Google Nexus 5X H791 32GB

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  • Perfect
    Hey that's pretty good.
    1 year ago
  • Very good
    This phone is in one word solid. With a much improved camera, bigger screen, and reliable performance, it is an improvement to its namestake in almost every way (even in the battery territory, although that comparison may not be entirely fair). The 5x is a great phone for those either on a budget or in the mood for a more pocketable phone. Also, please ignore the review from MarioP, he clearly has not actually purchased the phone and is rather intent on bad mouthing Android products while glorifying those made by Apple. Petty fanboying aside, if you are in the market for a phone in this price range/ size range, the 5x will fit your needs perfectly. If, however, you have deeper pockets (both in a size and cash sense), you are better off going with the nexus 6p, iPhone 6s plus, lgV10, or the Samsung Galaxy note 5.
    1 year ago
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  • Excellent
    I have now been using this mobile for 13 months and are extremely pleased with it. I had a Nexus 5 before that happened to swim and got this afterwards. Incredibly nice performance increase from its predecessor.
    I am an avid mobile user and use it several hours a day. With the latest software, it is extremely good battery life on this. It is extremely rare battery running out during the day.
    Incredibly good scratch on the screen. Even though I have it in your pocket with many other things, worked with it in the workshop, lost both to the floor and when I worked in the garden so the screen is still blank.
    The camera is really lovely both day and night, and with OneDrive sync it up with my computer where I run Windows 10 and may continue working with them. Try to take night pictures with this phone, you will be impressed!

    I think the size of this mobile is absolutely perfect. It lies comfortably in the hand and the choice of materials on the back of the phone feels good to hold.
    Rapid charging that in just a few minutes can get battery life, but also that you can be sure to have a fully charged mobile even after using Waze, or other demanding apps.
    Filthy good accuracy of the GPS.

    Had this mobile also served water had clearly been given full marks in the ratings.
  • Good
    Affordable. Bought this about a year ago to have as a work phone.
    Got a Samsung via job that I just refuse to use.
    Nexus / Stock Android is the way to go if you're going to have an android handset imo.
  • Decent
    Terrible battery life, often the phone is completely out of the way home after work. Really great annoyance on an otherwise good phone.
  • Very Poor
    + Good software
    + Good Camera
    + Good fluency (sometimes drags on but got better with updates).
    + Clean Android
    + Last Android due Nexus
    + Relatively affordable
    + USB C and quick charge
    + Good screen. Clear and good colors
    + Very easy

    -2 GB RAM is too little in 2016
    -Plastig And poor build quality
    Cable plug it becomes the brands directly. It's made of some form of "soft" plastic. Nice to grasp but will be easy marks.

    -Blir Moisture easily damaged as my was. So avoid all humid environments. Keep it in the bathroom or other places where the air is humid. Are you going jogging when it rains, etc. I recommend another phone or to have your Nexus 5x in a zip lock bag

    I bought mine in February 2016 and in November 2016 became the humidity injured just lying in the bathroom where I bathed. I used the words do not and it worked perfectly after the bath. I put it on charge as usual in the evening (when it works), and thought no more of it. In the morning the next day was not charged and did not charge. The little I saw when I turned on the phone was that it brought moisture to the screen. Rice tried to trick a few days but when I tested it after it became (charging) cord incredibly warm and phone smelled burnt. 3 USB jack on the phone then smelled very steep.

    I have previously used an LG G2 I even used when I bathed that still works perfectly. So it seems that the Nexus 5x readily attracts moisture and become damp damaged. In any case my ex.

    Nexus 5X had not been made so poorly I had given the phone 8/10 when everything works, but the construction quality is poor.

    In my opinion not a durable phone. Good specs but made cheaply. Since the RAM only 2GB so I would recommend any other mobile November 2016. Buying it now is not particularly future-proof.
  • Perfect
    Took home another pal when he had thrown his G3 of the hill. Full pot with new software!
  • Very good
    Switched to this handset in mid-October -16 for the camera's sake, and for a pure Android 7.0 and fast updates.

    Nexus 5X is good in many ways. The best is perhaps the camera with its sensor with 1:55 mym large pixels and the right-bright optics F = 2.0 in rear camera. The same camera is incidentally also the Nexus 6P.

