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Excellent to deal with Scott, way better than any other PC store out there. I really do hope your store succeeds!. - Liam
Edited 19/12/2017
Scott was great to deal with, and I can honestly recommend buying from him. Thanks!
My goto shop for proper hardware not name brand stuff, usually the only retailer that has them.
Edited 25/01/2017
Good prices. Terrible warranty service. The power supply I bought from Techworld was good with fast delivery and a good price. But… it broke down (cables melted and it stopped working) and then my nightmares with TechWorld began… First Scott asked me to do some paperclip testing on my own, then try it on another computer, then explain in details what was wrong and provide photos. And then finally offered to ship it to him. He had it for two months and I constantly had to email and ask what was the progress with the faulty item. During all this time he was only replying very late in the evening, so I presume this is not a real company, but some guys working from garage or something like that. And then in the end he said that he and his supplier together decided that it is not a warranty case. That the Power Supply When I asked him if he actually talked to the manufacturer and asked for the case number – he said that he did not. And it was just his and his supplier reasoning. I cannot understand how it would take them 2 months to talk with the supplier and come to this idea!??? I must say that I was very surprised to hear that. I previously dealt with computer part warranty cases in real computer shops (where you can come and talk in person, not just via email) and it was always very easy and quick. Anyways, I got the power supply back from him, and went through the RMA process myself contacting the manufacturer directly. After explaining the situation in an email and providing photos, I got a brand new power supply from the manufacturer. Whole process took only 10 days! My recommendation to all buyers in tiny shops like this one… Yes, you get a good price. But think on what would happen if your device breaks, do you want to have this terrible frustrating experience like I did. Or do you want to just pay a little more, but instead have it specialists in a real proper shop help you without any hassle. Thanks!
Fast and friendly communication from Scott. Very happy with the service and prices so far. Recommended seller.
Edited 01/12/2016
+ Scott was fast at replying to emails and confirmed my queries in a professional manner. + Products arrived quite quickly once in stock and they were well packaged. + Great prices compared to other GTX1070 Video Card sellers. - Reduced communication when it came to getting an RMA. My GTX1070 was suffering bad coil whine shortly after purchase, and having issues with the 'fan stop' mode. Scott was really good at emails during this time, and i fixed the fan stop mode problems - But when the discussion moved to an RMA on the card due to the coil whine his return communication dropped off, and with me moving house on the cards among other personal circumstance things i didn't continue to chase up. Update: The coil whine fixed itself after a 3 month wear in period.
Edited 06/09/2016
I made a purchase of over 800 NZD. I transferred the money to techworld however, I found out the schedule of arrival of the componenets was not suitable for my deadline, so I had to withdraw from the deal. Long story short, I got all my money transferred back to my account. There was constant communication throughout the process of getting my money back. Techworld is very easy to deal with. Next time when my deadline is not so tight, I will definitely be using techworld.
Edited 19/08/2016
Great communication, fast delivery and product was well handled. Would shop here again!
Buying from Techworld is an absolute pleasure. Everything from the excellent communication to the prices of the products themselves, it's all top notch here. Scott always will go out of his way to solve any problems that may occur. No doubt am I going to be shopping here more often in the future.
Top man. Top prices. Top service.
Scott was excellent to deal with, even managed same day service to another town. Best store I have dealt with in NZ.
Edited 28/06/2016
Great products, great prices, excellent service. Scott is always helpful with any enquiries and quick to respond!
Amazing communication, really fast delivery! Highly recommended to others, as they sell some products (E.g Seasonic / XFX Power Supplies) that are otherwise really hard to find in NZ.
Excellent communication, product range and delivery times.
Scott is an amazing character. When I first bought from Techworld, I had never heard of them at all but when I did buy, the shipping was ultra quick, so quick in fact that I thought it was an order from another company that I made 2 days before buying from Scott at Techworld. He's extremely responsive with emails, keeping me up to date with out-of-stock products at his will and in general, just assuring me that everything is going smooth. If you're after great service, Scott is your man. In almost every case, he's got you covered 100%
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