Apple iPhone 6s 64GB

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  • Excellent
    8 months ago
    product came through as promised.
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  • Excellent
    18 years ago
    I've had my iPhone 6S in about two weeks, and I love it. The predecessor was an iPhone 5, and it was really lethargic after over two years of use, with information on the way from my 3GS and then 4. This time, I put the phone as new.
    The first thing I want to point out is the fingerprint reader, the damn thing! Only it does upgrade warranted. It reads quickly and is almost always right, unless you are really dirty. This allows one to save huge time by not having to enter the code every time.
    Then we have the 3D Touch. A brilliant idea, and the performance is not bad either. Works very well and opens up a whole new dimension of use, very smooth when it is available. Unfortunately, it is not very much implemented, but it will guarantee that emerge updates using the 3D Touch when the respective developers have found a way to use it.
    Battery life is very good, enough always morning to evening, and the economical use can add to it to two days. Siri has developed since I tested her last, and now is the hen bisexual. My Siri is obviously a man from Australia, the best accent.
    Close button moved from the top of the phone to the right side, about 2 cm bottom. Felt very stupid and unnecessary at first, but you get used to it quickly, and it is now easier to reach, and it is less cumbersome to take screenshots.
    Flash has both front and rear, and both of them have done its done in my opinion.

    Edit; I've had it for a year soon, and it is still grim. Do not understand how you have fared without the 3D Touch before.
  • Very good
    18 years ago
    Kanonbra phone. No doubt! But they are getting good expensive ...

    Very good screen!
    Cool form factor! Nice to stay, feels premium.
    Fast, stable, ...
    The camera is great!
    Good battery life.

    Very slick!
    Sheep fairly easy marks and scratches ...
    Almost a little too expensive.
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Best phone I have had, recommend!
  • Very good
    18 years ago
    They changed me from the iPhone 5, because it had only 16GB. Previously held the iPhone 3G Since Jan 2009, these are my only three phones after Nokia-era (and my only smartphones). Oh, yeah, had a HTC One X + in a month, but never became friends with Android or the size (but so is the same, but now it seems the size function reasonably attributed to ...). Was very much against 4.7 "but thought to try now, and it actually works! Have had every phone in 3.5 years, so expect to keep even the iPhone 8S (iPhone [translate] 2019), an additional plus for they all are so good and always had the latest software and have not had any other problems than they have been slower.

    + Super stylish aesthetically
    + Build quality, there is no one who has such a high precision
    + The screen is the finest available in terms of color reproduction
    + Finally built flux!
    + IOS10 is perfa Mac
    + 64gb is optimal! Changed from my iPhone 5 only because of its 16GB barely sufficed apps! 64 is optimal, 32 is too little, all photos directly stored on iCloud.
    + Fingerprint Reader, Touch ID, is absolutely wonderful and so fast (v.2) and on the front of the screen, perfect for your thumb, not like the Google Nexus / Pixel where it is at the back and unable to access if you just want left the cell phone on the table.

    +/- Very good with 3D touch, since you can now easily swipe between apps and move the mouse, now is the only thing I miss from my last jailbreak (which had these two features are already in the iPhone 5, just being able to record calls and have date / widgets on the home screen / status bar). However, it is sometimes integrated 3D touch the wrong way, which leads to UI problems, such as moving around hemikoner, copy the link on the Web, etc. For one function, it goes in too easily (too sensitive) whereas for another function is too slow (get sore fingers) so I hope Apple / developer working on the matter and realize the problems!
    +/- Pretty good battery life
    +/- A little too big to hold in one hand (for me), but also a plus
    +/- Syncs so well with the iCloud, has 200GB, but they should offer free space for the photos from the camera (video too?)

    - Dislikes to all menu / settings buttons located at the top corners of the screen, they should be like two buttons on either side of the home button! So it had not done anything to the screen is so big and I can not reach any of the keys with one hand! > However, there is a special screen protector that the MHA capacitive technology creates two pressure points, one on each side of the home button! Please Apple integrating the keys to the iPhone in 2017, the iPhone's long-awaited 10 anniversary!
    - 6600 kr which I paid 8 months after launch (special offer) is ok, but the 8900 SEK which was the new price is way too expensive (64GB attributed to), however, seems to be due to the weak krona! Now just after the iPhone 7 release so is the 6600 kronor, a year after launch, and I think this is the right price. I usually have telephones average of 3.5 years, but I still think 8900 SEK had been far too much.
    - On / off button is on the page, access it by mistake when to increase the volume, as well as causing other annoyances.
    - Still waiting for the phone to go to state / bend the wrist! And please also have holograms / projector with a screen and keyboard so you do not have a laptop!
    - Still lack tools and date in the status bar.

