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    LukeSergeant(2 reviews)
    Listed WD 1t HDD for for really cheap when have non instock
    Reply by Acquire:2019-02-15
    Not sure why us not having something in stock desevers "terrible service" and 1 star? I'm sure we would have happily back ordered it for you if you had given us a chance! An important factor to consider is just because Pricespy says we have it in stock doesnt mean we do, I have often seen their infioamtion is incorrect and misleading and is in no way provided by us! Perhaps you should contact the store or have a look at their online website nstead of relying on a 3rd party site.
    Edited 15/11/2016
      yujianxing(2 reviews)
      first time and last time. You cancelled my order after 3 days waiting. No apology, no resonable explanation, and this explaned why you have such awesome ratings and reviews. I do take the risk to order from a low rating website because I thought I find a real good deal. I still dare to try because not all the reviews look so bad, you still have 3 stars! Now I see, you do not need to say anything, I will never come back.
      Reply by Acquire:2017-02-03
      I have been looking into this order and it was related to the same product which has caused a couple of negative feedback responses. This particular order was placed by you at 5.10pm on Sunday the 13/11/16 and I contacted you about it on the 14/11/16 @ 9.22am (Monday morning) I explained the situation and cancelled your order BEFORE charging your credit card. We did not take 3 days to get back to you, perhaps you took 3 days to check your email.
        fergusnz(5 reviews)
        Paid on a Tuesday, arrived on a Friday afternoon. Website is terrible and no notification of shipping or tracking number which is sub-par theses days. in fact it still says "order processing" two days after delivery. Product was as expected. Would probably avoid in the future unless they are the only place with stock of what I need (as was the case with this item).
        Edited 26/06/2014
          WaterGoblin(1 review)
          Great site for business customers, can be more complicated for home users though. My first place for all business purchases.
          Edited 15/11/2013
            Unregisteredf03756f2(4 reviews)
            Awesome service. Ordered and paid at 1pm, and the item was on my doorstep 8am the next morning. Can't ask for better than that! My only criticism - it would have been nice to receive a shipment notification, the order status just stayed at "processing". But not a big deal. Cheers!
            Edited 12/11/2013
              soapbox(3 reviews)
              They honored the low price they advertised and had the hard drives sent the same day (delivered the next day in the south of South Island). The hard drives were brand new (DOM 1 month ago) and work perfectly. Hope for the same level of service in the future.
                bobnine(3 reviews)
                Ordered and paid for some RAM over a week ago, says on their website they have recieved payment and the order status is "Processing", they haven't contacted me to tell me about any problems with the order.
                  Sam1985(1 review)
                  Pathetic company and very horrible customer service. Once you buy from them you are on your own. Whether the product is faulty or you just want to return it due to compatible issues, you can be rest assured that it won't be possible as they will just not respond to your request. They simply don't give a damn. But when you call them the first time to buy something, mind you, they will treat you like a VIP. Everything is prompt and on time. But thats about it once you pay them, they are like fly by night. You will get to hear all sorts of reasons namely the person is out for a meeting, he/she is not at his/her desk. Don't bother to leave a message if asked as you will not get a reply or call back. And email is the easiest form of communication when you specially want to ignore someone. Very disappointed and this is my first and last trade with this disgusting company. Very disappointing.
                  Reply by Acquire:2013-08-14
                  Hi, your feedback was very hard to read, very dissapointing that you had such a bad experience with us. We would really like to look into this and see what happened as there is always two sides to every story. Please could you get back to us with either an invoice number or your email address so that we can investiage further. Thanks
                    alliao(7 reviews)
                    Bought two sticks of memory, received first the very next day and was immediately notified that next one will be sent on 22nd. The next stick arrived 26th. If it arrived on the 22nd then I'd give them 10/10. Bargain prices.
                    Edited 17/01/2013
                      mt4b3n(7 reviews)
                      Fellow PriceSpyers, I implore you, do not shop at this company. I informed Acquire of a faulty MSI motherboard in October 2012. After chasing them up a few times, I was told to contact Intel (who do not support MSI products) myself, which is against the law. When Intel's troubleshooting didn't work, and a few more unanswered emails to Acquire, I finally send it back mid-November since I was sick of it sitting around here, and asked for a refund. December rolls around and Acquire agrees to a refund. But I get a new motherboard delivered (!), so I had that one collected by courier on December 21. Beginning to lose hope that I'll ever see my money, I contacted them again on January 14. Seventy nine days, twenty two emails, two phone calls and an angry letter later, I finally got my refund. Please heed my warning - no discount is worth this hassle.
                      Reply by Acquire:2013-03-01
                      Thank you for your feedback, we at Acquire welcome all feedback whether it be good or bad. Unfortunately not all orders or returns go as planned. We have looked into this specific order but unfortunately the person who was dealing with it at the time is no longer with us so we are unable to get all the details surrounding this. Our goal is to present products as supplied by multiple distributors within New Zealand and we work to facilitate the purchasing process between the distributor and the consumer. Your feedback has helped us to look at ways to help our people work better for our valued customers. Facts and process's are meaningless when the experience is not as good as it could be and we can only look to improve.
                      Edited 22/10/2012
                        roughsponge(6 reviews)
                        Initially found website messy, difficult to find products, but they came up with the best price for the Vantec case I bought and the delivery cost was fair (better if it was free). Arrived in a couple of days no problems. Thanks Aquire.
                          HelenJoronen(1 review)
                          What an amazing service! Called the freephone number, got really clear and honest advice, pointed me to a better price on a better product via their specials, placed the order at 2pm, product arrived at 7am next day. Outstanding! If only they were all this good. Will def be using Acquire again. Thank you :)
                          Edited 06/03/2012
                            dennis_cs_chuah(2 reviews)
                            Beware of their "Price Bomb" 5 day specials. I purchase a monitor, paid for it and according to their website, I should receive it within a few days. I had to wait nearly two weeks for delivery (paid for the order on Friday, got the monitor delivered Thursday week!). They were very unhelpful and kept forbing me off when I made enquiries.
                            Reply by Acquire:2013-03-01
                            Timebomb is a clearance section of our website where you really can grab a bargain. As stated in on our Timebomb page, orders can take up to 10 working days...this is because we process thousands of Timebomb orders and our suppliers warehouse cannot get them all out overnight like our other standard products.
                            Edited 03/03/2012
                              joe88(2 reviews)
                              inconvenience I have been charged for a product they never had in stock. Yet when i made the order it said '6 in stock'. I am now out of pocket and waiting for a refund so i can purchase elsewhere.
                              Reply by Acquire:2013-03-01
                              Like most of the stores on Pricespy our stock figures are reflective of our many suppliers. While we do our best to ensure these are as accurate as possible there are times when we miss out on the last stock with a supplier (in this case the 6 units they were showing could have been on hold but still showing in our price feed from our supplier) We always get back to our customers as soon as we can to alert them of an issue with their order.
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