Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F 32GB

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  • Perfect
    Unbelievably cool. Absolutely love this phone to bits. using with my Samsung gear s
    1 year ago
  • Perfect
    Best phone of 2016. No competition. NONE.
    1 year ago
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  • Good
    The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is without a doubt the best top-of-the-range device that was produced in 2016. That's exactly why, more than a year after its launch, there is a terminal to be bought and preferred over a device that is it is in the same price range but most recent. You will be surprised by its design, practicality and of course its display!

    In fact, Samsung has equipped the Galaxy S7 with a display extending up to the super-AMOLED sidebars with Quad HD resolution (2560x1440) which is the best still available on the market today. The diagonal is 5.5 inches and gives an amazing density of pixels: it's 534 ppi for absolutely clear images. Chromatic fidelity is at its highest levels and its visibility under direct sunlight is great.

    To protect the unit, we find the Gorilla Glaze 4 covering all the front surface and gives a pleasant feel to the touch. And with regard to tact, there is a very fast, practical and reliable fingerprint reader in the Home button that will allow you to unlock the device with a simple touch (Achille's heel of the latest Galaxy S8 or iPhone X).

    The Galaxy S7 Edge sold in Europe is based on the Exynos 8890 processor that has 8 core so distributed: a first 2.3GHz quad core group and a second 1.6Gz group built using the efficient 14nm process . This processor is supported by a Mali-T880 GPU and 4GB of RAM, but over half of them are used by the system and applications. Instead, the user's memory is 32 GB (possibly expandable by micro SD) and adopts the UFS 2.0 standard for speeds never seen first on a smartphone.

    In concrete terms, this is an absolutely fluid and reactive system that does not show any uncertainty either in daily use or in the most demanding use. Not even the temperatures exceed the critical thresholds thanks to an innovative heat dissipation system introduced by Samsung right on this smartphone and you can rely on if you are a gambler.

    New features have also been introduced on the front of the camera. In particular thanks to Dual Pixel technology, the focus is instantaneous. The resolution is 12 megapixels for the rear and 5 megapixels for the front (which boasts a mode for improving the face and especially the flash through the display).

    In video mode, you can record excellent stabilized video in Quad HD (same screen resolution). And if you are a lover of nightlife, you will surely appreciate the F1.7 focal aperture that has the precise purpose of delivering sharper images in poor lighting conditions. Someone would say that it is also the best Camera Phone of last year.

    The Android version currently available for the Galaxy S7 Egde is the 7 best known as Nougat. The most interesting feature of this release is the ability to use two applications simultaneously. This way, for example, you can chat with a friend and at the same time watch a video or take advantage of Google Maps to reach it! Try it absolutely! For the rest, the interface is very beautiful and curious, aesthetically speaking, and will give you even more that feeling of having a top range in your hands, feeling that midrange devices almost never give, maybe even the merits of the display above.

    Finally, the IP-68 certification makes it durable for freshwater diving up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes, a 3600mah battery that guarantees a great autonomy covering more than a full day of use and support for Wireless Charging, although it is necessary to buy the special accessory as it is not included in the sales package.

    If we want to find a fault at all costs, we will point out the absence of the USB Type-C, which means that you will be forced to connect the device to the battery charger in the right direction each time. It's not a big shame for the time it was conceived, a little more for today where this standard is increasingly adopted and diffused by industry (even on PCs!). That's why, compared to its successor, the Galaxy S8, someone could twist the nose for the display frames above and below. But you will see that you will absolutely forgive everything you can to offer.

    To be purchased and used safely as first smartphone or for work.
  • Excellent
    Very good mobile, compared with previous Samsung phones
  • Acceptable
    Have used the 5-6 months now, but is not very impressed.

    Being slow and requires a restart. Might have been better after updating to Android 7. Never experienced this with other phones running android. It's possible I've been unlucky with my, but I doubt that I go for Samsung again.

    Do I look away from what is otherwise a very fine phone.
  • Perfect
    The short version: The best phone I've had!

    Most recently sibling Samsung S7. Even there I was impressed by the nice screen and wonderful camera that can handle almost any light.

    It added a more pleasant form, and with the curved screen and a much better battery life. Now it's a little unfair, because this copy is new and my S7 had time to be a year, but I still feel that Edge has more energy in the battery (dangerous joke in Samsung's explosive world!).

    Additional features just Edge provides is marginal. I can quickly sweep a small panel of my most frequent contacts. It was probably the most helpful I came to do with the side panel.

    Then came Android 7 (nougat) understudy spirit from the start and there are some improvements, such as more transparent menus.

