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Store     User rating   Indexed prices Total number of prices Lowest prices Retailer message


6,040 21,658 383  


  154 418 128  

Laptop Batteries

0 251 0  

Laptop Battery

50 1,570 23  

Lazer Photos & Cameras

  100 203 21  


  133 545 13  

Level Up

  0 20 0  

Lighting Plus

  4 1,316 3  

Logical Systems

  12 12 11  
Loot Store

Loot Store

  25 25 1
Specialists in gaming, movie &
collectable products. NZ based
Overnight delivery available

  354 1,272 171
NZ Luggage Store.
Free Delivery NZ Wide.
Free 100 Day Returns.
* Products where the shop has the lowest price. Does not include books!