Fitbit Charge 2

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  • Terrible
    1 year ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    A big negative is that the heart rate monitor hangs up. The clock must be reset to get it started. This happens all the time. Know about more people who struggle right away.
    Do not recommend buying this. Please choose another brand.
  • Very good
    6 months ago
    Works very well!

    - Small and sits very well on the arm.
    - Looks good
    - The app is very user-friendly
    - Easy to use

    - Had been ok with a built-in GPS
    - Measurement of distances may be inaccurate when you do not connect to the mobile's GPS. (Got a few extra kilometers after a race compared to the second polar sports bell)
  • Barely acceptable
    6 months ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    It's incredibly good with this product. For the most part, it delivers as expected. But I would like to point out a simple but very important shortcoming. The plastic link itself is of such poor quality that it's actually not a question whether it will be worn out, but simply when. A basically fantastic good product is delivered with a link of the very poorest quality. Several at my job have different versions of Fitbit, but everyone finds that the link is in resolution. It's simply untenable after Fitbit has delivered products for several years and does not fix it. I think one finds a better plastic link by searching for a random third party link at the cheapest price on Ebay. In summary, the Fitbit device itself is imaginatively good, but the experience is spoiled by the unthinkable dissolution of the plastic loop.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    My first fitness watch, however, I commuted between it and Apple Watch (Gen 2), but the priority of battery life when it became Fitbit Charge 2 (-i awaiting aWatch gene 3).

    + Good battery at least 5 days (but still always charging the batteries after 2-3 days).
    + Good visibility even when the sun is shining, bright light on the screen.
    + Just OK Fitbit -app, where you control more of the time than the actual time.
    + To easily see who is calling / SMS / Calendar (-PLEASE! Not the answer.)
    + Simple menus, what is needed is on the screen. The rest is controlled via Fitbit app.
    + Continuity GPS with even mobile (-därav good battery life at the time.)

    - It does not sync with iOS 10 Health (Health) -app (also said to not work with Android health program), can be synchronized with the help of another synkapp, who does a reasonably job with the transfer to iOS Health app.
    - No Swedish menus in the cloud, the Phone and the clock itself, everything is in English.
    - Sports swim does not work, it is NOT recommended to be under water, but tolerates "rain".
    - Can bring your partner in bed with unconscious hand movement as experienced skärmpluset at night very strong !. (-Option Off atuo screen-on, or perhaps future firmware update that has subdued lighting on the screen with timed at night ?.)
    - No GPS (But otherwise, if it existed, has not had the same battery life that now.)
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    summed up:
    Smooth yet solid. Relatively a lot features. Worse screen.

    + Has the most interesting features (-GPS)
    + A structure teaches hold (one can also change the bracelet)
    + Very good app and part of the "Fitbit product family" (including scales, training videos, training programs and other things)
    + Have the screen
    + Smooth Size
    + Decent battery life (up to 5 days),
    + Water resistant (but not water)

    - The screen is pretty bad, difficult to read out and touch sensitivity is rejected
    - No GPS (probably gives flexibility and battery life)
    - not water (but protected)
    - Sleep analysis seems not as good as for example Microsoft's counterpart

    Coming from a Microsoft Tape 1 that had many times better screen (clarity and "pekbarhet"), built-in GPS but missing stair counter (no altimeter) and had disastrously poor durability of the structure (ripped out 2 pieces of 2 years). Charge 2 is an inferior and cheaper product than Microsoft's bands but construction has the potential to keep better. I like it so far, sharp! Updates about the change.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Can not say anything other than that I'm sick impressed with this bracelet. I had the old version and it worked absolutely great and I liked it a lot but here in version two, it feels like they've fixed everything you wanted from the original. The bracelet is better, now there is a display with clock, the quality is higher and above all, has both improved the charge (the original was pretty complicated to download) and the battery life has been extended.

    The daschboarden showing stats etc. has always been good but with the newer and improved features, it is not but that one will be impressed. It keeps very good track of your sleep, heart rate, etc. I do not even think about, but when you start to analyze the data it seems to be very well while will be extra interested in how to improve things, that is what is the great advantage of this bracelet, just to get curious on how to make such a move more and feel better. Just such a function that you can connect your wireless wave (yes, I have one) with the data from the gadget to Fitbit's dashboard is incredibly good.

    Have also begun to use the GPS feature on your mobile phone and the app so I can see how I have walked and how long it took, etc. Does it work so well so I uninstalled Runkeeper.

    I use the bracelet mainly to measure my steps which it does very well, but with all the associated features and the app starts to add up the data (heart rate by weight) to provide this added value that actually gets me to talk me warm on the product. Can not really recommend it more, are reluctant to put the full pot but I can not.

    The only minus, and it is a small, is that sometimes when you move in bed at night to illuminate the display on the bracelet and it lights up the room some two seconds. You hear, is not it worse to hit the jackpot.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Updated from a Fitbit Charge HR a few months ago and I must say I am impressed with the new features and the updated battery life that Fitbit has succeeded. I charge the device once a week, on Sundays and have me drive 24/7. Working out 4-5 times a week and allows the device each time "record" my workout. So battery life is probably what I'm most impressed.

    Waterproofness I have not dared to try, I do not even breathing exercises that the device offers. Pulse Tracker feature is much better than in my old Charge HR. Especially when the device measures your pulse during physical activity. Notifications works well, caller ID is easily visible even in sunlight.

    All in all I'm very pleased and highly recommend the product!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Is very satisfied, had polar clock first, but it can not compare with Fitbit. Rekomenderas hot
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Very good product, ergonomic and elegant, it really keeps track of all the activity of the user.

    I am not 10 because I think it is pretty basic in the analysis of sleep.

    Being able to change the strap and also I think a huge advantage.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    really good product. had it for almost two weeks 24/7.

    obviously something for those who want to stay active. sitting nicely. must not sit adamantly to obtain the correct heart rate.

    Smart real. Clearly, this is the second generation activity tracker. you basically need never enter anything yourself. so smart it is.

    yttepytte minus for that battery life could have been one or two days longer.

    great recommendation from me.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Nice bracelet.
    5-day battery life.

    Lacks "team sport" that activity.