Sony Ericsson Spiro

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  • Terrible
    5 years ago
    Kit Phone. Can not receive calls even once. I can call out but as I said not receiving the calls that enter.
    Cheap - I can agree with. But it is not good enough for a normal phone.
    The camera it leaves a lot to be desired.

    The phone itself is a handy little phone but it is not enough to be reached with. The sound - yes it disappears all too often.
  • Terrible
    5 years ago
    Among the worst phones available for purchase. The cheap prices brings to mind that it is an affordable phone if you mainly just want to call and smsa, but it will not do even that.

    Even though I barely used either the music player or camera during the ~ 6 months I had it, it becomes constantly overworked and snags, reboots itself or otherwise malfunctioning. Suffice to accidentally brush a key to much for it to sunka together totally and restart itself. Not särskillt handy when the keypad is slippery and the buttons are bad for making it easy to slip and hit the wrong.

    As if that were not enough, so the bugs themselves constantly when to write a text. "Memory Full" it says, does not matter if your inbox is nyrensad and empty. The only thing there is to do when you get the error message "Memory full" is to reboot the phone, you get to do basically every time one must write a text.

    Restarting the phone is otherwise nothing is done in half a minute. The phone insists on showing off an extremely choppy gif image (FPS'en is swelling of type 2) each time, and when it finally arrived, you get a message that says "wait". It may take up to 5 minutes to restart it, aside from the times when it locks up and I had to take the battery out as the phone totally freezes.

    In short, this is a phone that is not good at anything. Instead it feels like a handicap. Would not recommend this phone even to my worst enemy. If you want a simple and cheap handset to make and smsa with will have to look elsewhere.
  • Barely acceptable
    6 years ago
    Updated: 6 years ago
    poor mobile money

    + Walkman
    + Price

    - Buggy (can live with it, will update)
    - The camera (he in night mode, the better!)
    - Is no Wakman / Camera button

    Updated and it became tougher, boring.

    No, I change my mind, it was pretty ill buy.
  • Terrible
    7 years ago
    Updated: 6 years ago
    Horrible buggy phone. Had trouble in the beginning with Walkman features, sometimes so, it was decided not to be able to play files and a whole reboot was needed to even listen to music. In recent days, I have been "out of memory" even when I'm texting. After countless updates, the problems are still there. Do not buy this phone!

    Update: After eleven months of use, it has fallen apart. The picture began to fall in the wrong place and then it goes not to start! Hope I get another phone or even better, money back on the warranty!
  • Terrible
    6 years ago
    A real crappy phone. All 4 screws to hold it together slide function came off. Not only that, when it was sent in on warranty repair so they claim that I violated the warranty rules that I have tightened the screws that remained ...
  • Terrible
    6 years ago
    I have had many bad phones over the years, but this will take me stage the price for lousy phones. On paper it looks good, but the quality of the phone is scary bad. I have iofs only had it a few weeks but this is the shortcomings son I encountered in this short time:
    - Turns out, freezes, black screens constantly
    - Seeeg in menus
    - 3.5mm headphone plug is broken
    - Low ljudvoym
    - Slippery surface
    - I can not be reached, even though the phone is on. Not to call in to.

    I am convinced that there will be more errors.

    Time to consider the Sony Ericsson really is the right choice ....
  • Terrible
    6 years ago
    Updated: 6 years ago
    Bug 1: It sends sms by itself
    Bug 2: The walk out on the internet by itself
    Bug 3: Things to download from the "PlayNow" does not work
    There were the three worst bugs.
    Incredibly tough, would not surprise me if it was not more than 20 mhz in the
    It's almost unfair to give it one, it does not even deserve it.
  • Terrible
    6 years ago
    Catastrophic mobile, sure the price is good and it works for you then fine, then it might be a good buy. But expect nothing!

    Just like bump posted further down you get all the time "out of memory" or "Memory Full" Has also bought a memory card 4 gb for 200kr that does not even work, App detects the 1 in 100 times (NB no exaggeration) Plus it freezes all the time

    Nah, put out a little more money and get something that works instead.
  • Poor
    7 years ago
    insert the heck! Do not buy this phone! buggy as f * n bought it at NetOnNet, the engineer their spec cope MMS. nix! and after updating the software, it is now not surfing on the ...

    for 699 - will you be happy if you can call and
    take half shabby photographs.
  • Very Poor
    7 years ago
    - Affordable mobile phone with Walkman function. Small and agile, good screen.

    - Tinny, muddy sound of the receiver, which makes it difficult to hear what is said, no matter how you align your phone. Come on, Sony Ericsson, fixes ye not this better so if you have not in the business to do.
  • Acceptable
    7 years ago
    The cell phone could have easily been 10 * but it has a large real problem: it is buggy as hell .. Gets better if you update but it is still far from stable.