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  • CNET Australia


    • Amazing production values
    • A long and enjoyable adventure with plenty of collectibles and side tasks
    • Celestial brush mechanic adds spice to battles and exploration
    • Quests are extremely varied and make good use of brush techniques


    • Some of the motion controls aren't responsive
    • Combat is on the easy side

    Age hasn't diminished the beauty of this modern classic.

    Editors Choice

    9 years ago
  • CVG (9.1/10)

    Verdict: Make sure you don't miss Okami this time.

    9 years ago
  • Okami - WII - Review

    Every so often you see lists pop up online chronicling historys greatest underappreciated games, and there are a few titles that are consistently inc...

    9 years ago
  • GameTrailers

    Design: 9.0
    Story: 9.3
    Gameplay: 8.5
    Presentation: 9.5

    9 years ago
  • If you have never played Okami before, you are in for an amazingly

    beautiful and awe-inspiringly epic adventure that simply must not be

    missed on Nintendo's console, particularly if you like games like Zelda.

    The title oozes charm and style from the opening credits and the Wii

    additions truly enhance the experience. Now, you can play the game in

    480p and 16:9 widescreen, and you can do so using the Wii remote,

    which controls Amaterasu's celestial brush with a level of speed and

    accuracy never before possible. It's implemented so triumphantly that

    it actually changes the pace of the game, effectively speeding

    everything up.

    Of course, there are some considerations, too -- first and foremost

    being that if you've restored Nippon before on PlayStation 2, you will

    not find any new content -- story, puzzles, power-ups, weapons, etc.

    -- waiting for you in the Wii version. This is disappointing since

    Okami's been out for nearly two years now. Meanwhile, not all of the

    control tweaks are for the better. The nunchuk-mapped dodge move,

    for instance, feels much worse. And the pronounced paper filter in the

    PS2 build is less visible the Wii version -- a visual shortcoming, as far

    as I'm concerned.

    Still, Okami's strengths on Wii far outweigh any of its weaknesses. Wii

    owners can pick the game up for only $39.99 and those who do will be

    walking away with an outstanding title full of great adventure of a

    caliber typically reserved for titles starring Link and Zelda. I still think

    Twilight Princess is Wii's best adventure, but Okami is more than a

    worthy alternative. Support this game -- it deserves nothing less than

    your full attention.

    (I feel that Okami for Wii is the better of the two versions, but I have

    rated it very slightly lower than the PS2 original to account for the fact

    that it arrives very late on Nintendo's console and with some remaining


    Presentation (9.0/10): Gorgeous presentation. Slick interface. Fantastic save system -- you can save as many times as necessary. Some annoying loads between overworld and sub-regions.
    Graphics (8.5/10): Beautiful style and a great 3D engine impress. New 480p and 16:9 widescreen modes are fantastic. Subtler paper filter. Still has some framerate dips.
    Sound (9.0/10): Ambient, fitting, amazing. A truly spectacular soundtrack.
    Gameplay (9.0/10): Entertaining, engaging and very fun. Feels like Capcom's very own Zelda-like adventure. The Wii-mote-mapped celestial brush is superb. Fantastic puzzles, satisfying boss fights, and much more.
    Lasting Appeal (8.5/10): It's a huge, epic, 30-plus-hour adventure.

    9 years ago
  • Controlling the brush with the Wii remote isn't all we hoped for, but otherwise this is a brighter and even more beautiful Okami, and one of the best experiences to be had on Wii.

  • A second chance for a deserving classic.

  • No grade
    Okami Wii

    Good: One of the best videogames ever comes to the Wii
    Bad: No new sights for Okami veterans
    Ugly: Some of the demons you fight are pretty repulsive

    The most imaginative game finds its spiritual home on the Wii

  • 9 years ago
  • 9 years ago
  • No grade
    9 years ago

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  • Okami - WII - Review

    Every so often you see lists pop uponline chronicling history’s greatest underappreciated games, and there are afew titles that are consistently included: Psychonauts, Ico, and Beyond Good andEvil just to name a few. No list of this type would be complete, though,without including Clover Studios’ Okami, a PS2 game that was not only one of thebest adventure titles of all time, but also showed that you don’t need next-gengraphical muscle to deliver a truly beautiful game. It received high reviewscores from just about everyone, but as it was neither a) part of an establishedfranchise and b) particularly easy to explain, both plot- and gameplay-wise, itwas a commercial flop. Luckily, Capcom decided that the game was worthy of asecond shot, and tasked Ready At Dawn Studios (best known for Daxter and God of War: Chains of Olympus, both for PSP) with bringing the game tothe Nintendo Wii.Okami begins by recapping the eventsof a hundred years prior to the start of the game, showing us how the powerfulmulti-headed beast O...

    9 years ago
  • No grade

    Second chance for an undervalued gem.