Crucial MX300 2.5" 7mm 525GB

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  • Excellent
    10 months ago
    Have now had this for 2 months and has so far not encountered any problems, read and write speeds are actually almost higher than the Crucial themselves have indicated that the highest speed (CrystalDiskMark) and the computer now starts programs and games much faster than before . Windows is started and running as soon as you press the start button. Value in terms of both storage and performance. Can highly recommend!

    Do not recommend using Acronis cloning software that comes with SSDn when not wanted to start Windows properly after being cloned from the old disk. Drove instead a reinstall and everything works now super.
  • Decent
    10 months ago
    I bought this when I started running out of space on my old SSDs (Intenso). The problems began immediately after I cloned my old SSD with Windows 10 installation to the Crucial SSD and booting it.

    Windows started and everything lirade fine for a short while, but then suddenly froze the computer. It was possible to move the mouse cursor and pressing the icons and buttons in the task bar but nothing happened. Ctrl-Alt-Del did not work. Mouse became the spinning circle (Busy). The computer became unusable and the only thing that was going to do was to press the reset button on your computer.

    After some searching online, I realized I was not the only problem ...
    There were several answers, but what finally got the problem to go away for me was when I as recommended uninstalled the included Acronis app!

    Completely bizarre to Crucial supplies Acronis with their SSD's when it causes so much trouble for so many.

    Now your computer will operate flawlessly again. The affordable SSD I am otherwise happy with, so in addition to the above problem is now resolved, I have no more to add. Hope this is helpful to someone.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    I use it as extra space, no I have games or applications on.
    Seems good, has not yet malfunctioned.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    No problems mounting physical and install third SSD in your computer.

    Perform as promised spec (tested with AS SSD bench).

    Crucial software (Crucial Storage Executive) updated seamlessly to the newest firmware.