    Overall, it gives a luxurious feel and weight, with rounded edges in your pocket. Cool and pleasant, except when the rapid charging.

    Highly recommended to anyone with fairly large hands.
  • Very good
    You learn to really take advantage of the phone's applications, this is probably the world's best mobile. If you compare it with an iPhone that no variety default so it is not there ..... because it is no iPhone ....
  • Very good
    Third Samsung in a row. Awesome good, but still not as good as my old Samsung Note 2 (ie in relation to when it arrived).

    CONCLUSION: Buy variant without "EDGE" due to very limited use of this feature flashy. "The usual S7" is cruel and less sensitive.

    Everything except what is in the negative, for example, it is Android with all its advantages, very fast, cruel fine screen, long battery life, stable operation (no hangings), etc.

    - Expensive. Ridiculous to give twice as much as for an ok laptop, especially when mobile phones are being built in far greater ranges.
    - Sensitive screen. I dropped my shell in clinkers from about 75 cm height and cracked the screen even though it landed on the corner that was protected by the shell. Changing this will cost SEK 3,500 (swine expensive) but luckily I had insurance.
    - Back button (ie the mechanical button at the bottom / center of the phone) may not work to return to the home screen. It is certainly a software issue but still not good.
    - Typing on a keyboard with a curved screen requires some training before you select the letters on edge. No joke, it took me weeks to quickly send SMS.
    - In retrospect, I can say that I should be bought variant that is not EDGE, due to very little use.
  • Excellent
    Samsung has gotten better since I used the last (S2 and S3). Now is the good interface and it actually floats on. A minimum of unnecessary bloatware too. I was surprised how good it is, was intended as a temporary mobile but it ended up that I kept it hehe.

    S2, S3, OP1 and OP3T before.
  • Perfect
    Best phone available right now, there is almost nothing to complain about top mobile worth every penny.
  • Excellent
    Cruel phone. The screen is really top class.
  • Perfect
    Awesome phone simply 10/10
  • Perfect
    This handset is pure perfection. Great size (not too large). Extremely high quality and feel. One feels that there is a premiumlur when you hold it in your hand. Quick and easy to use. Incredibly good camera. I'm super happy simply.
  • Good
    Fast and good phone.

    A big minus for the extremely delicate screen. A fall of 40 cm down on a fairly soft plastic mat was all it took to smash the screen. Then switch the glass to the unbelievable 3500 kr.

    Edge-screen also makes you constantly access the buttons accidentally.
  • Terrible
    The phone's modern and has everything one would expect from a smartphone.
    However, it is a big mistake to buy it, because if you drop it on the floor so that the glass cracks, it costs a new glass 3200 SEK. Half phone new price!
    It is verging on fraud.
    Never more a Samsung product for me.
  • Excellent
    Very good phone in all areas. Only drawback for me is the rounded screen that makes the screen more difficult to protect (without solid flip cover) and that allows a fairly easy moves things or opening apps you really did not intend to open. Otherwise, page display some features too, but apart from displaying the clock at night so do not use a few of them.
  • Perfect
    What j * vla upgrade. Had many mobiles over the years but this took everything. Best looking cell phone, fast as hell, no lag yes it has everything. Can only recommend.
  • Perfect
    Great phone.
    Good battery life. fast, awesome screen and camera. Waterproof and memory cards.
    Tom TouchWiz is good, a little bloatwear!
    Bought shell and screen protector for the slippery and expensive to lose.
  • Decent
    No, now owned it a few months and go crazy on the curved screen. Will all the time about it so that you can not write properly.
  • Excellent
    There is not much to complain about, really good phone!
  • Very Poor
    Really fucking fragile crap phone
  • Terrible
    Sitting right now with my other S7 Edge of the hand that is only a week old. Just got a crack identical to the earlier handset which spread and caused the screen gave up. "Office Rat," which means that the phone has only been on the desktop and shipped either in a jacket pocket or in your hand. Never dropped or staying out in the cold with mobile. Leaving aside the useless quality, it is a good mobile with fast interface and a sharp camera. The lack of service / customer focus, I will never buy a Samsung mobile. The dealer is hooked on the crack must be due to manufacturing defects, preferably when it is in the same place and you can clearly see that the cell phone is not dropped when no marks are (crack looks like a surgical incision). Samsung apparently has a policy not to assume this when they do not want to risk having to withdraw more mobiles. S6 Edge also had the problem tension in the screen but it would be fixed at S7.
    Acidic said the fox but will now choose another brand, both privately and within the company.
  • Very good
    A minus rarely mentioned: It's hard to navigate the phone with one hand, even though it is not huge. This is because (1) the design, it's hard not to lose it, and (2) that the screen is not completely medgivlig out the edges. Easy to press the wrong. This lowers the score 10-8.

