolled her eyes at me when i told her my phone broke. quoted me $350+ to fix my phone, took it to another repair place and got it done for $144.
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Edited 01/07/2013
xaarbell(1 review)
I bought a Hwawei phone from OMNITECH few months ago. Have had numerous problems with the phone. They have never repaired it under warranty, the many times i took it for repairs. Got a call telling me everytime that a certain part had got damaged by missuse and that i would have to pay for it. When taking in the phone, the CSR never saw any physical damage on phone but their technision always seemed to find an impact damage. Even the repairs they have done are not done properly and they claim that after i paid for the repairs, that the phone will have a new problem after the repair. The new display screen does not sit properly and had lights appearing from the bottom, and the phone wont sync with the PC. Please Avoid doing any purchases at OMNITECH and watch out for what and how their repair your stuff.
Edited 01/03/2013
DanDee(2 reviews)
I don't know why my comment got deleted. That's why I post it again. Awesome company, I fixed one of my phones through them and after that I bought my new phone through them as well. One of the best electronic companies in New Zealand.
Edited 27/02/2013
tommypure(1 review)
my previous experience tells me that if you ever decide to buy a phone with a low price, buy it from a reliable company which provides prompt, hassle-free after-sales service. unlike the guys from those shady shops who knows nothing, Omnitech has some genius nerds that can help you with any technical questions you ask. P.S. thanks 4 repairing my new ipad's screen the other day, Omni. It's the latest model but you guys replaced it 4 me in 1 hour. Perfect finish like it's new! the technician you got behind the wall is beyond Awesome! much appreciated you guys.
Edited 25/02/2013
Anjali12(1 review)
Professionalism, Fast and Reliability, Excellency is what I first found when I walked into OMNI TECH.. Great range of products to choose from at very competitive prices... Totally happy about the S3 that my partner gifted me from this company.Highly Recommend! :)
Edited 19/02/2013
Unregistered0af65050(1 review)
Bought a new galaxy s3 mini from this company, first of all I have to admit that the price is not the cheapest in the market, however their fast responding and excellent services absolutely impressed me. Highly recommended.
Speedy07(1 review)
Great service and best deals ever.
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