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Peter(1 review)
Don't buy from Lookat. The 1st email you will receive from them after placing an order refers to new customers as "Fresh Meat" and then the 2nd email you will receive says they cannot supply your item and then you have to chase to try get a refund
Reply by LookAt:2019-02-04
We are so sorry that you were unhappy with your purchase experience! We do our best to supply all orders where possible and refund orders promptly when we are unable to do so. Additionally, our welcome email is sent with nothing but humorous intent and we do not mean to cause offence. We will, however, take your feedback into consideration and reevaluate whether this email is still appropriate in the current political climate We do hope that this does not prevent you from shopping with us in the future. If you have any further questions or queries, feel free to send us an email at [email protected]
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Edited 16/11/2017
QwikAg(4 reviews)
I Bought Ram on CreditCard. No Communication. I go and check out my order to find it is "Refunded" with no reason and no call/email nothing. An e-commerce store should not transact if it does not have stock. And if there is no stock, talk to the customer and ask how they want to proceed. Also happened on trademe. Is this the new norm? What has the world come to???
Edited 09/02/2017
osp(2 reviews)
Has been great, ordered a few times with no probs
Edited 30/09/2016
LisaRe(1 review)
We have purchased from LookAt a few times, because of the cheap prices. Some items have taken ages to arrive and it has been difficult to chase them up, because of a lack of contact details. After having our printer serviced, we found that the cartridges we purchased from them are faulty. We finally received a reply from them stating that they will not replace the items because the purchase was too long ago. After kicking up a stink, including writing a bad review, they forwarded us to importer who did replace the items. Phone support would go a long way to improving their customer service.
PSLover9(2 reviews)
It's been a week, was promised next day delivery, still hasn't arrived. This is starting to get annoying as I paid over $50 for this item.
mastersm(1 review)
Amazing service, prices and delivery was free as my order was over $40, Highly recommend and they're a NZ based/owned company, can't believe I only just found out about them! AAA+++
hikmatune(1 review)
I ordered a heater about a week ago and I haven't received it yet. There is no response provided. Before buying I checked the website promises next day delivery. Not pleased with the trade.
JefWright(6 reviews)
Promised low price but now 2 weeks since order (paid with credit card). No contact, no delivery. It's not supposed to be hard!
Reply by LookAt:2014-10-25
Hi Jef thanks again for the feedback and as we discussed we have now put an additional process in place to prevent delays like this happening again. We were alerted to the issue on Monday morning and the order was signed for the next day at 1.56pm, so hopefully you'd agree not a bad recovery, once we knew there was an issue. We are the first to admit that when we stuff up it's normally a good stuff up, but when we know we do we recover well and hopefully you would agree we did. Once again thank you for the feedback as you can't fix what you don't know is broken and this was a simple case of human error which we are now managing with a daily report, and of course once again our apologies for the inconvenience.