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TonyS(4 reviews)
In May 2019, I purchased a high-end computer (~$10,000) for work and personal use. After waiting for almost one month, the computer was allegedly dropped and damaged by the freight company. I said allegedly because, until today, I have never received any evidence that the computer was dropped or even built. I asked for a full refund as my trust in this company to rebuild a new computer dropped to zero, especially considering the lack of evidence I asked them to provide. I thought that I would rather get the computer built by a more reliable and trustworthy company. After a few answered emails, finally, the director formally accepted to provide a full refund. They even paid around 10% of it. However, after many emails, unrealistic excuses and broken written agreements, it started to be clear to me that they were just stalling time. I tried to get this solved amicably many times. Unfortunately, it was just a waste of time. So, after many warnings (stating that I would be forced to escalate it), many excuses and even breaching a formal signed repayment agreement, I finally reported them to the NZ Commerce Commission and Dispute Tribunal. On the day of the Dispute Tribunal hearing, they did not even show up. After the Dispute Tribunal analysed all the evidence we provided and considered the lack of evidence they did not provide, they ordered Skunkworx to pay for the refund, interests, and damages (Oct 2019). Also, it appears I am not the only one getting a similar treatment (ref. the other one-star reviews). PriceSpy has received all the evidence they have requested about this review. This is not the kind of experience a consumer wants to go through especially when purchasing an expensive item from an online vendor. After almost 6 months since I paid for the computer and a Dispute Tribunal order, I am still waiting for my refund and therefore still unable to purchase a new computer. This will most likely involve the Regional Court Collection Service. Update: Skunkworx ignored the court order to pay the refund, interest, and damages by the 10th of November. Therefore, it will be further escalated. Update2: The Court Bailiff could not find Skunkworx. There is not a Skunkworx shop or company at the addressed declared. There is enough evidence to start a criminal investigation. This is fraud. Please note that Priceme has removed them because of the number of complaints: https://www.priceme.co.nz/Skunkworx-Computers-Ltd/r-2317.aspx The NZ Serious Fraud Office has been notified, #Skunkworx is incorrect for the following reasons: 1. The parts that I have ordered from them and used by them to build the machine were allegedly damaged (water damage) by the freight company. It took them one month to build the machine. How did they manage to have it replaced on the same day when the computer was damaged (I asked for the full refund on the same day)? Again, no evidence was provided to support their claim (e.g. pictures of the system damaged, tracking number, insurance claim number, etc). 2. If they had a replacement ready to be delivered why did they formally accept to refund me? Why did they pay around 10% of it and then stopped after breaching our written agreement? I rest my case.
Reply by Skunkworx Computers Ltd:2019-09-07
As you well know your system was dropped by the freight company, we replaced it but you refused to take it, your system is still sitting in our workshop. We spent $10k on your system and then you refused to take it. Anytime you want it its here waiting for you.
Hive609(1 review)
Pretty good service, Great price. I received it 2 days later. Was exactly what I ordered.
Cam(1 review)
These guys are so full of trash its not even funny. Do not purchase off them they will send you on a wild goose chase and throw every excuse under the sun why you haven't received your purchase. They dont even send the product... SCAM ALERT
dklynn(3 reviews)
After ordering and PAYING for a Platinum PSU from TWO other companies (who each said that they had units in stock - only 1 refunded so far), I found Skunkworx with one in stock and ordered it before it could be sold, too. Imagine my disbelief to receive an e-mail from Skunkworx the next morning saying that I (as a first time buyer ... but not the last!) had been selected to receive a free upgrade! I responded that the offer was too good to be true but accepted two days ago (CHC to AKL). I have just unboxed the ULTIMATE PSU and I am thrilled! Not only fast delivery (SI to NI), not only an excellent PSU (Silverstone Platinum ST1000-TP) in stock at the lowest in-stock price but upgraded to the ULTIMATE PSU (Corsair AX1600i Titanium)! This is still too good to be true so I'll be pinching myself for a while but I can only rate Skunkworx as OUTSTANDING ... not just for actually having products they advertise in stock at the lowest in-stock price but also for their fast shipping and their upgrade programme. THANK YOU!
