Apple Time Capsule V4 2TB

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  • Terrible
    My work out too cannon in 2.5 years, died today and no guarantee of course ....
  • Acceptable
    Have only had it a week but so far works like clockwork with Time Machine in the household's two Mac computers. Double speed via wifi compared to my previous router. Also works really good with a jailbroken Aplle TV 2, can stream movies directly from your hard disk without having any computer running! Wonderful service!

    Stopped working after less than two years after completely normal use without external influence. Very poorly for such a passport expensive product!
  • Perfect
    Quality throughout.
    Have never malfunctioned. Easy to use. Troubled stable wireless connection. Get 200 mbit wireless which I thought was an impossibility ...

    Have had routers and gateways of lot of different brands but this runs over all. Seriously, my grandmother of 90 years can configure my Time Capsule.

  • Perfect
    As usual with apple and it works well, it will be too =)
  • Perfect
    Have had it a few months now and it has been really good so far. Run both Sonos and Plex on it without any problems.

    + + +
    Really good throughput
    The hard drive is really fast to use, well above expectations
    Time machine
    Dual band wireless = old iPhone slows down the network not

    Maybe had to restart it three times in eight months
    Could have some lan ports to

    Modified 2013-05-17
    Restart similarly became more and more but finally I found the problem. When I turned off the automatic channel selection so everything worked great again. Do not know why this is so but I suspect there been any WLAN in the house that messed up.
  • Perfect
    Good coverage, cannon with guest networks, seamlessly incorporating network drive that works for both OSX and Windows
  • Perfect
    Quick router with high throwput speed that can handle the job splendidly. Seamlessly with Time Machine on the iMac when it backs up the Mac automatically. Recommended!
  • Perfect
    Spot on dual band router with a hard drive and backup function. An additional plus for the new guest networking feature.
  • Very good
    Worked out great.
  • Perfect
    Smoothly. Ripped all my CDs o they play through Sonosen.
  • Perfect
    Super Easy backup and fast WLAN.
  • Excellent
    Spot on, the only thing that pulls down the result is that there is no clock clean way to stream to Samsung TV.
  • Excellent
    My old power supply gave up on after a little over 3 years of use.

    So it had to be a new latest model ... Have you had a TC and using Time Machine on their Macs against it so there are not so many options when to acquire new.

    Compared to my old TC as the new much better reception. I have the MacBook in the same place so I often have upwards of double the link speed to what the old could overpower.
    The feeling is also that the new has faster read / write performance (even via Gbit network)
  • Perfect
    I have always had problems with routers, the price range than I got. Until I bought this. Uuuuunderbar! It simply just works.

    I've never been a fan of the web-based interface to routers and I will not have this.
    There is also an app for iPhone / iPod / iPad that allows you to change nearly all settings, unless you have access to a computer.

    Incredibly nice speed (maxes out my 100mbit-line over wireless) and with Genie Timeline I have a Time Capsule-like backup solution even on Windows.

    Really love this stuff!
  • Perfect
    Which gadget. I am pleased how anything with it.
  • Perfect
    The speed in my band increased from about 27 Mb / s (Linksys E2000) to about 55 Mb / s (2.4 MHz) and 90 Mb / s (5 Mhz). Everything in my Macbook Pro and through broadband checks.
    Additionally incredibly handy installation. A little tricky with the setting of the NAS. Lacking a Swedish manual.
    Clear affordable! Buy!
  • Very good
    Really useful little blighters!
  • Very good
    Lacks some features, blah, you can not see the wired devices are connected. Good that you can connect to external disks.
    Too bad they made it so ugly ...
  • Perfect
    It is both attractive and stable and easy to set up. Does not get nearly as hot as previous versions. In all cases it is not my. Works perfectly with Time machine!
  • Perfect
    Awesome impressed. Stable as few and new interior with higher WiFi performance. If you doubt read: