Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F 32GB

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  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge review


    • Beautiful screen
    • Great feel
    • Super camera


    • Slight plastic feel
    • Expensive

    As you can see above, the positives far outweigh the negatives with this handset. Once you're past the cost element (and that is something to take into consideration), you've got a phone that you'll find hard to put down.Whether it's just rolling the refined chassis around in the hand, taking pictures that look great nine times out of 10, or just enjoying the clarity and sharpness of the screen, the Galaxy S7 Edge manages to delight, and stand out in a world where new smartphones are increasingly being offered with razor-thin differences between them.We could always want more from our handsets – that seems to be the way we're programmed nowadays – but if you're looking for a well-designed, powerful phone that actually packs some useful day-to-day features, the Galaxy S7 Edge is the one to go for.Frist reviewed: March 2016You might also like...We think the Galaxy S7 Edge is one of, if not the, best smartphone around right now - but maybe it's not quite to your lovely and discerning tastes. How about these instead, then?Apple iPhone 7 PlusFlicking between phones is as simple as can be nowadays, and while you might lose a message or two, there's no worrying about whether or not you can get your apps and content across.Both phones offer easy switching methods now, shifting key information from one handset to the next - so if you're 'locked' to Android, it's pretty simple to move across.The iPhone 7 Plus has the same size 5.5-inch screen, similar battery performance (albeit slightly less impressive in some situations), and a wider range of apps thanks to the entrenched iOS platform.While the S7 Edge has one 12MP camera, the 7 Plus sports two 12MP lenses on its rear, but it's the S7 Edge which offers better snaps, with better autofocus.And then you have the issue of size – the 5.5-inch screen on the Edge is wrapped into the phone, making it SO much more compact than Apple's effort. However, the iPhone 7 Plus does feel slightly more premium thanks to the amount of metal used, which many will see as a plus.Read our iPhone 7 Plus reviewLG G5Samsung is one of the safest options when it comes to buying a new flagship smartphone. You get a load of tech and a premium body, and the S7 Edge brings it all together into a compelling package.LG on the other hand, likes to take a walk on the wild side. With its latest flagship phone, the LG G5, you get a slightly smaller 5.3-inch display on the back the two (yes, TWO) cameras are 16MP and 8MP, offering dual focus (one for 'normal' photos, one for wide-angle) which is an innovative, if not overly-unimpressive, feature.The big selling point is its modular capabilities, although we haven't seen any new ones since the launch of the phone - but the camera grip or audio enhancers are cool, if not strictly functional.The phone fits well in the hand, has a powerful Snapdragon 820 CPU, and has all the top-end features you'd expect from a flagship phone – plus LG handsets always cost a little less that the competition.Read our LG G5 reviewSony Xperia XZWe used to recommend the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium here, but that's been usurped by the Xperia XZ (well, in all but size, but Sony's chosen against releasing a new phablet for the time being).The XZ packs a mighty punch though, with a Sony camera finally worthy of the hype, a sleeker body with rounded edges and all the power you'd expect from a flagship.The phone itself lacks the 4K screen of the Z5 Premium (but, come on, who needs that right now?) but still has a great audio performance and screen view, even with the lower-res.The main reason you'd choose this is for the camera's technical ability. While the S7 Edge is a great, great snapper, if you love to craft a shot then the XZ is well worth checking out.Read: Sony Xperia XZ reviewThe conflict that pits Galaxy against Galaxy: which S7 is best for you? Both of these phones are alike in nearly every way: camera, power, screen performance and more.The S7 is better if you want a cheaper phone without compromising on power, or want something a little more compact.But the S7 Edge has a larger (and longer-lasting) battery, a more premium look, and a larger screen to coo over. In my opinion, if you're spending this much money and can handle the extra heft, it's the one you should be looking at.However, both are great phones, and stand head and shoulders above most of what was offered last year, so it just depends on your ergonomic preferences and budget.Check out our Samsung Galaxy S7 reviewSamsung Galaxy S6 EdgeYou can't help but look backwards when you're looking at the latest phones, as most brands now shove their older models down the price plans to make them more mid-range players.And the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is an award-winning phone, and one that still packs a lot of power into an attractive frame.Sure, the camera isn't AS good as the one on the new S7 Edge, but it was one of the best of 2015, and will still give you brilliant snaps.It's a lot cheaper too – and given that it's only got a 5.1-inch screen, with the same QHD resolution, you'll still get a good viewing experience (if a teeny bit darker at times).The main thing to note is that battery life is a lot poorer compared - so have a think about whether you can handle a power pack that can't easily last a day.Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review

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