    Amazing phone, however.
  • Very good
    Share with me some thoughts out after 10 months of use
  • Excellent
    -Batteritid, Must be charged once a day when you're not doing anything special. The bad! Maybe good to be Samsung? Owned an iPhone before 6+ that is not discharged when not using it and much better than this Samsung when you used it. As intelligent and off GPS, etc. when not in use. Why do I switch to Samsung's because iTunes is the worst software available to manage their own and others' music.
    -Beröringskänsliga Edges that interfere when holding the phone and try to write. How did you here ??? Was it possible to turn off would be good.
    + Super fast charging, ready at any hour
    + No other concerns
  • Very good
    Design 10/10
    Software 6/10
    Mobile camera 8/10
    battery 9/10
    Support for wireless charging 10/10
    Bluetooth 9/10

    The only thing I was missing out of the box, Android 7.1
  • Perfect
    The absolute best camera I tested a mobile. The phone is sleek, fast, and there's a hefty premium feel.
  • Perfect
    I have had the galaxy s4 the bastard is still alive after 4 years as a backup phone.
    Had the Galaxy S6 edge and now the 7 edge.

    There is a big difference between the 6 and 7.

    + S7 never gets hot
    + Battery last longer
    + Screen and the colors are much better (subjective)
    + The camera can shoot 4k as long as the memory is enough.

    + Feels much heavier, more stable in the hand than s7

    + Did not think I would bother me, but was out running in the rain and wow haha ​​feels so cool finally able to have their phone all the time out there.
  • Excellent
    There is not much negative to say about s7 edge. Samsung has not liked since I took the Galaxy S2 but this I like.

    Best top down
    Battery life - wonderful never ends!
    Quick charge - takes the final recharged quickly.
    Wonderful display - love darkness.
    Design / Size - stylish phone in a small format.
    Memory - must in today's phones.
    Waterproof - Nice to have but not necessary.

    Do not drop your phone. The screen will cost 3200 to cook. Half the new price!
    Lousy sound quality in both speakers and headphones.
    Edge makes you can not use screen protection glass.

    Samsung's interface is much better than before, and the phone is a delight to use. Specifically, the battery life is fantastic. And with Doze Android 6.0 so pull the cell phone only 3% during the night. Taking the battery out so loaded it up quickly with the supplied quick charger.

    The negative except that I had named is that I am not quite as happy with the camera. My LG G4 think I took better pictures with better colors and accurate colors. But the camera is still great compared to other cameras.

  • Perfect
    + screen
    + Quick as a weasel
    + camera
    + performance


    Nothing a little pricey but you really get what you pay for

    I can only say that this phone is the best I've ever owned. Now I can say that I will never see the iPhone again hadde 5 pcs iPhone before hadde although Galaxy S3 and S5 before but this is a bit like s5an but much more refined and better camera, of course. This is a worthy successor to the Galaxy S5. I loved s5an quite a lot but now it's out of date. Buy Galaxy s7!
  • Excellent
    From 6s Plus to S7 Edge.

    Had previously owned the Samsung Galaxy S and S4, and then I was always disappointed with the software that came with from the factory, this can obviously always change but then you risk losing the warranty, which is usually valid for 2 years. But this time it is the S7 models are much better optimized and for my part coming from one of the iPhone's best phones to this, I was surprised at how well Samsung has got it, namely:

    + The form factor is really good and this was a reason for me to go from the clumsy iPhone 6s Plus to this as much screen real estate but no major edges.

    + 3600 mAh huge battery although it is thin and delicious. The battery lasts a long time but I have not had time to determine if it is far better than 6s Plus yet.

    + Fast charging. Loading incredibly fast so this combined with long battery life, I think, is powerful! ;)

    + Very nice screen!

    + Weighs 200 grams which my 6s Plus (157 g)

    + Always on display. This can be allowed and dismissed but I think this is good then I often check the clock on the phone and then you need not start running full screen. Another (+) plus with this is that you can schedule it so that it may be turned off when you sleep so it does not consume battery unnecessarily.

    + IP68 water resistant and waterproof. This is a safety when using the phone in conjunction with the rain. Still, I would not be so confident that submerge it in water, it just feels wrong to me, but you can if you feel like it. :)

    + Like my iPhone with things that you may think is a given but as I previously lacked Samsung owners such as Fingerprint Reader, S Health, among others counts your steps as Apple's App "Health" without in any way be running and consume data & Battery.

