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Edited 17/06/2017
knoc99(7 reviews)
Have used Laptop Battery a couple of times now. First was a refurbished Acer v7 with a discreet gfx card which I couldn't find anywhere else in NZ. Still going strong almost 3 years on. My latest purchase from them was a Lenovo Yoga Pro 3. Paid for a used one at a good price. Worked almost perfectly, unfortunately had an issue where it wouldn't hold charge while shut down and I had to return it. Shane was very helpful with every step from answering questions, point of sale and return. Delivery after sale was prompt. Return was painless and was refunded within 24hours of the product being returned. Wholeheartedly recommend them and give a perfect score for their service from point of sale as well as after sale support.
Edited 08/05/2015
timf2014(1 review)
Purchased a re-certified Samsung Note 10.1 from Laptop Battery on April 7th, and despite their website saying next day deleivery for instock items, it took them till April 14th to put a box in a courier bag and send it to me, after chasing them by phone (4x) and email (3x), and no one calling me back. The charger I recieved with the tablet was the wrong one, it was a US plug, Emailed them on April 15th about this, and despite sending it back for replacement, they never sent me another charger, despite numerous emails, last dating 6 May. Again, they seem unable to send out items that customers have paid for. Finally received a charger on 8th May but they sent me a Apple i-phone charger ! Totally unacceptable for a company that is mostly online based.
Jaysmi23(1 review)
I ordered some Kingston Hyper Ram as advertised on Pricespy and their site, they shipped out the budget Value Ram of the same size instead and refused to answer emails. Then they edited their website so that it advertises only the Value Ram at slower speeds.
Jaysan_Theta(1 review)
Bought a refurbished laptop, was very very good condition, and less than half the regular retail price even if I was to buy from America and disregard shipping costs. Would buy from these guys again and have convinced my friends to. Only damage to the laptop is a dent on the side, which I didn't notice until a couple of weeks after getting the laptop. Shipping times were excellent, as were tracking updates. Strongly recommended.
Computer-Nerd89(2 reviews)
Brought a refurbished laptop off these guys, was a bit concerned at first as to what refurbished was. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find the laptop was in perfect condition, I really could not tell that it was not new, everything was factory sealed. Totally recommend.
Jaloko(1 review)
I ordered a 2.5" external enclosure for $11.99 inc postage on the 27th of May with hesitation as the store didn't really have a good reputation anywhere. The product was the cheapest I could find anywhere for that type of product. After 3 days the enclosure got to my house which I was happy about because the estimated time was a week. The product wasn't packaged the best but the product wasn't damaged and I didn't really care because of how cheap it was. The enclosure worked great with my old 2.5" drive. Overall from my experience I think these guys are pretty good though I hope their packaging is better for more expensive products. Also most online stores these days have the product arriving at your door later the next day so I'm not sure what is happening with that here.
KatyG(1 review)
I placed the order for my laptop battery on the 5th of March. The company informed me that they didn't have the battery in stock but "We can order one, the wait is 2 weeks." I therefore assumed that the battery would be delivered in 3 or maybe 4 weeks - instead it wasn't posted until the 23rd of april - 7 weeks later! Upon arrival, the battery didn't work! I contacted them and they got me to return the battery - at my own cost. They did not have a replacement battery in stock but it was on order. It did take me 2 weeks to confirm which replacement I wanted - but when I did confirm they told me they expected the batteries to "arrive next week" at their warehouse. That statement was on the 8th of May and it is now the 27th of May - And of course they haven't updated on delays etc! 13 weeks for a laptop battery and it's not even here yet! Even when you account for the two weeks I didn't confirm for (though they said the batteries were on order so really shouldn't delay it much) this is an extreme amount of time to spend waiting for a product! I would not recommend this company: **They do not give realistic dates for ordering etc **their customer service is lacking **they don't seem to be selling very good quality products (based on the fact they didn't seem surprised when I informed them the battery wasn't working). Had I of known that 13 weeks later I would still be waiting for a working battery I certainly would not have ordered from this company. >:-(