Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

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  • Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles - WII - Review

    Survival/horror games come in allshapes and sizes. In 2007, Capcom proved that Resident Evil was ready for onemore variation and released The Umbrella Chronicles, a Wii-exclusive on-railsshooter that splattered thick blobs of blood on The House of the Dead’s graveand made no attempt to apologize for it. The Umbrella Chronicles was by no meansa new concept, but when a game makes the same-old-thing fun again, players willtake notice. They took notice so quickly thatthey found the plastic Wii Zapper contraption to be worth its $20 - $25 pricetag. But alas, after two years of replaying some of the most exciting lightgunshooter battles ever conceived, gamers were in need of a sequel. Capcom is notone to hold back, thus releasing The Darkside Chronicles earlier this week. Well, don’t you look familiar.

    8 years ago
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    Even more Resident Evil nostalgia in the on-rails shooter genre.

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    Hands-on impressions of Capcom's upcoming lightgun game.