Sennheiser IE 6

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  • Sennheiser IE6 Earphones


    • Airy midrange
    • Broad sound stage
    • Good amount of bass
    • Reasonably textured bass and midrange
    • Can be driven by pretty much any DAP on the market to good results
    • Semi warm midrange
    • Best bundle around
    • Good tip selection
    • Ergonomic design
    • Fits well


    • Price
    • Not the most detailed earphones

    Sennheiser's IE6 earphones look very promising, but the price lets them down. At around $200 I was honestly expecting a bit more. They do however match the earphones with a bundle that has you covered which is nice to see. No longer do you have to get third party shirt clips in order get rid of microphonic noise. Sound is very Sennish, very smooth with a good balance between the lows and highs, but ultimately a bit dull. If you value this more than details, then the Sennheiser will probably be for you, generally speaking I think you can do better for the money if you can live without very smooth sound.The IE6s are really well made, basically the build quality you would expect of a reasonably high end Sennheiser product. They are extremely comfortable to wear even over an extended period of time and handle microphonic noise well.

    8 years ago
  • What HiFi?

    Not quite the same level of insight as Sennheiser's pricier IE7s or IE8s, but they remain a great purchase

    8 years ago
  • Sennheiser IE6


    • Comfortable and secure
    • punchy bass
    • clear midrange


    • Treble displays a touch of sibilance

    8 years ago