    What do I write here in PriceSpy on mobiles Google Nexus 5X and 6P is to inform you that you yourself, if you already have or plan to get one of these two phones, can improve the camera feature further a lot by downloading the Camera app to the new Google Pixel (sanitized for 5X and 6P by Google, fit, unfortunately, not the older Nexus mobiles).

    What distinguishes Pixels camera of 5X and 6P's is that the sensor in addition to laser measurement is in phase detection autofocus. Pixel also has anti shake when shooting video and taking pictures, even with HDR +, faster than 5X and 6P can. Plus some other things.

    The improvements 5X and 6P get with the new app include:
    - A very efficient HDR function
    - Autofocus can now be directed at any point through the touch function, and ...
    - Exposure compensation can also be adjusted by dragging your finger up or down, you can see how the picture will brighten respectively. darkens plus a scale shown.
    - Grid feature has been expanded and moved to screen for setting the timer, HDR and flash already. Moreover, it is through this you can easily distinguish between the old and the new app for.

    Perhaps there is no improvement to which I have not discovered. Since both kameraapparna laid side by side in appmappen you can compare them and image results.

    As long as you have Android 7.0, the HDR setting will be unchanged even when you're shooting the next time. Which I prefer because I usually want HDR + on. The advantage will disappear with Android 7.1 when the camera app which will always start with HDR + -auto.

    The beauty of it is that you are in and with the new free app that Google offers - as of this writing - may get a nearly equally competent camera phone that Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy 7 and iPhone 7 is only three cardboard.
  • Terrible
    It came a few drops of water on it and then it was destroyed.
  • Very good
    Google Nexus5X fix it which was not quite OK with the old Nexus 5. The screen is a bit bigger and personally I think the size is completely optimized then I certainly do not want a larger screen on a cell phone. Battery life is so good that a charge is more than enough for a whole day, with normal use. Personally, I had been able to accept a marginally thicker wait for even better battery life. The camera likes it strongly. The pictures you take in daylight will be good, but it gets the other hand, most mobiles better today. The big change in terms of the camera in Nexus5X is how sick it takes good pictures in the dark. You can take photos without a flash in dark rooms and still get both perfect clarity, color and minimal noise. I have never used a mobile camera capable of night scenes so good, so I am deeply impressed. You can shoot in resolution up to 4K / UHD which is nice. The phone is very fast, we have to hope that it is even with future updates. In new Nexus5X they have moved the headphone jack from the top to the bottom of the phone and it is a change that I am not completely happy with. Another disadvantage is the QI-charge (wireless charging) is not on the new model. It also lacks Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 support, which feels a bit strange. Anyway, loaded it in spite of the very quickly when I put it in my Qualcommladdare. As for charging, there are also advantages. The phone is loaded really fast with the included charger 3A. The fingerprint reader works without complaint. On Nexus5X Google has gone from Micro-USB to USB-C, which means that you no longer need to think about which part of the cable is up or down. That's good, because the contacts were torn a part when sometimes the wrong thing. A little pity only with all chargers and cords that you no longer need in addition is the USB-C cable in the shortest team I think. As for the feeling of quality so it feels like a good product and, overall, this is a very good phone.

    + Good Camera (especially impresses with how it handles dark environments)
    + Just in big screen
    + Film in 4k
    Loading rapidly +
    + Very phone for the money
    + The updates will directly because it is a Google phone
    + - OK Battery
    - Headphone jack underneath
    - Nothing Qualcomm Quick Charge support, no QI support

    Update: Even after 3-4 months after the phone's release, and upgraded with various updates from Google as it became slower. The latest Nougat 7.0 updates have to some extent made it a little less slow, but unfortunately a pretty hefty performance drop compared to when it was delivered. Something you should keep in mind if you intend to buy it now. Guess the RAM of 2GB might be a little on the low side.
  • Terrible
    I bought this on Amazon Marketplace and discovered after a few days the disturbing sound when playing video recorded with the phone, much like someone standing in the background and popping popcorn. Return to Web hall and got the tip to contact LG support, to see if they could help. The answer from LG were complaining about cell phone. Travel 2 to PC World to complain. After a few weeks I was able to retrieve the cell phone, so I went to PC World and downloaded it. It was nicely wrapped, so I waited until I got home and unpacked it, and then got almost a shock.

