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  • Terrible
    The man is a criminal and in no way capable of fulfilling any promises. This ''company'' must be shut down immediately. Having had the worst experience ever in my life dealing with these people, i feel its my duty to add to the countless other dissatisfied reviews to hopefully get this guy shut down. I urge anyone who is considering to use Callcom to rethink and have a read at some of these reviews. The reason their facebook page doesnt allow you to comment and review is because of the high number of complaints , he was forced to take them down. Previous customers like myself have setup an account on 'Reseller ratings' to review this guy in a bid to expose his deceit and lies. I can relate to each and every one of these peoples complaints as i received the exact same disservice. BE WARNED! THIS GUY IS A CRIMINAL!
    5 months ago
  • Terrible
    Callcom should be shut down! Now don't get me wrong, the representative(s) I talked to were very prompt and professional with my emails and addressing any concerns, but you can kiss all that goodbye when you are sent not only the wrong color phone, but not the one that was advertised and agreed on many times over before money exchanged hands.

    Now I don't care how good Callcoms "specials" are, if you have a specific item listed, then you better damn well deliver on it, refund the buyer's money or there'll be hell to pay. Not insult customers by trying to send back what they never paid for. And what's worse, is that it took them over a month to refund my money AND they stuck me with a restocking fee (of $10) for THEIR screwup! The customer should not be held accountable for that, that is theft.

    I wouldn't believe all the positive feedback on their site either, I can't tell what is authentic from fake, because when I wrote my review it never got published. My theory is that they only display positive feedback as a means to attract potential customers.

    Buyer beware!


    Callcom responded to this review but since I couldn't clear up any misconceptions I contacted Pricespy so I could update this. Let's address a few issues here.

    "This customer bought a phone from us last January."

    Actually, I bought the phone this January, 2016; here are the bank statements to backup my claim and I suggest you check your own.

    (Note: since I am making my transaction with Callcom public for authenticity I have edited out my bank account number and branch for security purposes.)

    "The customer actually accepted the phone and has decided to keep it after assisting him in sorting out some of the issues that he has with the phone. He said that the phone was so close to the version of the phone that he originally requested that is why he will keep it. We thought that he is already okay with the phone until he asked for our assistance again. We did do our best to help him sort out the problem. We even offered him to remotely access his phone so that we can fix the problem because the issue is simple and can be easily fixed, but for some reason he declined the offer. We got very surprised when the customer informed us via email that he already sent the phone back to us and that he wants a refund because we did try to help him but he declined our help."

    Initially, yes, I was going to keep the phone and be satisfied with what I got. However, since the phone had issues that could not be fixed by "remote access" and was still not what I paid for it seemed like a good opportunity to return it for a refund. Moreover, Callcom put me in a tight position and left me with no choice but to initially keep the phone since they did not have what was advertised and what I paid for (as mentioned above) and were going to charge for shipping and a restocking fee anyway, regardless of how long I had it. There is no way I will keep a phone with bugs and crippled firmware (they use their own version) which means I couldn't update with official firmware to take advantage of various bug fixes, optimizations and security patches and if you do you lose 4G functionality.

    And no, Callcom did not get surprised when I wanted to return the phone, that was something we agreed on beforehand. They even sent me the return bag.

    "Moreover, the customer is actually telling a lie when he said that it took us more than a month to process his refund. Yes there was a delay but it did not take us that long to complete his request."

    No, Callcom are lying here too. While it is true I had the phone for about a month (give or take a few days), if you look at the date of purchase and the date I was refunded what was owed to me it was clearly a month. The transactions I stated above proves that.

    "In addition to that, there is a delay because we did try to keep him."

    Look, I'm going to make this very simple and clear: if a customer does not want to do business with you, don't try and strong-arm them, they'll be more reluctant to do business with you again in the future.

    "We offered him a replacement device and other help to no avail."

    And to that avail, I was under the impression that Callcom were going to send what I actually PAID for! Not send the same type of phone back.

    "Regarding the restocking fee, yes we deducted him that amount because he already used the phone for more than a month. So it is just necessary and reasonable for us to deduct a $10 restocking fee. The customer was also informed about this deduction and he agreed to it. That is why we are really surprised that he brought this up on his feedback."

    As stated in my initial feedback, a restocking fee that could've easily been avoided if only Callcoms advertisement matched up with their inventory. Callcom has no right to blame the customer for their faults and furthermore robbing them of their money due to false advertising. Here in New Zealand, false advertising is illegal...

    In conclusion, while Callcom may claim to have good business ethics, that has not entirely been my experience. I hope that I have cleared up enough misconceptions so that you, the customer can make a more informed decision before doing business with Callcom.
    9 months ago ( Updated: 8 months ago )
  • Terrible
    Have literally made an account purely to warn people to stay away from this god-awful site. That means this window has had it's own tab for the 5 day stand down period before you can leave a review. I'm that annoyed with the service this website has provided.
    Paid to have my cracked phone screen replaced in FEB this year. They told me it couldn't be done, they'd have to replace the whole LCD and would cost me more than double in addition to what I had already paid to fix it. I told them to send it back and refund my money. They ignored me for a month. I asked them what the hell was going on and they said they had fixed the phone and 'replaced' the LCD. I told them specifically I had said NOT to go ahead with the repair and no way in hell was I paying for repairs that I did not authorize. Radio silence. They said they would send the phone back, received a fortnight later. My formally BLACK samsung s6 edge had a new GOLD screen on it. They had NOT replaced the whole LCD, just the screen, and now the phone is half black half gold and down eacb side of the edge of the screen is two gaps so you can literally see INSIDE THE PHONE. Absolutely no way I can sell this on for anywhere near what it's worth, so I sent it back to be fixed. PROPERLY. Another month passes with minimal contact. Eventually they tell me that it is fixed to their standards, and if I want it actually fixed properly, I was going to have to pay them even more. I told them to send it back. Received it back a week later. It's now August so this saga has been ongoing for months and is frankly ridiculous. They will literally do everything they can to get as much money out of you, waste your time and do a absolutely terrible job in their repair efforts. Who in their right mind would think it was acceptable to apply a gold screen to a black phone, and to affix it so poorly it didn't even align with the bezel? Terrible, terrible company who lies about the turn around time. It's taken 7 months of arguing with this god-awful company to get no resolution and my phone is in a worst state than when I sent it away. I would NOT recommend this company to anyone and would actively warn others against using them for their phone repairs. Would not believe any positive reviews anywhere unless posted by someone you actually know. BUYER BEWARE.
    9 months ago
  • Terrible
    0/10 would not recommend. Great service up until the receive your money. From there you can expect to be ignored and when they do decide to reply - approx once every two weeks, they will give you excuse on top excuse with more reasons as to why they will be taking two months to get your device to you. The reason is they do not hold stock, they import it from overseas and it takes them so long to get the delivery. They also do not honor their warranty or the consumer guarantees act. The 'refurbished' devices are also of poor quality. I will admit they look good cosmetically, but they are not even the correct product. For example the samsung galaxy they sell is actually a foreign model that does not have good compatibility within NZ. I had the device looked at by a reputable phone company and this was all confirmed. They also notified me that genuine parts had not been used. AVOID CALLCOM AT ALL COSTS. Even look on their facebook page they have all commenting disabled due to the high number of unhappy customers. Myself I have found a number of other unhappy customers by searching through online forums.
    9 months ago