    Mixed & worse grades:

    +/- Material is luxurious but the risk of damaging the phone feel better. Partly this is a good screen protector to the front one h *** ete find p.g.a Edge edges. The glass around is easy to crack and scratch as acquiring protection at a time is my tip. "Home" button is also sensitive to scratches so there is plastic film online to buy for a dollar (do not know if this impairs the fingerprint reader function).

    - The screen is so sensitive to touch that I repeatedly going the wrong things, and this is really annoying and I have not found where I can adjust the sensitivity (maybe not), but this may change with the software update.

    - "Home" button on my copy (to be submitted to the stores and try their) total failure when I press on the side of the button with completely normal force, it only works when I press the middle and perhaps this applies only my copy as I said .

    Otherwise, this is a brilliant phone, and yes I would recommend this to everyone. It is very expensive but it will things with it as I have mentioned up here as cheaper handsets lacking and therefore there are reasons why you might be spending more money on just this :)
  • Excellent
    Cruel phone, switched from iPhone 6S.

    + Waterproof
    + screen
    + Wireless Charging
    + Battery life
    + camera

    - Edge-screen can sometimes make you accidentally press the screen when you hold it
  • Terrible
    Fragile! The girl burst after a week!
  • Excellent
    Quick, waterproof, stylish good battery time etc ... do not like the curved screen prefer completely flat faktist find it a little difficult to keep / work with ...
  • Poor
    Impatient phone!
  • Perfect
    YES Android is an adult now!

    From Galaxy S4 + Note 2 to iPhone 6+ and 6S +, now back to the Galaxy S7 Edge WOW.

    Honestly, it took about 2 weeks for exchange and I am so glad that did it!

    Galaxy S7 Edge cannon fast and with a lot features.

    I especially recommend anyone who is stuck in the swamp Apple to open his eyes, because there is a world out there you / I go about the smallest.

  • Very good
    Best Android on the market now that Note 7 is scrapped. However, there are shortcomings as other condone.


    + The display of "AMOLED Photo" mode displays the best picture I've seen, better than my calibrated Panasonic VT60. World class in terms of sharpness, contrast, color depth, and even viewing. Just watch and enjoy, no complaints.

    + Hot as hell in gold, much prettier than my last iPhone 6

    + Good ergonomics for its size, Samsung should have credit for having managed to squeeze in a 5.5 inch screen into a phone that you can (barely) can be used with a fist.

    + The camera takes very good pictures in good light if you know how to use it. Generous setting options in the PRO mode. Autofocus is lightning fast!

    + Quick menus

    + Water Resistant

    + The battery is more than average

    + Samsung's interface is much better than it used to be

    + Fast and usually accurate fingerprint reader

    + Good sound quality from the headphone output

    + Fast Charge!

    + Did I screen ?!


    - Still clearly worse than the iPhone user interface overall. Swipe left on the start screen to the newsfeed menu and you are greeted by a delay of half a second, so I took off. Play Store is full of rubbish and just a few apps and their icons feels completely customized and optimized for high screen resolution. It may feel a bit cluttered here and there, and the menus and animations around the interface is simply not as polished and silky to navigate through as in IOS. Additionally, the user experience feels "segregated" because Samsung forced to send their own apps and services that just feels superfluous in company with the corresponding Google software is also preinstalled. For example, pushes up the phone to sync with both Google and Samsung accounts. Counterintuitive.

    - Small irritations that the camera is always set to AUTO mode at the opening, even though I repeatedly selects PRO mode. Should be possible to prioritize the latter. However, you can certainly solve another kamerapp from a third party.

    - The curved screen is delicious but impractical, could not care less about the Edge functions and often causes unintended access features with your palm when you hold the phone.

    - The camera is not as good in low light as I hoped, especially the front. The noise reduction makes mincemeat of the image and smearing all the details. Manual settings will not help.
  • Perfect
    Best phone on the market clearly. Turns out the new Note 7 and iPhone.
    I use the phone a lot for youtube o little else piss o it works damn good.
    Strongly recommend!
  • Decent
    The camera is poor. For me, the images completely unusable due to the high skärpeartifikationen who lose their bad jpeg.
  • Perfect
    Yes? What shall we say .. probably the most well-built phone I've used, and also perhaps the most stunning. Super fast. Best screen on the market right now (Super AMOLED) with qHD resolution.

    IP 68 rating. 3600 mAh battery that allows you to easily take you through a day of pretty much use. Fast charging that makes charging the battery pack from the 1% - 100% in 1 Tim on 20 minutes.

    Edge screen which I think is extremely neat, but can also be a disadvantage when easily access it when you hold the phone. One must learn to keep the phone in a different way but no huge problem.

    Enough scratch-resistant display (Gorilla Glass 4). The glass back may be perceived as quite slippery when holding it but I think it works. Shell, one can get but then it does not feel right hard.

