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    MIkoMido(2 reviews)
    This is a review for XP Computers / 2moro & IT (they are the same company with 2moro being the online side) Ripped me off for $30 for absolutely not doing anything I told the guy to do. which were: Check PSU for overvoltage issue. Check PCIE x16 slot on Motherboard Check Graphics card if it is working. It took a whole week without any update (I wrote down my mobile number btw) then decided to drive there. Only to be told that it's a bad PCIE slot, when I highly doubt he actually did any work on it, being he never even checked the GPU or the PSU for faults. Then has the audacity to tell me I'm lucky he was only charging me $30, when it's normally $46. When I bought this PC from them six years ago I believed I got the best deal possible. But after 6 years and and knowing a lot more about PC's, by talking PC building enthusiasts on Tom's Hardware etc and by following people like JayzTwoCants, Linus, Bitwit, Paul's Hardware, Tech Yes City and many more, that XP Computers / 2moro & IT ripped me off. - Motherboard with only one PCIE x16 & x4 slot. The rest are PCI slots. - Horrible Case (Raidmax Blackstorm) horrible airflow and they took out the 230mm fan that normally came with the case which worsen my temps - Cheaped me out on the Power Supply Unit. Acbel Polytech PCB027 550W ATX Power Supply, which is a brand I have been told is one of the many, you AVOID at all costs as they actually deliver much less power than the one advertised and the risk of it shorting, dying and taking your components out with it, or worse, cause a huge fire. XP Computers / 2moro & IT claims this a 600W PSU. If could leave negative stars rating as well I would.
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      dayveegravy(14 reviews)
      Very fast order processing and delivery. They have free delivery so factor that into the equation. Also when their website says they have something in stock they actually do, which im sad to say is becoming a less common practice.
      Edited 26/05/2017
        kingnic888(2 reviews)
        Ordered an SSD off these guys, half an hour after payment it was dispatched, received it early the following morning. highly recommended!
          thestg(3 reviews)
          Quick communication & fast delivery.
            deutschZuid(1 review)
            Ordered a bunch of new PC hardware components in the morning and picked up in the afternoon. No fuss at all.
            Edited 13/02/2015
              Arkanrais(8 reviews)
              Bought a power supply from these guys. Had an east time paying and getting it sent out, and it arrived pretty quickly. I'll definitely be using them again.
                borissenko(10 reviews)
                Good customer service and care. I have ordered an item but did not notice it was not in stock and paid with bank deposit right away. They contacted me advising that they checked with all the suppliers and no one has the product and no ETA on it. They offered a choice of full refund or to buy another similar product with paying/refunding the price difference. As I could not find what I needed I asked for a full refund and got it the same day. I am very satisfied with their service and will definitely buy from them in the future.
                  LordDazzlePop(3 reviews)
                  Brilliant Service. Ordered a CPU, GPU, HDD and Case from these guys. Stock was confirmed on the same night. Items all came the next day. Well packaged and it perfect working condition. 2Moro&IT also answered a separate stock inquiry hastily and in a very customer friendly manner. If some of the other PC part stores could take a leaf out of these guys' book the industry would be a lot more professional. A+ 2Moro&IT, I'll be coming to you guys again if I need any extra components for this build or the next one.
                    Computer-Nerd89(2 reviews)
                    Ordered a modem from these guys. great price and delivery was prompt.
                      josephmom(1 review)
                      Excellent service!, bought parts to build new PCs from them, but got a few problems, these guys help me out quickly, also need extra cables, they supplied free cables, Thank you very much!
                        Charedj(3 reviews)
                        Very quick and good service, ordered a screen in the afternoon, paid for it at the same time and it arrived the next morning with delivery instructions followed. Very happy, if they had the other items I required they would be getting even more of my business.
                          Jason2012(1 review)
                          Purchased a gaming rig from this store recently, staff was very helpful and good knowledge, offered a decent gaming rig in my budget, recommend to anyone..
                            James4832(5 reviews)
                            I purchased the Samsung 840, thinking it was the 840 PRO and then asked for a return. I was met with quick and friendly emails and everything was sorted out for me. Would definitely shop again.
                              Senna(2 reviews)
                              My order was 2weeks before christmas... it took Over one week for my order to arrive, they advertised they had stock, not the best place to deal with.
                                spammy(1 review)
                                Awesome shop and really helpful staff. I live just around the corner from them so have been there a few times. Every time though they are really helpful and also have extremely competitive prices. Recently purchased all the components for a new system from them which they were able to offer really informative advice, and great discounts on. Highly recommended to all in the market for a new system, or just some components or a monitor.
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