GoPro Hero5 Session

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  • Barely acceptable
    Nice camera, extremely bad battery. I have a GoPro Hero first model purchased 01.07.15 and it has battery time of 3 hours. Hero5 Session has 1 hour and 40 minutes. Is not recommended. Rather use some money and buy Hero5 Black, battery on it according to one test was 2 hours and 18 minutes.
  • Perfect
    Recommended! No reason to buy Hero 5 black. Many fear the poor battery life on hero5 session without good reason. With GoPro Hero5 Session you can easily connect to an external charger that costs a few hundred pounds and you have longer battery life than Hero 5 Black. Although I run the camera on motorcycle helmet cam with a connected external charger. The picture quality is almost as good as Hero5 Black, but in a much more convenient format and at a better price. Brands difference on lower ISO values, there Hero5 black is better. Can recommend micro sd card from Samsung pro + 64 GB. The camera works well with apps "Quik" (for Mac and PC) and "Capture" for apple and android phones. The apps are easy to use and one brave easy recordings through the app.
  • Excellent
    Have had the camera for 1 month.
    I do not use it as an "action" camera (not on the helmet or surfboard, etc.) but as a holiday camera. The idea is to shoot and then cut together 1-3 months long videos with short clips to summarize the trip. When the fit is good that it is durable and that it is possible and to have the pool.

    I did not experience any problems with that it does not have a screen. Think it's almost good. Slipper and focus on watching the small screen, but shooting only. You can connect it to the iPhone: one so you can see what you're shooting. But do you bow just beginning or if you really want to see that you get everything.

    The only thing I can complain about is that there will not be the same quality indoors and outdoors (but it is still well).

    Recommend, but think it is right expensive (3250 SEK + memory card + accessories), comes to some 4000kr. It gets pretty expensive for a vacation camera. Maybe it had been better and buy the older version (but had not received 4K, image stabilization and voice control, the latter I never used, but maybe useful when you have it on the helmet and can not access the button).

    Here is a clip from San Francisco trip with NGR from work. The clip took about 15 minutes to create with GoPros own (simple) software. They have two different editing software, a simpler and a more advanced. The simple, you can do 15, 30 and 60 sec clips very quickly / easily. The more advanced the more advanced :)