Edited 11/11/2019
Silverdace(6 reviews)
BEWARE. If a small shop (limited purchasing power) is offering the cheapest price on a wide range of parts then alarm bells should ring. Unfortunately, I did not notice/heed that warning and relied on the Pricespy review rating which wasn't too bad. TLDR didn't receive goods or money back. Do not purchase from them but if you do please use credit card so at least you have chargeback option. Also talk to bank as soon as their excuses start to sound fishy so you know what to do and how to handle their communications as these guys are experienced in messing people around. Note that their response to my review below is incorrect. I am indeed a customer.
Reply by Skunkworx Computers Ltd:2019-11-07
I am sorry but we take great exception to your post. You have never been a customer nor do you know anything about the company or its purchasing power. We have 1000s of very happy customers and you are simply part of a group from another site posting a bogus review, I have had no choice but to report your "review"
Edited 09/11/2019
Nik(1 review)
Got a good deal on a Motherboard and CPU, arrived the next day, got a great surprise when I received a free CPU upgrade. Will use again for sure, also just brought a laptop for partner and they were very helpful in choosing model that best suited our needs, great service
Mike(1 review)
The first time i purchased from them it was a new motherboard. They sent me a 2nd hand one and when i complained they tried to blame it on there supplier (which makes no sense) yet coincidentally there website was also listing a 2nd hand model of that exact model. Now Ive been waiting over 7 weeks for a cpu that cost $874. I originally purchased after being told it would arrive in around i days to them from there supplier. Since then ive been told multiple excuses and one point darryl Guaranteed me i would have it the following week I have asked for a refund on multiple occasions but still havent recieved one. These guys are liars and have no idea how to run a bussiness properly There tatic is tall stories and never accepting responsibility for issues they just blame someone else i will probably have to goto the police i reckon to get a result
resist(1 review)
Absolutely amazing cutomer service. We had a massive postal issue with the delivery of an item through an error we made. Darryl and Justine were both extremely responsive, respectful, and worked with great tenacity to resolve the issue. It's rare to find such excellent customer service in computer electronics firms, but Skunkworx are incredible in this regard. I will be using them almost exclusively for future business where they can supply the goods. Thanks again for such outstanding and helpful customer service.
Reply by Skunkworx Computers Ltd:2019-11-03
Thank you for the feedback.
DanXM(1 review)
Nothing but great service from the team at Skunkworx. Gave me some very helpful advice when ordering parts, and when the distributor sent me the wrong cpu they were on the case immediately and got the correct cpu out to me same day on a fast courier. Highly recommended!
Edited 10/09/2019
Chch_Developer(1 review)
Scams high-value orders. Ordered $4k hardware, and it took almost a month of emails to get Darryl to agree to a refund, which is still pending. Emails were answered on the same day, but each one with different conflicting story. They said the products were delivered from overseas DHL to their surprise, and that the courier already left the products to our address and they are waiting for photos, that they have contacted police over missing shipment and have to wait for insurance claim for refund, etc. In different replies they said that the products were ordered to their store or to my address. There's no receipt sent to me or courier tracking number, so it all seems like made-up stories to delay the fraud victim from starting legal proceedings. Currently waiting if the refund clears, or if they want to answer to the police and court over $4k. Make dated copies of the reviews sent to pricespy reviews, as Skunkworx are actively deleting them and responding with excuses. Update: Skunkworx cancelled on 9th September the agreed refund, after replying with "Your refund has been processed and issued" to the review. Paypal has nothing to do with the refund, and this is yet another fabricated delay
Reply by Skunkworx Computers Ltd:2019-09-09
Your refund has been processed and issued after a quick investigation to verify you did not receive the goods. Your issue is with PayPal over the length of time it takes to process the refund not us. I take exception to being called a scam site, we are not.
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