    The cell phone was not assembled correctly, it was a decent gap between the back cover and the phone, and, for example, the two "halves" to the headphone socket set offset each other. Moreover remained original problem with popcorn sound. Fourth trip down to PC World because this faulty mobile. Both people in the store agreed that the origin of the problem remained. Moreover, it was so because the cell phone has been incompletely assembled a week, it may be that the example given in moisture in a way that causes problems after the warranty period has expired, that I claimed that the cell phone was used up. I wanted to change to a new phone, but unfortunately PC World stopped selling it, so I returned the phone and got the money back.

    The abysmal performed repair where LG neglected to assemble the cell phone properly was so obvious to the layman anytime immediately saw that it was not assembled. How bad can it just go on the repairer simply do not care. This trouble cost me four trips to and from PC World, a lot of hours and energy. I heard of me LG and told everything, and attached images on the cell phone for their "repair". I asked if they were willing to give me any compensation, to somehow indicate that this management does not match their own view of its brand. The answer I got was that "If the fault persists after the service that the phone must be sent back. It must be the same fault three times before getting replaced the phone." That is despite the fact that the phone may have permanent damage that is not yet evident, I should not have to return it. No compensation was not an issue.

    Never, ever more an LG product for my part. Full frivolous company.
  • Very Poor
    Owned this phone in just over 1 month! Really liked the screen and fingerprint reader. However, I noticed pretty quickly that the battery was spent very quickly! Even with the savings situation, so it was kind of 30% in three hours and all I had on was Spotify, which I heard from my offline playlist. What was more problematic was that it was not possible to talk on the phone firmly bow I installed on the mobile. Also had a problem with it was incredibly hot after regular use and even Bluetooth malfunctioned when I connect it to the car (worth adding is that it is excellent to relax with my old / current xpeia z1 compact).
    Now maybe those problems here concerned only at my mobile, then the remaining reviews each have more positive than mine! Can also add that I bought the phone from Elgiganten and also submitted phone for repair, but they decided to scrap it instead of cooking it.
  • Barely acceptable
    + Good Camera
    + Very fast times
    + Good screen
    + Nexus (receive Android updates)
    + OK battery life (Better than the Galaxy S4)

    - Slow camera
    - Sometimes very slow (usually it is slightly warm then)

    Be satisfied with my until it started after 6 months. (Stuck just after Google logo is displayed)
  • Excellent
    Coming from all sorts of .senast
    Nexus 6p, Huawei p9 and some version of Huawei., Think that big brother is clearly the better phone of the Nexus. But on the other hand got well hold of this 5x for only 1990 from web hall. So I'm pretty happy with it. 6p was way too big for me and heavy .. but this 5x weighs button slightly and you can hold it for long without getting tired of it. However, the somewhat slippery,

    personally, yes tired of their mobile constantly, then yes always find something that bothers me, on them. The idea to buy the latest up to 8500 for a mobile today, my eyes no mobile host ???? Samsung E scrap. Likewise iphone scrap. LG makes good phones. Huawei is up there among the best today. And nexus is always good .. but not lately then they drop their past way too expensive.

    Today, one can safely say that the middle range phones is the shiiitt
  • Perfect
    Best Cell Phone for the price! Cruel!
  • Perfect
    Pure vanilla Android in a stylish package. Next to N6P the best cell phone.
  • Perfect
    Awesome good mobile! recommend it strongly.
    I've had a lot of Samsung mobiles, and even a OnePlus one but this beats them all the units every day of the week.

    what makes this phone so different from all others is that you can, for example, charge other devices via the. It's a cool feature to have but probably would not recommend to anyone and do it when the battery of this mobile is not so very big but it is enough for a whole day anyway. Since it also has a fingerprint reader, but it is on the back of a really convenient place as long as you use your index fingers.

    if you happen to be a OnePlus user or are familiar with the phone, you know that it had something cruel material on the back of the phone so that it sat comfortably in the hand. This nexus 5x have something similar to it, but without it there sandpaper feeling that you got from OnePlus One.

    Usually I have always been dissatisfied with my mobiles and somehow got them to restart themselves, freeze etc. but with the right nexus 5x I have not had anything out of these problems.