    The camera is the best on the market. Never used a mobile camera that can handle the dark as good as this one does.

    If there is something that I would say that's negative, it's probably TouchWiz such as Samsung use which may be perceived as a little small laggigt sometimes + all the bloatware that you can not take away from the phone's internal memory. However, you can download nova launcher floats phone on better late so it's the same shit.

    The price is so clear loud as hell but still cheaper than the iPhone 7 plus which makes me feel that there is more reason to purchase an iPhone instead of this if you do not just have to have a simple operating system.

    Can not but give 10 stars.

    Cheer GAIS btw.
  • Perfect
    Have had earlier iPhone 5 and I can easily say that it is the best I've done. Replaced from iPhone to Samsung huh the smartest choice I could have made.

    + Camera, shit huh good camera, fast as hell if it comes to focus.
    + Waterproof has already been used several times in barely one month ägandes of Samsung Galaxy edge s7
    + Screen I can only say CRAP what a difference from LCD to OLED, it is like night and day.
    + Design I have the golden S7 and I can say that they feel it is premium and somehow it is more expensive.
    + Processor is fast as hell
    + 4G frame the closest I have come with the advantage of all frame huh 3G 4G for it so it is quite difficult to come closer.
    + Finger print that gets 10/10 can say that the reading of my finger 9 out of 10 times and is quick.
    + 3600 mAh battery that's pretty much and I can say that it is enough simply all day and then some.
    + Loading time from 0 to 100 for 90 minutes, not bad;)
    + Micro SD up to 200GB

    speaker is is so-so but you have to expect that Samsung made the best they could to isolate the speaker and the phone could huh weatherproof and have reasonably good speakers.
    Sometimes too sensitive screen but it does not happen that often.

    Overall, it is the hitherto perhaps o the best cell phone in 2016
    If you hate going to switch from iPhone to Samsung, I strongly recommend, however, there may be about 2-3 days before you have learned to use the phone but otherwise you will not regret it;)
  • Terrible
    The screen stopped working overall. No help from Samsung.
  • Perfect
    Totally awesome, good screen. battery, quick and clean. The best phone I had, and there are many ...
  • Poor
    Ridiculously fragile burst on Day 4, both front and back after a fall of 50 cm.
    Battery life drew about 60% at 5 hours of normal use.
    Suffered spökklickningar that require you to reboot your phone for it to work normally again.
    Needless big and clumsy to hold.
    Edge is completely unnecessary and makes you accidentally press things when you just try holding the phone.
    So slippery that it slips out of his pocket. "Such pockets where you can not have" is the comment one gets acquainted with the same phone.
    Finger pressure reader works about 50% of the time. Despite the fact that I made on the setup after recommendations from other Samsung users.
    Both the speaker and microphone sits on the bottom, because the phone is so great that it will be easy to have the little finger in when talking to support it and then end up sometimes directly over the microphone.
  • Perfect
    no gripe
  • Excellent
    This is an amazing phone. Kamerna is wonderful, the screen with their rounded edges makes me just love.

    The sound is good, but not as amazing as the rest of the phone.

    OS-et are completely ok with Touch Wiz, but I closed pretty quickly Edge feature. You can also cut down on the animations to speed up menus drastically.

    It is incredibly much bloatware installed, and I considered before purchase if it failed to install a clean ROM, but did not dare. After about 14 days I received a notice that 12 applications had been downloaded and installed, crappy apps that are not wanted, and half of those could not take away. So when I found Package Disabler Pro:

    The app could not remove, but "disabla" and hide them from the app menu. After I did that, my battery level from about 30-40% to 70% after one day of use, and is much faster.

    This is clearly the best phone I have owned and recommend it strongly to those who dare to deal with bloatware and unwanted apps.
  • Perfect
    Enormously good. A few glitches, but really can not reduce to 9 because of them.
  • Decent
    Upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge immediately it came out. Have now had the phone in a few months and take up little things that I like and do not like.

    + water
    + Fast Charge
    + Wireless Charging
    + Really good screen
    + Finfin camera!
    + Memory

    But some things are not so good.

    - Finger Card Reader works 80% of the time. Despite resync.
    - Break easily. Drops when water density
    - Edge Edge is damn annoying. Next will NOT have the edge. Will always ate it and then discovers that I can not do anything else on the screen, I keep a finger on the edge
    - Speakers pointing down. How foolish anywhere. Allows you often hold your finger over it and then the phone is silent.
    - Really slippery

    Overall a great phone, but as soon as something saner than the Edge comes out so I change the bad quickly. There was really nothing for me.