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    dty1(7 reviews)
    Bought Ryzen 1700 and Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming3 mobo yesterday at ExtremePC. Great prices and I'm very impressed by the board and the Ryzen.
      1llusion(2 reviews)
      website is not always up to date. especially stock availability. I have purchased few times. I have no problem when they have the product I want in stock. but if they don't have the product I want in stock, they make different excuses, then the website still show the product was in stock even after few days, called to see if they have refilled the stock, but turned up they have failed to update the stock status. They tried to sell me a product they call "brand new but box opened", sounds a bit dodge. Overall, acceptable.
        nendosana(1 review)
        I have recently built a gaming PC from the parts I purchased from ExtremePC. I have taken 2 months and half after building my PC in order to write a fair review on this retailer. I was pleasantly surprised by the staff at ExtremePC. My powersupply (brand new and sealed) that was purchased from ExtremePC was faulty upon installation, after reporting the issue they offered to test all the parts on my PC and replaced the PSU with a new one. later on I had multiple enquiries about my GPU. upon reporting my concerns I was offered to receive a full refund on the GPU which I declined as I had received a really good price on the GPU. I was given the best price compared to all retailers selling the same product at the time. I have no complaints regarding my dealings with ExtremePC and would recommend them to anyone. they do tend to have stock issues (where a product is in stock online but after ordering they call you and let you know it is actually out of stock) though but calling and confirming is an easy fix to that issue hence I did not take away any stars.
        Edited 14/02/2017
          nzelfa(1 review)
          shopped here a number of times and have always found them to be helpful. I recently needed a ssd replaced urgently. I didn't bother phoning them first and I had looked at their website previously to choose an appropriate replacement ssd, great service and price
            stmssky(1 review)
            Just bought a Gaming PC from them. That's the best service & helpful than ever. Definitely will trade with them again.Highly recommended. A+++
            Edited 01/01/2017
              Tycroes(2 reviews)
              Terrible have not got as far as receiving a mobile is on order. All was ok until their managing director Tony Situ emailed me and requested I take a screenshot of my online bank account with credit card details for order on it. Bank advised in no way should I do this especially on an email request. Unbelievable I would be asked to do this. I very nearly rang police and reported a scam but took time to check and he is genuine In credible! Forgot to mention this Director said he could not release Item ordered for delivery although was accepted by Anz credit card division until I complied with his request.
                sasqnz(1 review)
                I bought some headphones from extremepc and a pair turned up two days later. Unfortunately the headphones sent were the wrong model which has lowered my rating. This was made worse by extremepc staff not sending out the correct product on the day after I notified them, but instead waiting the weekend before sending the correct pair. The final issue that lowered my rating is that when the correct product was finally sent it was sent economy post so took two days instead of one. All in all I waited almost a week longer than I should have to receive the correct product and extremepc staff made a minimal effort to send the correct product in a timely manner, hence 5/10. I would consider purchasing from this store again, but only if the purchase wasn't urgent.
                  ZHENDONG(1 review)
                  Great service ! I bought a router from them n they asked me a lot question to help me to a correct route for my place which helps a lot for me to understand why I need a normal router instead of the expensive one. Honest staff ! Love to trade with them again !
                    Danny Yang(1 review)
                    Bought a custom gaming pc from them, they patiently explained all my questions and offer me a great price. Definitely will trade with them again. Great service ! highly recommended
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