    The only problem was that they did not work with any USB cable or a micro USB c to micro-USB adapter, but it only got a usb to usb c-c cable to recharge.

    Adapter will find anyway at Kjell & Co and the USB C to USB 3.0 Cable you can find cheap on I bought this which will cost you about 45kr ink. Shipping, cable to the USB c USB is 1m long.

    Then there's also a little difficult sometimes Googling solutions to problems as it usually come up but lot of links to the Nexus 5 instead of 5x in Google.
  • Very good
    Have had this phone for a few months and would recommend it highly!
    This must be one of the most affordable phones in the market today, especially if you feel that a good camera is essential.
  • Excellent
    First bought a OnePlus 3 but chose to switch to this, especially for the smoother the size that feels truly optimal for me. Other positive things I discovered is how easy it is to unlock with the fingerprint sensor, which works great, and the low weight. The most negative is the battery life, despite (rootad + Xposed) Greenify and Amplify.
  • Very Poor
    Warning! Back pins color after 2 weeks. White Material is very cheap and worthless. Changing to a OnePlus 3. Best phone I have owned.
  • Perfect
    Super phone. Blazing, pure Android and sharp screen. Why people buy iPhone for 7000, - when you can buy this for 2879, - comprehend I do not. What has an iPhone that it has failed?
  • Perfect
    Has owned the iPhone, Windows phone, miscellaneous China mobiles and a number of Android phones. 5x Nexus is undoubtedly the best. I have owned the Nexus since last 5th released and I will never change. It does exactly what a phone should do, and then some.

    The camera, and that it is the original Android is a big +
  • Excellent
    I glanced at Nexus lurk for years, but now I own a Nexus 5x.

    Tired of waiting for to get the latest software. Has taken both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and LG G3. Crap good phones, but thought it would be fun to try pure android sometime. I truly appreciate this phone. Fast, stylish and comfortable to hold.
    2GB RAM 32GB memory Snapdragon 808, suffice just fine for me.
    USB Type C ⚡ loads fast. No problem finding cords, as such c usb to usb a. So you can load in the car.
  • Excellent
    Very much wait for the money. The best thing about the Nexus 5X the camera. Would personally say that the camera is up there among the top three mobile cameras. Especially night shots. Plus also because it is much custom firmware to download. Less to the USB cable that came was only USB to USB C-C.
  • Excellent
    Wonderful phone. Have come from a Nexus 5 and it is a big difference, even if I loved my old Nexus 5.

    In short: everything has improved.

    So far, I have not anything to complain about. :)

    I run no games or similar. Other apps I tested working as well as they can do.

    The camera is very good. A substantial improvement from the old Nexus 5.
  • Excellent
    Bought for 2990: - the elgiganten (32gb)

    + Pure android (no bloat)
    + Fingerprint reader that works like clockwork, wow!
    + USB c
    + Size 5.2
    + Camera! Great pictures!

    - Monitor slightly yellowish
    - C usb accessories are stealing expensive
    - Too much shaking when shooting, no good image stabilization, unfortunately,
  • Decent
    I come from Samsung Galaxy S4 that worked worse and worse with the recent updates. Therefore, I wanted to have a clean Android and Nexus chose between 5X and 6P. Since 6P is too big for me so I chose 5X which was the right choice of these. However, I would retrospectively rather chosen the Galaxy S7 despite S4 became worse and worse.

    + Clean Android

    - High disturbing vibration noise
    - Incoming calls are not heard in the headphones when I have the vibration (which it did in the example S4 an)
    - The fingerprint reader is unable to read often enough
    - Nertoning of the screen (eg at night) is dramatically less than for a LED screen
  • Very good
    Update 160323: I have now run March update from Google for a week and it's a completely different phone! The lag is gone, the camera krachar not. Now work it enough as it is supposed to. Here you can read the original review, from January, 2016.

    This is very much a comparison against my Nexus 5, which I happened to break off and had to buy a new handset.

