Samsung EP-NG930

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  • Excellent
    Do their job; loads quickly even by a shell (Spigen Neo Hybrid). Obviously, it is faster to stop cable directly into the phone, but in most cases it will do just fine. Neat / practical with standing too; To set the phone to begin charging is really easy and you can also use it as a stand for example, see on videos. Loading you while you are using the phone's supply of power just above consumption. The fan at the fast charging can be disturbing to some, but there's a simple solution: turn off wireless fast charge settings so you will be able to sleep well without a sound from the charger. (Fast Charge does not matter at night when the charge will be ready no matter the next morning.)
  • Barely acceptable
    UPDATED after using seven months:
    Has two pieces and the messes are now both significantly. Either they do not know that the phone stays in place, even though it is right in and only has Samsung's own flip cover on (the cover page so it is not between). Or bugs charger itself out and just stand and flashes until you pull the cord and start over. Do not forget to charge goes very fast ...

    Previous review:
    Chargers and cable not included. Curiously, when buying a product called charge and you have to buy an extra charger (if, as I intended to have the new on the job and keep the old corded home). Not as good value I think.

    Another surprise was that there is a fan in the stand that goes up and running almost instantly. There is sometimes a bit annoying if you have the charger to the bed. Might be good to know when there is something that appears in the product description.

    The greatest advantage is that it does not wear on the charging contact on the phone, which always tend to wear out otherwise.
  • Excellent
    Now I have only had it for a couple of days but then I had a lot of thoughts before I bought it, I still want to share with you my thoughts. If my experience of it changes so I update the review course.

    First and foremost, make it what it should be. It charges the mobile phone (Samsung S7) quickly and without hassle.

    Before I bought, I read many reviews where people have had bad experiences and I thought the comment on the "problem" that is to read about, and how I see it:

    1. Many people complain that it is not included DC adapter (that is what we commonly call "charger"). Where I was (and most other places with) clearly stated that it is not included. You can use the charger that came with your phone, and you want to have an extra, buy an extra. One can think what one will about this, but personally I prefer to decide if I want to spend money on an extra DC converter or not. Either way, it should of course be clear on the product when a purchase if it is included or not. And it generally is.

    2. Several have complained that it sounds too much and that there is somewhere to have a fan. Here I agree to some extent. It really should be specified in the product description! However, let it not very much. If a charger that I have very close to the bed and do not accept the drone of the fan so it was enough in my case to disable the fast charge wirelessly on mobile. With conventional wireless charging heard nothing.

    3. Some complain that the plate can not be "shut down" flat on the surface, the only standing at an angle. This criticism, I do not. Samsung has two different variants. This is standing, another is lying. Want to have a landscape, do not buy the portrait.

    4. Some complain that it is difficult to place the cell phone "right" in the holder, so it can actually download. I have placed it twenty times without being very careful, even in the dark .. Never failed to get it to load. The others might have bad copy? Or is very careless?

    5. It is mentioned that one can not have headphones plugged in while standing and loads. Correctly. But the cell phone can also be charged in landscape mode, and then it works great, so I do not think it is a big problem.

    Hope this helps you as well as I was worried before purchase. Good luck!
  • Perfect
    Works without problems
  • Excellent
    Works perfectly! Of course, I had hoped that the chargers could come up with but beyond that it works fine. Loading rapidly in the wireless fast recharge mode, but with a fan that can be distracting if you have the charger near you.
    This can, however, remedy. Close only the fast recharge mode in "battery" that you find in the settings. This extends the charging time rigält (three hours total charging time) but do not do anything when the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge lasts all day and just needed recharged overnight.
  • Terrible
    Updated 2016-09-06:
    Has now stopped using the product completely, because it is not able to charge my phone with Samsung's own protection.

    What a joke product this is.

    Plus (+): It charges the phone. It also charges the phone have a shell.

    Minus (-): It will carelessly wrapped in a cheap plastic packaging. The package will itself "puck" and nothing else, such as a wall plug or cord. A hugely annoying LED indicator on the front lights up the whole room when off down to sleep. When charging while the headphones are connected, the phone must be loaded in a horizontal position. "Puck" can not lie down discreet, but has only a standing position, which means that the phone can not quickly be down on the bedside table, but must certainly be placed with precision to keep from falling to the ground.

    This is not good enough for a product that costs 400 kronor. Samsung will go back to the drawing board with this.
  • Excellent
    Denna has jag haft late the släpptes to I passionate completely nöjd with it. it bästa är att man grinds alla cables to like, bara sätt ifrån phone Plattan so laddar whoever it ska. rekommenderas.
  • Excellent
    Have had it for 1 week now 1 meter from the head when I was sleeping and did not hear a thing from someone fan.
    Did not even know there was a fan in there as quiet as it is.
    Loading good and fast.
    How quickly I've never counted, but enough for me.
    Have a clear view of the shell s7 EDGE and charging through without problem even when the front cover is folded back ie, the charge goes through 2 plastic discs.
  • Barely acceptable
    No charge cord or power adapter is included.
    Right disturbing that it is not possible to dismantle the foot to have it flat on your desk,
    Can, therefore, only to have a 45 degree angle. What do you have to have the phone horizontally, if you listen to music through the headphone jack of a telephone jack hem that galaxy s7.
    Have a blue LED that illuminates and irritating.

    Loading rapidly.

    Way too expensive.
  • Very good
    Expensive and should have come with a charger, but it works very well for the phone (S7 Edge) both portrait and landscape. Loading quickly and safely.

    Does not work with 7-inch plate