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Prices are listed excluding GST, on top of that add an unmentioned 3% convenience fee. Shipping dialog was unclear at best and misleading at worst, hence I chose a different store. Called customer service, asked about shipping, person on the phone was most unhelpful and hung up on me after he thought he had answered my question.
This is the first time I have dealt with this store and I was reasonbly happy with the service even though delivery was a little slow.
I have had a number of dealings with PC online shop & I have to tell people to avoid this company. If everything goes to plan the company is cheap and efficient however if any problems arise they and atrocious. Poor feedback, almost non-existent returns policy and a general unprofessionalism which borders on incompetence. Specifically, on one occasion I called then to confirm that the item I wanted was in stock after having placed previous orders only to find the order wasn't available, they assured me the item was in stock, a week after making payment I received an email saying they didn't have the item and did I want a refund. Recently I placed an order and when I opened the box one of the items was missing, I called to inquire and was told that it was shipped and "I" must have lost it and they refuse to replace it. Essentially they were saying I was attempting to defraud them of a $20 item after spending thousands of dollars over the last year. At the time of writing this review PC Online Shop had a rating of 5.62..... need i say more. Avoid avoid avoid.
Edited 10/01/2015
Shipping is stupidly expensive. A 12cm fan was going to cost over $18 in shipping! If you are anywhere south of the Bombays they don't want to know you and charge insane amounts for shipping.
Edited 06/01/2015
Bought 2 cooler master Jetflo fans. Everything was smooth and fine. Only hiccup I had was that they forgot to send out the package until I called them - the friendly lady promptly apologised and had it sent out via the courier the same day, and I got it the following morning. Not a big deal at all, as it was around xmas times, so its fine.I would def buy from them again. Thanks!
Ordered a laptop; called to confirm it was in stock and the paid for it; arrived on courier next day. Perfect service!
After sales is appalling. I bought a UPS that failed with the manufacturers 24 month warranty period, but PConline shop insist that their 12 month RTB warrnty allows them to charge me an exorbitant handling fee and I have to pay for the postage, which on a heavy UPS is a significant proportion of the value of the product. I have repeatedly quoted my rights under the CGA and they consistently ignore them. Will never use them again.
Edited 02/02/2014
I have used these guys before and they were good, I got my products the next day. How ever if its not in stock do not expect them to tell you about it and the back order takes ages so just get a refund. Their site needs some improvements. They were friendly and polite on the phone.
Edited 20/01/2014
I was a bit skeptical about them, a I had seen some bad reviews about them, but decide to go with them anyway. The case I ordered was apparently out of stock, so they sent me the non windowed version which was cheaper, without notifying me or giving me an option to decline it. All the other items were fine. Their customer support is average to say the best, I found they had the slowest replies from any website I dealt with.
Instantaneous Delivery service; Ordered parts Monday, arrived Tuesday. Items were packaged really well too - I thought the DVD drive was missing, found it packed inside the chassis box I ordered! However I think the website and communication could be improved, all in all, would purchase from them again.
Edited 16/11/2013
I purchased a power supply from PC Online Shop, their website stated 5 in stock and only after my payment cleared did they decide to tell me that the product I wanted was out of stock. They then gave me two options: an up-sell or a refund. If your store mislead me to the products you have, don't try to make me pay more for another PSU that doesn't fit my requirements. It's cheap and makes you appear like a scam. To the store's credit, the refund was processed on the same day. I will not purchase from PC Online Shop again because I cannot trust them.
Amazing delivery service. I ordered keyboard and a mouse on Thursday, my bank payment cleared on Friday and items arrived on Monday. I have been dealing with them several times already. I am always satisfied!
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