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Edited 21/11/2014
Fierce Guppy(6 reviews)
I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing from DT Tech because of the lack of reviews, but I went ahead and purchased something anyway. I got myself a high-end component on Friday and it was received Monday morning, so no complaints there. The variety of brands isn't the best, especially in the keyboard and mice sections. However, if you have a hard-on for Logitech then this is no issue. The sales guy was courteous and responsive. I like that. It installs a feeling of trustworthiness and puts one at ease when making sizable expenditures. On a tangential note; many of the PC part shops in the North Island have staff like that, which is why I no longer buy any parts in the South Island even though I live there. Urcomputer was the only South Island store I ever trusted and now that store is gone. Update: So I backordered an Asus Swift gaming monitor from DT Tech and was told it would be in stock Nov 20th/21st. It was dispatched on the 20th and got delivered here in *Christchurch* early 21st. I reckon that deserves two thumbs up.
Mr_cool(1 review)
Cheap and quick! Thank you.
KrazyKap(3 reviews)
Great service and a pleasure to deal with. From personal experience, despite some problems with delivery, they have easily redeemed themselves and will show commitment to getting you the product you need.