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I bought a vac from the store in Sylvia park Auckland. the salesman was efficient and helpful. A week later I had to return the vac as it did not charge the salesman was unhelpful, obstructive and poorly trained in customer service the vac came back from service and Iwas informed it had the wrong charger ??? this is what came in the box. honestly this guy was a major problem he was totale obstructive long story short I insisted on speaking to his area manager who arranged a replacement charger.i will never go to Godfrys again nor recommend them they need to train the staff better it is all about repeat business thru good service i did not receive this
Vicky(1 review)
Matt the new manager his customer service is exceptional! Helped a very unhappy customer through a process to reach an outcome that was suitable to both parties. Great asset to the Northwood branch. Keep up the good work. Pitty you weren’t here 5 years ago 😊
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Edited 11/08/2015
glenngus(1 review)
Bought vacuum online. There is no confirmation screen on website. When you click 'checkout now' you have made the purchase. In our case realised had made mistake tried to contact Godfreys by phone only got answer phone three times left msg no reply. Emailed them got very bland reply. Emailed again no reply and again no reply. Vacuum turn up and happy with it and it was a good price but after sales service is virtually non-existent.
lupins(2 reviews)
Before you consider shopping here read the below - it relates to a product brought from Godfreys that caught fire two months after purchase, and more importantly how Godfreys reacted to the situation Relates to the "Super Hero Robot Cleaner" as well as the Hoover Robot Cleaners (they are identical apart from a different battery pack and colour). First of all - the management at Godfreys tell me this actually isn't a vacuum, and its only a "spot cleaner - like a dust buster" and doesn't work in an area bigger than 20sm, and doesn't work on carpet - of course this was only their attempt to justify why it went on fire, and why I should buy a new, more expensive one instead of just getting the replacement they are legally required to give. Major point - IT WENT ON FIRE! Two months after purchase, cleaned and maintained after every use (lots of hair, so I have no choice really!), I turned it on and it was moving strangely (2 mins prehaps) - I flipped it over and it smoked at the servo motor, and ignited! Self extinguished, and no harm done, but as you can imagine this was not a good look for a unsupervised product! (Godfreys would probably say it's not meant to be unsupervised... ). Buy at your own risk - or even better just don't buy! Note that the next model up is identical to this model (it just comes with a wall) and that teh Hoover Version sold at Godfreys and other places (Supercheap Auto... likely others) is also the exact same product, just rebranded.%uFEFF Finally, to top it all off - I brought this at theh Northwood store in CHCH, and when the General Manager finally responded (note - only after I hunted him down - CS didn't reply in seven weeks and multiple contacts) and said I'd have a hassle free return I went to the Moorhouse store -which is apparently owned by the same person. The manager of this store (a little Indian man), when I made it clear I just wanted a replacement - nothing else, insulted me, called me mentally ill (apparently Godfreys are living in the 1900s and have no issue with accusing people of being mentally ill like it is something to be ashamed of - maybe I should have mentioned that he was an Indian - or about his (oddly all of them) overweight staff...), then told me he would "rip me apart if you were outside the store"(!)
bruce1971(3 reviews)
They're very friendly prior to buying your new vacuum but as soon as you buy it that's their job done. If anything goes wrong they're not interested in sorting the problem and they suggest you buy a new vacuum (even if it's less than 12 months old). I suggest Harvey Norman would be a better option to buy your vacuum.