    + Just ok battery life, much better than my old Nexus 5 (except sometimes, see below)
    + Good screen
    + Awesome good camera (when it works, see below).!
    + The fingerprint reader works quickly and well, very smoothly.
    + Loading fast!
    + Well built and good looking (even plastic)
    + Last andorid (but it had my old Nexus oxå)

    - A little laggig sometimes. (But not after the March update)
    - The battery is drained quickly at times, feels glitchigt.
    - Google's camera crashes very often and hangs when you start it. (But not after the March update)
    - Exposure compensation does not work
    - Need new chargers / cables :(

    In summary, I like the phone but thought better of the size of the old one. However, I think it feels a little "unfinished". Small things like battery may one day run out much faster than normal, the system is sometimes laggigt, the camera application is sometimes superseg or freezes completely. When everything works, it usually makes the phone feels fast camera incl. But it verkqar clearly be some software bugs that need to be straightened out.

    I find it remarkable that the camera app is so buggy and exposure compensation does not work (whatever camera app). This has been taken up in many reviews so it will come surely a fix eventually.

    Otherwise, the camera is the biggest upgrade, the images are really very good and the auto focus is fast and reliable. A huge upgrade over the old Nexus 5, and I'm very happy with the image quality. The fingerprint reader is also a big plus. Previously, I had one of those fingermönsterkod which always took some time but now open the phone before I even got it out of his pocket, very smooth! Most other things, very much like my old Nexus 5.
  • Acceptable
    Earlier, I had a Nexus 4, and it was the best phone I have had. My hopes were high for a 5x. Unfortunately, I must say that I am underväldigad.

    - The fingerprint reader is the top. Good location too.
    - The speakers at the front.
    - Inexpensive

    - Feels plasticky and back cover creaks around the fingerprint reader, which may sound like a petty problem but it is sick annoying.
    - Poor battery life. One day of normal use, so take out the battery pack in the evening.
    - The apps worked better on the Nexus 4AN, but it might get better with time.

    Overall, I have gone from Google Nexus fanboy to seriously consider switching to the iPhone. Sad.
  • Perfect
    As usual with Nexus lurking so it's perfect !.

    Had previously a Nexus 4, which was getting a little aged. Everything is better at this, especially the camera!

    However, as I did not like that the screen woke up every time you touched it. If you want to disable this feature so you go into the Settings-> Screen> Active lock screen and turn off this feature.
    This also improved the battery life to more positive when the cell phone does not wake up at all times.
  • Excellent
    Like the design, it is also extremely good performance for the little coin. It's not the best performance on the market, but just what you need. Bit of a shame that it does not have the option to expand the memory with SD cards, but on the other hand, need not always depend on the user. Occasionally, simply.
  • Excellent
    Chose between this and females seventh
    Chose this because of the USB c connector and a clean version of Android.
    Where I come from years of Apple products, I knew not what I would expect, but so far I'm pleasantly surprised.
    I like the location of the fingerprint sensor and it works very well.
    Chrome sync between my PC and phone is really nice.
  • Very good
    + Extremely affordable. I gave in 2890 to SEK Elgiganten.
    + Easy and smooth with a minimalist design.
    + Really fast. I experience it as faster than my Samsung Galaxy S6.
    + Good Multitasking. It rarely need to download apps or tabs when switching.
    + Clean Android and always first updates.
    + Loading rapidly.
    + Fingerprint reader is fast and is well positioned when you take your phone out of your pocket.

    The camera takes OK pictures, but it is somewhat slow.
    Screen has good sharpness and colors, but black level and contrast are not the best (if compared to AMOLED).
    Speaker powered are forward-looking and easy to hear, but the sound is a little thin.
  • Very good
    + Loading relatively quickly
    + Fingerprint works beyond expectations
    + Price if you think about what hardware you get (2890: -)
    + The brightness of the screen
    + Clean android

    - The size, wish it were as 4.5 ", but it is a matter of taste.
    - MicroSD missing.

    Can only say that I am super happy. The price is low considering what you get.
    One of the better, but at half the price.
  • Perfect
    Awesome mobile!

    - Fingerprint reader works great
    - Good battery life
    - Pure Android, no rubbish, and the bloatware
    - Very fast response on all sides
    - Best camera on the market (with 6P)
  • Excellent
    Awesome good phone!

    + Quick fingeravtrycksupplåsning is perfectly positioned
    + Great camera
    + Fast charging

  • Excellent
    Always preferred "pure" Android. Even if I switch around phones amazingly mkt so I always come back to a Nexus phone.

