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Sam(1 review)
I bought a Osprey transporter pack. When it arrived I found some scratches and dust on it, zips were half opened and ties were stretched. That indicated it was a displayed item. I wrote my little disappointment to them on the product review but they just ignored and no one has contacted me at all. They don't understand what it's like to receive a semi-used like item when you shop a bland new staff. I used their discount offer but the other shop had even better price than bivouac's, they just didn't have the colour I wanted. After this experience I thought I should have gone to the other shop. Disappointed..
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Edited 12/04/2017
Bricktron(3 reviews)
Excellent service. I ordered on the Monday and it arrived on Wednesday. This was their standard free shipping so there was obviously no delay on their part. The packaging was excellent, sufficient bubble wrap to protect the goods. They have frequent deals on a large variety of their products so keep an eye on them.