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6 months ago

First let me state that this is specifically a review of the service provided by the web store and is not in any way related to the music planet franchises stores around the country. So having said that, I would caution all against shopping at I purchased a Ukulele Bass from the web store that was supposedly discounted and included a good quality fitted gig bag. The Bass was delivered with a gig bag that the bass would not fit in and clearly intended for a baritone Ukulele. When I asked about this I was told this was the correct gig bag for bass, which is patiently false. Music planet were completely unwilling to compromise, continuing to insist that I was wrong even when I showed them a photo from there own website of the correct bag! Personally I'll be doing no further business with What good is it if they send out something other then what was order and which is not fit for purpose and when challenged, insist they haven't made a mistake. Utterly Useless!


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6 years ago

Excellent customer service, there was a mistake with an item not being in stock that I had paid for so they went the extra mile and sourced a comparable item fast. Great contact from their sales rep.

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