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Glenn(1 review)
The worst online store ever. If I can give 0, I would. First, already got my money and then they need to verify after? Why not before getting my money? This should be ok if manual payment, but this one is done with payment express. Then, not courteous enough to follow up and even blames customer. What happens to customer is always right?
Goodsort(3 reviews)
RMA process slow. Not honouring warranty obligations and trying to get out of them via bogus terms and conditions. Ignoring my emails and poor communication. Will update if situation improves, but they've been fobbing me off or months now.
Rolan(1 review)
Awesome customer service and quick response
Modularis(1 review)
All items came as described, and there $5 flat rate for shipping is great if you are buying large items or many items. The stick of RAM I received was bad, and they did send me a new one, but it took a couple of weeks for them to even send it which was quite annoying.
bubblebutt(3 reviews)
These guys are excellent. Great prices and super-fast delivery. With low feedback numbers one person with a grudge can dent their profile. I read all the other reviews and decided to try them. Glad I did. 👍🏻
QwikAg(4 reviews)
I read about these guy in another blog, people said they were offered fixes but KG never came through. I took the information with a grain of salt. However unfortunately their reputation precedes them. In my instance I ordered the night before, I rang before 9am next day, I was told supplier has stock and it would ship directly and they would get onto it without delay. So I paid within 5min. Later that day they advise that it would be 9 days before delivery and offered refund. I accepted refund, but heard nothing. I rang, they offered 2 free games to stick with them, I enquired further, and delivery time pushed out to 16 days. I had to push to get my refund done the same day, they said they had not received my email and that the boss had to process the refund, I advised them to check their emails, and get it done! They did get it processed that same day, but only because I pushed them. Hence 2 stars.
price007(2 reviews)
Delivered less than 24hrs.
DeusExMechane(3 reviews)
Absolutely fantastic to deal with. Ordered late and was sent really quickly. Would recommend to anyone.
I ordered from 4 stores off pricespy. Kiwigamer was the fastest, and when I ordered a second item it was also fast. I did check that item was in stock first. I would buy again.
Edited 15/03/2017
boardies(3 reviews)
Received the gear I ordered promptly. No problems.
gagep931(2 reviews)
Despite something going wrong, how they handled it was very commendable. Would recommend to buy PC parts from.
Edited 14/10/2016
abra431(1 review)
Kiwigamer has some of the lowest price for Viewsonic monitor and we bought 4 several weeks ago. The monitors arrived the next day and they only charged us $5 for shipping. Last week, the left side of one of the monitor started to dull. We called them them and ask for warranty and a replacement turned up the next day. We are happy for the quality of their service and will definitely buy from them again.
Edited 20/09/2016
Pyroman0719(1 review)
Bought flight sim stuff with these guys. I can say that the service is top notch, the items are delivered the next day. They have been awesome and im very satisfied. Highly recommended.
RichardWatts(1 review)
Didn't get in touch about a bad memory stick. 2 emails, no response. You need to be able to rely on service when things go wrong, and thus I wouldn't recommend this store.
Edited 27/07/2016
Geraldluo(5 reviews)
Prompt update and fast delivery. These guys know the business well. Would definitely buy from them again.
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