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pandemik(16 reviews)
A few times I've wandered into the store they've been quite helpful, even followed up an inquiry with a call some days later, which I wasn't expecting. Good to deal with in person as a retail store (compared to others in wellington), seem to pay not much attention to listing online.
mstrbun(1 review)
Poor information handling Poor customer respect I inquired about whether they had a particular graphics card with a "Display Port". Their on-line listing did not give enough detail. Pricespy indicated they did have the card. (so actually Pricespy was wrong too) I suspected it may not have been correct, so I asked Atech to confirm details of the card. Including mentioning the part number and all the ports. The reply.... yes, we have that card... Then I asked them to confirm that it had a "Display Port". I have been in this situation before... doing the thinking for other people. After a few days and one more email, the reply came back that it did not have a "Display Port". No apology about being wrong. Offered (as usual with these type of operators) an adaptor. Anything to sell more.