5 years ago
Short story: The people that work at this store genuinely want to assist you with photography and gear *beyond your money*. Long story: After attempting to purchase a Canon 90EX flash unit through TheCameraShop's website, I had chosen incorrect credit card details multiple times, and when I ended up getting them right, I had been sent an email stating that I needed to send proof of identity through email. Wanting to check that this was in fact from TheCameraShop, I had a phone conversation with a wonderfully friendly Emma who explained to me that it was in fact legitimate, and that my order would be processed following said proof. I called again the next day, and spoke to another lovely chap Colin, to verify that my order was now processing. He not only confirmed this for me, but is one of the *very* few photography retailers who took time out of his day to have a conversation with me about what equipment I was looking for, what camera I had, and products he would recommend. Even though it would take me around a 50km drive to get to this shop, I would consider it worth my time to pay them a visit simply because I've never received such good service in photography gear.
5 years ago
Excellent. I've bought Sony A7 II here. Unexpectedly for me the processing was quick so parcel was delivered next day morning. good packed. Thanks! I hope seller will extend their assortment of native Sony's lenses so I'll buy here.
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