    The negative I have about this particular phone is that it does not have the QI which I lack. Would also have liked that they had squeezed a little bigger battery. Mostly because I am anti the camera stand out so, would have preferred to have had more cream and a little thicker phone to avoid this ...
  • Perfect
    Cruel mobile with the latest from Google! Went over to the 6P then I wanted to have bigger screen but this mobile suit an audience who prefer "smaller size". FullHD, plastering, comfortable and above all future-proof. The fingerprint reader works extremely well and is called Nexus Imprint.
    Wondering when Samsung exchanges his for a similar when it does not work at all so smoothly;)

    Overall, really pleased with everything except size.
  • Excellent
    The phone is really good. The only thing I can "complain" about is that the battery is "only" one-day, and that's something few settings. Otherwise, everything is as good as you could wish for! Definitely worth the money ,.
  • Excellent
    Spot on! has not been able to test more than 2 days though.
    + Fast. Really good flow
    + Screen
    + Camera
    It is lightweight and fits in the hand
  • Perfect
    Google Nexus delivers again. Very happy with the phone. Comes from a Nexus 5 and was pleased with it, but this is so much better and faster.
    + The camera is cruel, even in poor lighting conditions
    + Size
    Loading rapidly +
    + Fast, no lag
    + The fingerprint reader works perfectly and is positioned in the right place
    + Battery life
    + Clean the Android version, without mass "makeup"

    Will not actually on something negative. Thoroughly recommended. Perhaps I am slightly "colored" in my rating as we already have the Nexus 4, the Nexus 5 and the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 9 tablets at home. Why buy another when you know what you get, updates of Android coming fast and you always have the latest software! This is worth gold compared to other manufacturers. No novelty!
  • Excellent
    Previously had a Nexus 5 and as expected feels this as a worthy successor.

    + Screen, 1080p is quite sufficient for this size and the colors are more vibrant.
    + In fact I think it's great battery life, I usually get 200 minutes screen time and 20 hours standby before it is time to recharge again. The charge also goes fast.
    + Fast, feels rap
    + Fingerprint reader is spot on, good location and super fast
    + Build quality is better than expected
    + The software, however, the same as all Nexusar, is brilliant
    + Form Factor and Size

    - The vibrator is loud, irritating to vibration when pressing keys.
  • Very good
    Nexus = always the latest software
    Good building to be in plastic
    Fingerprint reader's location and function are spot
    Loading quickly as f n
    No adapter for USB type C to A are included as Big Brother Nexus 6p
  • Good
    It's good but I get the right cards with battery life: |
  • Perfect
    Very happy with this. Clear improvement from the Nexus 5. Above all, it feels much faster and has better battery life.

    + Very fast and responsive
    + Fingerprint reader position and function
    + Camera
  • Terrible
    The vibrator's crazy loud .. every press you hear a high-pitched tone in addition to the sound also hear from the speaker.
  • Perfect
    + Sharp screen, good colors
    + Front speakers
    + Fast and smooth camera
    + Latest Android
    + Monthly security updates from Google
    + Good battery life, Doze own!
    + Low weight
    + USB c
    + There are some accessories despite low market

    - No memory
    - Hole in shell
  • Very good
    Hooray for:
    Camera in low light conditions
    Unlock mechanism of the finger on the back
    Low weight
    The screen feels crisp
    USB C

    Less cheer:
    Screen carpet colors (but one dies not really)
    Less battery than my previous phone
    Short USB cable

    Other brooding:
    Audio input from below

    Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 2
    "C USB-to-USB Standard" -sladd are o buying on Kjell CO for about 100kr if you want to plug the thing in the computer. "How often is it ..." :-)

    After 10 days:
    Shoe pinched as hell when I would stop in the Headphones to it. The glappade as hell at first but after two days I noticed that one must kill the headphone cable into Nexus until it clicks, then sits as a mountain. Unusually much power you have to give the plug.

    Annarsvis satisfied and 6.0.1 update came the other day. The screen now feels more just fine after my initial hesitations with the colors. It's probably Sam The Kid as "blooming" in its color scheme.
  • Excellent
    Simply spot on. The first Nexus handset when you got tired of units that become outdated after 1 year and not get updates.
  • Excellent
    Best phone I have had thus far.
    Very good and quick responsiveness. Just hope Google does not ruining this in the next Android update, as they did with Lollipop.