Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB

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Product generation: Apple iPhone 7. 5 products in this generation. 9 predecessors and 2 successors
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  • Good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    I sat and thought for weeks if I would have the usual model or plus variant, to finish so I ordered plus and regret it deeply.
    The cell phone itself is fantastic but the weight where far too difficult when it is clearly heavier than my last iPhone sixth

    You who complain of charging time, buy an ipad chargers (USB Power Adapter 12W) when charging the phone quickly. Here you have the link: 3D458e% 252B47e1

    + battery
    + Screen
    + Fast Processor
    + Solid quality feel (Fine on hold despite the size)
    + Dual speakers provide better feel when to youtuba!

    - ITunes ............ blääää!
    - The importance! (Sent back my 7 plus to the operator and uses the right of withdrawal, Halebop are great!)
    - Not all apps that support landscape mode
    - Slightly too much treble to the speakers
    - The phone gets hot under load
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    The only negative with this phone's design. I prefer the old design 5S where you could just screw up two bolts so was the entire back loose so it could easily replace the battery.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Bought "unfortunately" an iPhone again.
    Previously very inside to wait for the next Nexus because I refuse Samsung I find no Android phone that has the same build quality.
    The requirement is also a pure Android without a lot of bloatware and debris.

    This is hopefully my last iPhone (I said the same thing when I bought 6+).
    Had Google Pixel released before I bought this I had anyway been thinking about it. But it is to the forest too expensive. Apple has in any case high resale value.

    I sit and wonder what happened to the phone market. Just a year ago, people were so efficient that they bought laptops at Media Markt for <4000kr. Now almost all 10kkr phones and change every two years. I do not understand anything.

    + You know what you get. Build quality, good product through and through.
    - PRICE (!)
    +/- The usual pros and cons Apple products with it.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    BosseTheMan have everything right in what he writes.

    Android has had in many years. Increases, however, the grade a bit of quality and atleast my battery life is better than any other Android phone I had / tried / buddies. Have 256GB model, but should not be any difference.

    Jump to Apple due to the pixel to be released in Sweden and actually not disappointed. The price is a different thing but then they are not much more expensive than the Samsung and I have had enough of the (software).
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    So far I'm not impressed with Apple's new flagship product. I come from Android since many years and "was going to try something new" when there are so many exciting Android mobiles on the market at time of writing.

    First impression: Stylish, fast and screaming deluxe
    Second impression: Restrictions, incarceration and expensive apps, odd laddsladd
    Third impression: Have their strengths even if weaknesses are more

    * Fast in all modes (faster than Android phones I've had)
    * Good battery life, it lasts all day despite intensive use
    * Stylish, both physically and colors in operativet
    * Apple is always good at software updates long after the phone has become old, this is a strong advantage
    * Google account integrates very well: Chrome, Gmail, Photos, Keep, Docs can be used without problems instead of Apple's counterpart
    * There are plenty of accessories in the form of Cases, Screen Protectors, Silicon Protection etc. then it is a standardized telephone
    * The feeling that the apps properly backed up correctly on iCloud if you change phone or breakage (This is something Android has been poor before Android 7)
    * Migration from the Android went very well (except for apps you each had to buy again, but it's not Apple's fault)

    * Laddsladden are of the Lightning and not USB-C or Micro-USB as the rest of all the gadgets (including Apple computers) uses
    * Expensive as hell
    * Storage in iCload is more expensive than Google Drive (or Microsoft OneDrive)
    * Applications that are not made by Google has been difficult to integrate with Google services when iCloud is what counts
    * Many apps will not work in landscape mode
    * Apps 50% more expensive than the same app in Google Play (there are exceptions where it is the same price)
    * Lacks headphone jack (adapter h wheat)
    * Family-sharing (location, pictures etc.) only works if the other Apple
    * IMessage is not working with Android which is still common in my circle of acquaintances, it will be to continue to use Viber, Allo etc.
    * Back button in all applications is the top left corner, so you have to extend your thumb all the time, this did not have to be on Android. It feels like a design flaw here that will never be addressed.
    * The volume of the headphones is too high for me even on the lowest level. There is no way to influence this with 3parts apps (I had the same problem with my latest Android, but then I loaded home an app that fixed this).
    * Can not use my Chromecast as effective as with Android where I could reflect the screen directly.
    * On Android, you can store files directly to your phone via USB, just copy the iso files etc. This is a little harder on the iPhone that do not allow this

    I will do my best to enjoy this phone and keep looking if necessary. benefits that are hiding under the surface. However, the feeling now that I will soon start to look for Samsung S8 or any other upcoming Android phone to iPhone is unfortunately quite boring after the first day.

    Requests to Apple:
    * Put down the Lightning and change to the USB C so we can use the same cable for all accessories
    * It is difficult to find good apps in the App Store, please clean up and make it organized so that Google has. Structure and transparency ought to be something you are best at!
    * Must everything be so expensive in the App Store? Perhaps lower margin bit era?
    * Can you be fully compatible with Chromecast so you can send the picture directly to the TV?
    * Can you let go of your Apps for Android so that you can communicate with friends in the conditioned ecosystems (why be an odd bird in 2016?)

