Logitech Z506

Logitech Z506

3.5(17 reviews)
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  • 5.1
  • Headphone output
  • Black, Wenge
  • Electric (not USB)
  • 8 W
  • Number of speakers: 5.1
  • Headphone output
  • Available colours: Black, Wenge
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3.5 of 5 stars

Based on 17 reviews

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grantnewdick(3 reviews)
8 Out of 10 for value, love watching tv and movies and playing PS3 on them, brilliant.
Edited 08/04/2013
munro98(3 reviews)
I got these speakers for 100 dollars 50 off on a sale and I thought they were a bargain. As soon as I got them I set up the speakers and watched a 5.1 surround movie on my computer. It has plenty of base but I turned down the dial to keep my family from complaining and when I'm not watching videos or playing video games you can hear and annoying crackling coming from all speakers which seem to disappear almost when you turn up the volume. These would be fine for small living room speakers but can be annoying using them for your computer. If you have a phone it will have interfere with these speakers when you receive texts. Overall great for the price
pandemik(16 reviews)
Good sounding speakers for the money, subwoofer makes good bass clear enough. Speakers can sound a little tinny in mid range, but it's hard to find this quality in a low to mid price set up. Pushing the volume quality holds up well. Doesn't have any built in up-mixing capability, you need a proper 5.1 source. I find these kind of mid price speakers too easily get interference from cellphones nearby. Same deal here, my cellphone has to be a metre away or more before it stops making interference. Only high end stuff seems to be properly shielded (even then not all the time). So this was a good addition to my gaming PC when my 5 year old creative 6.1 system finally failed, this sounds a lot better.
Edited 03/06/2011
XPD(9 reviews)
Great sounding speakers - except they are prone to interference from other cabling etc so during silence, you can hear some buzzing coming from the speakers. Once you have music etc playing however you cannot hear the buzzing. Also console owners, be aware that these are NOT 5.1 for consoles unless you connect them to a 5.1 amp first - bit of mis-leading advertising by Logitech. They still sound great on a PS3 but use a "matrix" surround option so you dont get true surround but hell of a lot better than what you'd get from a TVs speakers.
Edited 18/12/2018
[Update 2018]: After (roughly) round 8 years of use, the amplifier and / or power supply was blown when I inserted the cord (as I have done daily). Be very happy with it even though it had a constant low tone that you could hear when it was quite quiet. It was not disturbing though. It does what it should and sounds okay. Sure you hear a bit of noise, but it does not bother me and I do not hear it. It's got more cables to make i see somebody write so if you really want to get rid of it then it will be. The bass is good enough to make the neighbor angry and sounds good. The sound quality is good, except that it does not always handle high tones such as the piano. Though I'm not sure if it depends on the speakers or my sound card. One more thing is that the on / off button broke down for me quite quickly and is quite hard to use now so I just pull out the cord instead.


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