Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

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  • Perfect
    So far after a week of use it is great. Probably the best mouse I've used, and I have tried a lot.
    The scroll wheel was initially extremely stiff but was normal after a day of use.

    The sensor seems perfect, and mouse lift off is extremely low.
    I play fps with extremely low sensitivity and there is no negative mouse accel from what I can tell.
    The shape is great, a lot of people say it's heavy, but it feels good to me.
    I think the only thing that was mildly annoying is the up dpi button might be a little close to the LMB so took a little while to not accidentally click it.

    It has a braided cable, I'm not sure how long that will last as every mouse I've had with one twists and unravels. Seems good so far though.

    Not disappointed, love it.
    7 months ago
  • Very good
    Comfortable mouse with solid construction and a lot of nice features and macro keys. One small concern is slightly hefty weight which is not ideal for fps games
    1 year ago
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  • Perfect
    I had a Logitech M705 before and I'm really pleased with this mouse.

    + Comfortable
    RGB +
    + Stylish
    + Free scrolling
    + Adjustable weight
    Shift + G
  • Excellent
    Very good mouse bought it cheaply for 399 - but reviewing it for its "normal" price.

    Previously held MX518 and G500 laser sensor that started freaking out after 3 years.
    This is the most accurate and easy to place the mouse three of them, the size suited me perfectly about the same as the G500, but then I have small hands strl 7-8 on the job. What pulls down the grade is worse than the G500 scroll but better than snittet.Tar a while to get used to all the features and extra buttons and some I consider to be unnecessary as the changing profile in real time with one click. "Sniper" button is good or anus, depending on the person, but it is not in the way if you do not use it. As long as you do not have big hands but then you should probably look for another mouse.

    The comfort is high do not understand those who say that it is "slippery" for all I know might have been 35 degrees in the house. Best mouse so far will keep it until it goes sons!
  • Good
    Bought it for 399kr at elgiganten. Can tell right away that it feels quite plasticky and cheap. RGB light does not make the mouse so special for covering with the palm during use. But the benefits compensates for the most poor.

    Ex. of advantages.

    -knapparnas position.
    -musens design.
    -funktionsknappar works without software on.

  • Acceptable
    399: - on elgiganten. Left back after 2 days.

    Not a good mouse even at that discounted price ...

    Does not feel good in the hand, one bottom side is angled? How were they here? First mouse after 25 years gaming that is angled on the bottom? Something new l33t H4X for today's children?

    - Cover for the meager
    - The weights are annoying to poke at, this does not happen often though.
    - The scroll wheel is metal, heavy and slip and very loudly. Two modes are available, and both suck.
    - plasticky
    -People are complaining that it breaks after one year

    + Logitech gives three years manufacturer warranty
    + Good software
    + Keys feel nice
    + It looks cool

    It is really strange how the quality differs so much different Logitech products, but it has done now in tiotalsår It is part of their business concept I guess.
  • Perfect
    A sovereign mouse with a damn good sensor. For 399kr at El-Giganten, it is very affordable too.
  • Excellent
    Very good!
    All buttons are well placed and "sniper button," is certainly not in the way, a little bit in front of the thumb, but easily accessible in the right position.
    The software to set up the mouse with the cannon.
    The only negative from my point eh that it is a bit small for my hand, but you get used to and I have pretty long fingers so.
    399 kr is clearly the host!
  • Very good
    Bought this on elgiganten now when they drove sales of the 399 and I can not say other than that this is a really good mouse makes them money! Although I have pretty big hands so I can grab it in a good way so that I never lose the keys and I think this is cruel beauty.

    The only thing that I think is a small minus is that the scroll is something slippery and especially if you have a little sweat;) I also thought that it was a little heavy for my taste, as I lift the mouse pretty much and maybe liite narrow but they are a matter of taste and it does not matter as long as there is good grip. Otherwise I can only say BUY!
  • Good
    For 400kr, how good any time.

    + Cruel sensor, ideal for FPS
    + Fine as hell
    RGB +
    + Additional Buttons
    Matter + Mews eliminating sweat
    - A slightly plastic feel
    - The scroll wheel feels loose when it switches to Free Scrolling.
  • Poor
    the LEFT key after 1 month. direct change.
  • Excellent
    Bought this mouse 4/1. Perfect fit for my hands (length 17.5cm wide 9.5) have played a few hours only but are sick pleased. Had a Corsair M65 PRO requires which is also a great mouse but I was never really friends with it.

    good software
    Many programs just call buttons
    Feels quality

    The scroll feels cheap
    Could have been larger sliding surface under the mouse.

    That said've only played a few hours so far. Will update as time goes.
  • Perfect
    Love it. Have had it in type 2 years now. Do I want to buy another one soon.
  • Perfect
    Have used it to fps and sat with a G500 before, this is flatter but you get used to quickly.