    Sorry to break the hearts of Apple fanboys with this review, but with little luck so snatches Apple up to the next round of phones and combine software and hardware in a way that convinces everyone, including me, they have, after all, the economic muscle to do this. Fat and Happy's not the right way to move foreward, it really dax to innovate a little instead of staying at the old merit. We keep our fingers crossed!
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Had the phone since it was released, and there are still bugs left in the cell phone that comes and goes. In starting it was the phone froze and rebooted. Now, instead, the camera does not always go on - then forced to restart the phone to use the camera again. Also like the fingerprint malfunctions often when the phone will be unlocked.
    Battery life is not as good as I thought either, it can almost be compared with my Iphone 5 I had previously.

    + Screen
    + Quick
    + Image quality

    - Battery
    - Bugs
    - Price
  • Very Poor
    1 year ago
    Have had an iPhone since the iPhone 4s and always been relatively satisfied. I upgraded to the iPhone 7, when the phone was released and was only after a week incredibly unhappy.
    The battery on this model must be among the most miserable ever produced. Absolutely shocking. Battery consumption is faster than my old iPhone 5S. If you buy this phone, a spare battery is an absolute must. I surf and listening to music on the train on the way to work 1h and 1h back from work, and this model is barely hours before it dies.

    Then you wonder if it was some of the UX team that was thinking about how users can use the phone when traveling when the battery is so miserable that you have to charge your phone on the train each time and then can not browse and listen to music simultaneously? You get to choose either charge the phone or you are listening to music, and you can not do it at the same time. Are you on a longer journey by car as passengers and would like to listen to music and charge your phone in the car so it is not possible. For the price you pay so the phone is a big joke. Incredibly unhappy that the year 2016 can not offer a phone for the first survive more than a few hours, and you can not even do the most obvious thing that you would do with a mobile phone to charge the phone and listen to music simultaneously. Do not buy, not worth it.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    I've had the iPhone in about 3 months, here is my opinion:

    Screen: superb, the best LCD screen on the market.
    Battery: pass the whole day with almost constant use, a little surf, youtube and playing without problems, still have around 20-30% left in the evening.
    Sound: great stereo speakers with clear and loud sound. Absence of 3.5 mm were felt in the beginning, but you get used to quickly.
    Home Button: felt slightly strange at first, but after you get used to it feels normal switches undercooked and knakiga.
    Performance: is no faster iPhone or androidlur on the market at the moment, apps opens directly and no lag anywhere.
    Camera: The best mobile camera I used when it almost always takes great pictures and is fast. There are some mobiles that although they are a little brighter in the dark as smearing them out pictures mkt to remove noise and reproduces colors wrong, no such thing with this twlefon without pictures feels natural.
    3D touch: many say it is a gimmick, I use it constantly for example to open appväxlaren, move the text cursor or keyboard shortcuts to apps, peek on links in Safari.
    Software: what I love iOS apputbudet, the quality of these and also to receive updates on the same day as the new OS is released, not half a year or more after that on android.
    Design: stylish than 6s plus from the back but almost identical to the front which is a bit disappointing. Water density, I have not had much use for but I'm no longer worried about such damage if such I let the phone sitting on the table while I have a cup of coffee together.

    Summary: If you are looking to buy it, do not hesitate more, you will not be disappointed. Is probably not any other phone on the market that one can say that the lack of a 3.5mm connector is the only bad phone.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Have both Android and iOS where I lathes over the years. Now to this beautiful phone that I'm really happy with. Certainly there are things that can be better. Hence no jackpot. It is particularly jagsaknar QuickCharge and 1440p screen.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    + Incredibly fast mobile, feels very rappers than the iPhone 6 Plus.
    + The camera is much better in close-ups, above all, even the zoom feature is very useful.
    + Comfortable to grab think.
    + Extremely stylish Jet Black design, easy to keep clean, despite the shiny surface, is just having a good fiber cloth disappears grease stains quickly.
    + Good battery life
    + Nice to not have to be as anxious to moisture damage although I personally do not dare to dip it in water.

    - Takes longer to load than the iPhone 6, perhaps due to better battery that lasts longer.
    - The lack of a 3.5 mm plug is felt in the beginning, but will still get new headphones.

    Otherwise, it has no major negative I think.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    + The new matte black color, is by far the prettiest color of a cell phone ever. Sure, Jet Black (Gagatsvart !?) is fantastically beautiful also, during the few hours it is not scratched or stained fingerprints. But I prefer the matte prior gloss.
    + Battery life, better than ever. After a day of more or less constant use, I have around 30% battery left.
    + Camera. The world right now best camera phone. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will take some better pictures in bright environments with better color rendering (natural colors). But the iPhone 7 Plus the camera is outstanding in terms of white balance, dark environments and at the filming. Additionally 2x optical zoom!
    + New "dumb" Home button. This will be a watershed in consumers either love it or you hate it. I have learned to like it!
    + Waterproof! I belong to the category of "botched consumers" and two of my previous iPhones have been destroyed by water. A case of rain storms when I was out and trained and a dropped down the toilet (yes, it's true). The phone is now water resistant is great for us boobs!

    - Design / Comfort. Sad that Apple chose to retain previous design, but I suspect they are saving on the gunpowder to the 10th anniversary next year. Sure, it's really delicious, but Samsung manages to squeeze in a 5.5 "screen into a phone that is considerably easier to carry in a pants pocket, for example. I would say that the iPhone 7 Plus is more or less impossible to use with a hand (and I have pretty big hands).