Sigma AF 18-200/3.5-6.3 DC for Sony A

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4 years ago*
Top Lens (for money)! Were purchased before a trip abroad for a couple of years ago for my a55 then I could not be bothered to bring me my dedicated zoom lens. The result was that the way in until I changed the camera to a a77 1 year later with a keen card folded in between! Really takes top images when there is enough light! (Top photos regarding travel photos to albums and the like, lacks a little sharpness whether to take serious pictures) Works great for a77-ball well and my walk-around lens that always sits on! negative: Zoom creep, however, there are locks that are easy to add / remove. Powered by the camera's autofocus motor = little rattling sound when the autofocus (especially annoying when shooting, but things do you do with a swelling phone nowadays?) Lacks top sharpness, but performs better than you'd think for that money! A handball 9th!
*Edited 4 years


9 years ago*
The camera was like new. Fantastic lens for all occasions. If possible bit thin natural light, but there will be a sideshow isammanhanget when images are so good that they will anyway! Shit Najs with combined wide-angle and zoom much! Recommended!
*Edited 9 years