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    MIkoMido(2 reviews)
    This is a review for XP Computers / 2moro & IT (they are the same company with 2moro being the online side) Ripped me off for $30 for absolutely not doing anything I told the guy to do. which were: Check PSU for overvoltage issue. Check PCIE x16 slot on Motherboard Check Graphics card if it is working. It took a whole week without any update (I wrote down my mobile number btw) then decided to drive there. Only to be told that it's a bad PCIE slot, when I highly doubt he actually did any work on it, being he never even checked the GPU or the PSU for faults. Then has the audacity to tell me I'm lucky he was only charging me $30, when it's normally $46. When I bought this PC from them six years ago I believed I got the best deal possible. But after 6 years and and knowing a lot more about PC's, by talking PC building enthusiasts on Tom's Hardware etc and by following people like JayzTwoCants, Linus, Bitwit, Paul's Hardware, Tech Yes City and many more, that XP Computers / 2moro & IT ripped me off. - Motherboard with only one PCIE x16 & x4 slot. The rest are PCI slots. - Horrible Case (Raidmax Blackstorm) horrible airflow and they took out the 230mm fan that normally came with the case which worsen my temps - Cheaped me out on the Power Supply Unit. Acbel Polytech PCB027 550W ATX Power Supply, which is a brand I have been told is one of the many, you AVOID at all costs as they actually deliver much less power than the one advertised and the risk of it shorting, dying and taking your components out with it, or worse, cause a huge fire. XP Computers / 2moro & IT claims this a 600W PSU. f could leave negative stars rating as well I would.
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      AndyDB(2 reviews)
      I have been buying direct from the XP store in Newmarket for many years. Always had good service and reliable product.
        pavelsev(2 reviews)
        In stock information is not accurate. Credit card charged, refunded, wasted time.
          Dara Tuvalu(3 reviews)
          Great store with full of Logitech products, recommended!
            gccg1212(5 reviews)
            the mouse you guys recommend to me was perfect, moving smoothly and quickly respond. can not be better, thanks ~
              ainskpb(1 review)
              Pricespy and their website show as items in stock, however when I visited the store they did not have any. Misled and annoyed at having gone out of my way to find what I wanted was not there. Staff also were not helpful. No effort to help find a similar product.
                iDroidz(1 review)
                I had high temp issues with my CPU which I assumed was due to the thermal paste drying out after 1.5 years. So I took my PC over to the shop to get the thermal paste reapplied. They charged me $40 and they said come back tomorrow to pick it up. I went there the next day to pick it up and they said everything is good. I took my PC home and plugged it in and my temps were still the same (about 50c idle). I was furious and I thought maybe it was the cooler. So I removed my Corsair H60 pump from the CPU brackets and took a look. What I saw was one of the worst thermal paste jobs ever. The thermal was wasnt fully spread out. It was all to the left of the CPU and the right side was clean. I cleaned it up and reapplied the paste myself and now my idle temps are about 20c and 44 at full load. These guys are horrible and I would only consider them for parts and not for service because they have no idea on what they are doing. Note: They had no idea on how to Reset my BIOS/Clear CMOS on the Crosshair V Formula which if you own it you would know that there is a button for reseting CMOS. However on the bright side. they do have excellent prices on some components.
                Edited 05/12/2013
                  Tomha(3 reviews)
                  Like a few others have mentioned, I experienced a hiccup regarding stock, while their website said it was in stock, it was not. They send an email suggesting you do not make the payment until you get a confirmation of stock email, but unfortunately this was placed in my email's spam folder. This meant I went ahead and made the payment. However once I got an email saying the product wasn't in stock, I emailed them back regarding the issue, and they refunded me within half an hour, so I am quite pleased with that. Their website was perhaps a bit out of date, but then again, in my experience, so are many other sites, just make sure you wait for the email regarding stock. Their support was quick and responsive, and I would have no problem using them again.
                    borissenko(10 reviews)
                    I love these guys. Have never had any issues and have been ordering big items. Delivery is always very fast.
                      offworld(10 reviews)
                      Bought a lot of parts from this store over the years, haven't had to return any of them so far. Can't really comment on online ordering, I go in buy part leave, painless.
                        Republican(40 reviews)
                        i have brought many things from them which are still great, but i try to stay away from them due to service.
                        Edited 17/06/2011
                          luapn(1 review)
                          what can i say great service thanks to duncan and the team
                          Edited 28/04/2011
                            Py7h0n(1 review)
                            Great store - Cannot understand how they rate badly by others as they are really great to deal with!
                            Edited 04/03/2011
                              logantauranga(21 reviews)
                              I bought a joystick from them a while ago and they wouldn't accept responsibility for a fault. My friend actually took them to Small Claims court a few years ago to make them pay out for a different item.
                                nzprogamer(11 reviews)
                                just got the Sidewinder X5 from them price was ok
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