Apple iMac (Swe) - 2.66GHz QC 4GB 1TB DVD±RW 27"

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  • Very good
    The computer is fast and fine. The screen is absolutely gorgeous, the colors!
    It will not be a 10, because of that the hard drive crashed and I lost all the content when it went in to be repaired (I know, one should take backup ...).
  • Perfect
    This was my first step from the misery PC to Mac, I can not be happier than I am.
    The computer is fast, always answers, never fussy design is stylish as hell! screen delivers something incredible!

    I could not be happier but this computer than I am! clearly 10/10
  • Perfect
    Amazing machine! Quiet and fast! I hinkade in some extra frame. Now, I do not think I will need to replace computer in a long time! Wish me really nothing extra? It has everything one could want except possibly the opportunity to read bluray discs! ....

    Full marks!
  • Perfect
    Absolutely lovely!

    My first Mac, have had it for almost half a year, do not think there will be some more windows jar on my part.

    Incredibly fast, everything just works, never have to shut down or restart.

    Do not hesitate, BUY!
  • Perfect
    'm Very pleased. Have had it for about 3 weeks. I have finally migrated over completely to Mac, and I do not regret anything.
    Really nice to have everything in one device.
    Things to consider when buying, if you want numeric keypad so choose it when you buy from the Apple store, otherwise you will get a small wireless without the numeric part.
    It with Numeric Keypad features cord, but on the other hand, you get two USB connectors directly into the keyboard which is super when connecting iPhone, etc..
  • Excellent
    I've had mine since last November after having had PCs for years. Can only echo the same as the others have written. What I think you should think about when buying this or other computers from Apple is that they tend to have glossy screens. It gives better colors in pictures and so but imagine not having something window behind the computer only. The only minus I feel my hard drive "crackle" you hear when it works but I think in the near future to buy an SSD.
    The computer is the best purchase I ever made!
  • Perfect
    All in a single jar It looks great, quiet and damn good looking
  • Excellent
    Had it just over a month now after having had PCs for years.
    Fantastic and large screen. Stylish. Silent. No cable reels. Has nothing to remark, yes could be the price then.
    Use it with Time Capsule 1TB with wireless internet + automatic wireless backup and it works like clockwork.
    Gives it a 9 (in a deduction of the price and get the USB ports)
  • Perfect
    Only positive so far.
  • Perfect
    The largest and most powerful iMac ever! Could not wait to buy it ...!

    27 "screen with LED technology is the brightest that Appel ever delivered and the high resolution does not make it worse!

    Worth every penny!