Microsoft Surface Pro 4 m3 4GB 128GB

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  • Good
    After one year of use:

    embedded support

    Battery life is abysmal at 2-5H
    Slow SSD
    Only one USB connection
    not upgradeable
    MicroSD instead of regular SD reader
    You can not charge via USB or Power Bank
  • Excellent
    Surface Pro 4 is a very flexible and powerful hybrid laptop / tablet and a price tag of about 8000kr M3 model feels affordable.

    Some positive aspects of the Surface Pro 4
    -Knivskarp Shield, had before the MacBook Pro Retina, and Surfacen is actually even better
    -Pennan Is surprisingly useful at different times
    -really Good performance despite "only" 4GB RAM and Intel processor m3
    -Completely Silent thanks to passive cooling
    -On Scant 800g, it is very light and easy to carry, with the Type Cover lands you at around one kilogram
    -Microsoft Windows 10 update often, mostly bug-free and smooth

    Some negative aspects of the Surface Pro 4
    -Batteritiden Is not near the "up to 9 hours" Microsoft says, but is rather around 6 hours of active use. What, however, is right imponenerande still with the thought of the low weight and form factor, but passable Marketing claiming up to 9 hours.
    -SSD Counter in m3 model is slightly slower than the counter of i5 / i7 models
    -4GB Frame is sufficient for most people, but 8GB would have been preferable for those who multitaskar lot but do not have the processing power of the i5 / i7

    Finally, it is a really good product and find it difficult to see that someone would be unhappy with this Windows 10 hybrid, the only thing I can crack down on battery life. Had this been the 9 hours that Microsoft claims it had been a fantastic product, now it is still very good but today feels about 6 hours is not competitive.
  • Excellent
    The price is high for 4GB, but the benefits outweigh. Had a Samsung flat before, but this is good mycet sharper. And worth twice the price against the Samsung I had. The lightweight, yet extremely portable. The pen is tremendous. Quality feeling is on-point. Recommended.
  • Barely acceptable
    Update 2016-08-23
    Lowers again with 2 stars. Anniversary Update has been extremely difficult and once again shows what bunglers Microsoft developers, and that communication between the Windows team and Surface team is non-existent and that the Surface team now assigned any form of bug reports to us users.

    Update 2016-07-25, Rating raised two stars:

    I am now on my fourth copies and has finally received an I'm happy with. Microsoft's service is good, no fuss just change outright.

    Bleeding occurs, of course, but still a lot less, no other defects.

    The entry-level model was down to 7990 - about a week ago and it is only in the price category that I can recommend purchase.

    Windows 10 bugs have become fewer, but the graphics crashes still occur. Sleep is as bad as it ever was. You have to completely rely on hibernation for it not to discharge after a day even if it is not used. Although I limited all apps running in the background seems Windows 10 have big problems to actually incorporate this. My Android tablet has standby time of more than a week. Windows 10 is one year after the launch is still a really bad tablet OS in a great desktop OS. Has no high hopes for anniversary-update more than that Edge will get better.

    Previous review:

    Results after 3 units:

    2 units with at least one dead or stuck pixel.
    Pretty much backlight bleed on all the units, it is time to phase out the outdated technology LCD.
    2 units where the display glass is released from the lower edge. Poor glue?

    Apart from that the build quality is on the same level as the budget-tablets so it is a very useful product.

    + Pen combined with OneNote, cleanly albeit expensive alternative to analog blocks.
    + 267ppi! Very nice for the eyes.
    + Passively cooled, no built-in hairdryer, wonderful for a suffering misofoni.
    + Feels like rapping in regular use as my desktop i7: a.
    - Build quality does not correspond to 10,000 - that is unaffordable. How the premium material than is as it should be fitted properly, too.

    I will change third unit too, I really like SP4 and want one but I think that you should set high standards in this price range.
  • Perfect
    Waited a bit to buy this product where the previous price of nearly 9k felt a bit too juicy, especially since it's a must in my opinion to buy a Surface Type Cover 4 (more than a few hundred dollars extra). Chose to strike after a hefty price cut a few days ago (to 7490). Is incredibly happy and can particularly recommend this version to students. Be yourself a little worried that it would be weak with an M3 processor and 4 GB of RAM, but you should use the notes, watch a movie, surf, listen to music and similar works great without lag (even when you do all this while) . Impossible to find a smoother and better product in this hybrid category.

    The screen is absolutely outstanding
    New Surface Type Cover 4 is fantastic
    Surface included Pen
    Windows Hello (login by face recognition)
    Incredibly lightweight and portable
    Fanless (unlike i5 / i7 models)
    Replaces both laptop and tablet
    (It works like a laptop with a detachable keyboard, unlike for example an iPad Pro with keyboard only works just like a tablet with keyboard)
    Windows 10 Pro

    Future models should be bundled with the Type Cover to bring down the price
    M3 version should have more choice as i5 / i7 models, then larger SSD and more RAM (although you can connect both USB and external HDD for more storage)
    Would have preferred that the battery life was a little better but everything's relative, and it competes's still out of most laptops by far

    Highly recommended!
  • Excellent
    One of the best drives I had. Quick start, quick checks, responsive. Easy to connect to other devices. Are you familiar with the windows and the like, it's a no-brainer. The screen is both good and less good. Glare can interfere in certain situations, but the resolution and picture quality is stunning. You get yourself a lot more effective when you can use the keyboard and touch screen symbiotic. The price is high for 4GB, but the benefits outweigh. Had a Samsung flat before, but this is good mycet sharper. And worth twice the price against the Samsung I had. The lightweight, yet extremely portable. The pen is tremendous. Quality feeling is on-point. Recommended.
  • Excellent
    + USB Good.
    + M3-6y30 with "Geekbench 3" score 2400 and i5-6300u score: 3000
    + quiet
    + Windows 10 pro
    + Intel 6 gene Skylake
    + Fast boot.
    + Fast when using
    + Pen stunning
    + Foot perfect
    + Screen resolution 2736x1824
    + 12.3 "good size and colors
    + The best tablet I've used
    + You can install any program
    + Nice color on the shell
    + Sound from the speakers
    + USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, Headset Jack 3,5mm
    + Memory Card Reader microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC
    + Type Cover with backlight and good touch pad

    - The price, too expensive 10,000 when you get the i5 for 11 500
    - Only 4GB of RAM
    - Keyboard missing, SEK 1500.
    - Has ssd samsung pm951 ( "CrystalDiskMark" read: write 777: 159), i5 (8GB) have sm951.
    - Small SSD only 128gb
    - Can not replace the SSD for the computer can not open.
    - MiniDP to HDMI adapter did not 1440p, but miniDP to ordinary DP gave 1440p.

    Small details.
    - Where do you pen to release it quickly.
    - Lite, a low electronic noise from the top but really quite quiet.
    - Bleeding a little screen at startup, the bottom of the screen, but then good on Windows

    bios, press the volume up and power simultaneously.
    USB boot: Press the volume up and power simultaneously. and select USB boot first.
    Samsung USB 3.0 128GB Fit works great in the USB port.

    - Lighter.
    - Place for another M.2 SSD
    - thinner
    - M3 should cost 7000 SEK
    - M7 256GB?
    - With case
    - Including the keyboard
    - 2 USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt3
    - HDMI (v2.0) and DP
    - NFC
    - 4G SIM card
    - Power plug with USB appearance ?.

    The best tablet / laptop that you can get right now included with all the things that it lacks. Dell 12 is too expensive. Lenovo Miix 700, dark, samsung tabpro's too expensive and lacks the foot and that you can not have OLED screen on all the time with the IPS screen.