MSI 790FX-GD70

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  • Good
    7 years ago
    Personally, I unfortunately only had a problem with these cards,
    have burned 2, the same fabrication errors on both.
    I get a 3rd now on the warranty so I will sell.

    Design 10/10 (find a better looking card)
    OC 10/10 (there are settings for everything. However, he only to 4GHz @ 1.5 Vcore with 965 C3 before the first card is burned)

    Quality 0/10
  • Perfect
    8 years ago
    Accustomed to the Asus card I thought to try something new. MSI has certainly succeeded with everything on this card. The layout and features are almost perfect. Incredibly pleased.
  • Perfect
    8 years ago
    Undoubtedly the best motherboard I've ever used ..

    I have a Phenom II 720 BE and it's a spot on combination. All other manufacturers are running with ACC to unlock cores, it makes this card too, though there is a feature (new in bios 1.4) which gives you a different firmware. My 720 failed only the ACC, so I changed the firmware to MSI's "special" and SEDAR yes, 4 cores.

    Overclocking is ridiculously simple and stable. How about 3.8GHz with 4 cores (which really was not possible to unlock) and why does not 4GHz with three cores, this was the way to 1.5v.

    It is usually very over to find highest FSB. But this card has a feature that automatically finds most stable, in my case it was 336 without so much as touching the volts.

    I'm watching it right now and have to say ... It is not only the fastest and most comprehensive motherboard I played around with, but easily the best looking. I compare this with the Crosshair III but might as well throw up a 500kr budget card, so huge is the difference. And the sound ... It is integrated but MSI has thrown in something lavish chip that they are extremely proud of, and hell .. It is I!

    As for the place at the processor so it's no problem, most will fit, if it is true black or mugen II does not matter, it is spacious. Personally I run with freezer 64.

    Temperatures perhaps we should mention too ... 40 degrees "system temp" and in idle, my CPU down to 17. Under load, I have not yet reached 30 degrees with Linpack incredible ..

    Should you buy ANY motherboard to AM3 and watch, well, then the choice is simple .. MSI 790FX GD-70 is my god.