    Really awesome gaming mouse, buy!
  • Poor
    Very good sensor! The rest not at all.
    Sniper button in the thumb is horrible. It can be accessed from time to time when operating. The mouse is too low for my hand. I come from a G400S.
    Scroll wheels are too slippery. The entire mouse is slippery.

    Are looking to kill it and move the sensor & Co. to my MX518 that I have laying around.
    As the mouse is now I have a hard time playing with it because of the shape.
  • Very good
    Great sensor and sensitivity. Good with buttons and vertical zoom with musscroll
  • Perfect
    Really good mouse
  • Acceptable
    Single click yielded double-click after a while, cruelly disturbing. Kept in a nearly 2 years. Other Logitech mouse that done the same .. New brand next time.
  • Excellent
    + A scroll button with both incremental and spin + sideways scrolling
    + Custom software for assigning buttons and color sequencing with multiple profiles
    + DPI / sensitivity adjustment up and down. Multiple levels can be stored
    + Extreme DPI 12000
    + Good to keep in
    + Good buttons
    + Bundled vertical adjustment weight
    + Good plastic finish gives grip and no fingerprints
    + Many color combinations and alternations for logo (pulsed / static / color)
    + Robust long USB cable
  • Excellent
    I have only positive things to say, has not had any bad experiences like many others here seem to have had.

    For me the very good accuracy in FPS games, while it has the features I need for productivity. After six months it still looks like new.
  • Very Poor
    Why only 2 stars?

    The two stars mouse actually get, is that the sensor is probably the best I've tested, and the mouse buttons 1 and 2 are really good feeling + it looks good ... But there ends the positive.

    It is completely useless in the hand compared to previous versions .. Lightyear worse than the MX518 and followers (was close to the cry of disappointment). This is because an edge that pushes against the larger muscles in the hand that is near your thumb (the muscle you feel at when determining how well done the meat should be, for those who know)

    At faster movements aside, you should feel a vibration and that something in the "follow" the movement. I shook a little on the mouse and noticed that the mouse wheel is not sufficiently tight solid, creating the impression that something is resolved when performing fast movements (Useless FPS). The feeling is somewhat reminiscent of either mouse cable sticking little or that there is dirt on the mouse pad.

    The rubber on the sides and small triangles, allows the mouse feels unnatural to hold and after 10 minutes, when the hand gets hot and sweaty as it begins to slide against the rubber which makes everything worse. The rubber should instead have been sitting on the scroller that is sleek and metallic, with the result that it is extremely unbecoming and imprecise scrolling with.

    In addition, it is veeery without heavy weights, I felt tired in the wrist after 5 minutes of play.

    How difficult will it be to make a mouse with the same feeling as the MX518 with Proteus sensors and mouse buttons 1 and 2, braided cord, and bet on the material so that it becomes really easy?!?!?! and please Jesus, running with a scroller that has rubber around it instead of metal ...

    Disappointed and tearful. DO NOT BUY! and purchase nor G402 when it has a rotten budgetsensors and stiff and plastic-cord.
  • Very Poor
    Bought this on mail order, but really unhappy with it so much that I sent it back.

    The only positive was the software, with many options to customize the mouse according to their own wishes.

    The mouse in its entirety felt plasticky and more designed for smaller hands. The scroll wheel and scroll clicks felt "rap league" and it was difficult to press the scroll (the resistance was too hard). The other buttons felt generally poorly positioned, and as I said, I guess it is more suited for smaller hands or e.V. claw-grip.
  • Very good
    Reminds some of the feel of my old MX518. The scroll wheel requires some habituation and feels a little heavy, but freescrollen works superbly. Good software and easy to change the sensitivity of the mouse. Unfortunately, the left button on my copy a little too sensitive, causing involuntary clicks.
  • Decent
    Ok with settings
    Relatively plasticky in the construction.
  • Very Poor
    High optical reading but is unfortunately a true plastic construction in terms of quality considering the price. Went south after a week of use.
  • Poor
    Looks a little extra cool .... but which plastic construction - no further quality.
    Did However, if during the first two weeks
    - Brings bad right click - not enough distinct
  • Perfect
    Pros: G-gear, high DPI, adjustable weight, the Free-scroll, beautiful buttons, good size, ergonomic, vertical scrolling, programmable buttons

    Cons: Do not pay my bills
  • Excellent
    Really lovely mouse. Good weight, feels solid, the keys are not in the way even though they are so many. Did not think I'd find someone worthy replacement for my CM Reaper. And aesthetically, there is not but on all other points, this is a worthy replacement. Just wished it was a little wider but I seem the only one to think so.