    Lowers my rating from 8/10 to 7/10 after reading through my review, because. compatibility issues and operational and its related services. Or, I might give it a 8/10 anyway, because it is such a good friend.
  • Good
    18 years ago
    Clearly lifted from my previous iPhone 4
    Really fast
    Simple at getting started with - excellent system!
    Ok battery life

    Slippery as a bar of soap if you do not have a case til it - should have a little more rough surface.
  • Excellent
    18 years ago
    I am now on my 5th iphone (2g / USA, 3, 4, 5, 6 S)
    The jump from 5 to 6S is of course the screen size that stands out. Since it has become faster, etc. but the screen size and the fingerprint reader is the one I like the most.
    Ios developed but so does Android. I've been running Android and iOS simultaneously in three years with private or work phone. I like both systems. Both have their charm and annoyances but they are becoming more and more similar to the user experience.

    My personal iPhone experience over time.
    2g -> 3 3G connectivity and better screen, appstore etc. Wow Wow!
    3 -> 4 Retina display, wow. (Antenna-gate; not as fun for a left-handed person)
    4 -> 5 Well .. what was the difference except a little rounded corners?
    5 -> 6S screen size and the fingerprint reader. Good!
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Inside the iPhone 5 and each upgrade has been worth it! Despite the minimal difference in the look of the iPhone 6, it feels so much rap rare! Like even the smoothness of 3D touch, so you quickly access some features of the phone. Have nothing to complain about, 10 pointers simply! :)
  • Decent
    18 years ago
    Worst Ipåhonen so far.
    Writes still as very wrong despite the larger screen (Iphone5)
    On / off button for silent operation still goes down, miss daily conversations because of this.
    On / off button is located now at hand, and are happening that I press it when I should take pictures in landscape mode, it had been sitting on top like on old phones had never happened.
    The camera is not much better in dark areas than the old phones.
    Earlier phones I've lost without protection, this cracked me on the screen after a few weeks, in addition they will have in 2500: - to change due to the touch-sensitive screen, a feature that you never use.
    Battery life and the speed is good.
    Ready for expensive phone in terms of what you get.
  • Acceptable
    18 years ago
    The only thing I can say is over hyped. It is so cool to touch 3d is not bold s7ans new game features and always on display also cool. An iPhone with good battery announcer s7an have fast charge gets the iPhone the talk around the world about it. You give top rating at all times to Apple experts just because you like them best to cut the crap sometime. Galaxy s7 to have this year's mobile may otherwise expertreviews and IDG, and all other ashamed
  • Excellent
    18 years ago
    Bought it on release almost a year ago. Came from a faithful 4s who died during the 5-minute swim (Be careful with pockets of swimming trunks) and the stage is big, I must say.

    In short, this is a flawless smartphone, like the design ('d rather not have protruding camera on the back, but, but ...), battery (power saving mode) and the camera, and everything else in it in principle.

    Use every day since the purchase but have not had a single problem yet, and hence gives the grade.

    8400kr is really an absurd price but just pull of a star when the machinery that said works flawless (also get the 64gig).

    Tested for Android phones also with their removable memory cards, better prices and cooler specs, but they simply are not the same sensation (also works not to the same extent in my experience).

    9/10 may tjänarn.
  • Excellent
    18 years ago
    Upgraded from the iPhone 5 when the phone broke. Had initially planned to wait out the iPhone 7, but I just can not walk without music ...: p

    Was pleasantly surprised by the feeling in his hand, for me near the optimal ratio of single handed operation when needed, plus the size of the cell phone. Can not remember that my sample approval on the iPhone 6 earlier felt the same, think it was slightly halkigare. But perhaps playing mind tricks, or is it new aluminum version used here, which is also stronger than the iPhone sixth

    Everything goes faster course of the, well, actually, it happens well in principle never to feel any "hacking", or some delays.

    The fingerprint reader is further improved in addition to the example iPad Air 2, which I also have. To unlock the phone is now faster than it takes for the lock screen to fade out completely, haha. You do not even have time to see what time it is. In use, it is similar to having your phone unlocked, which of course is a really great feeling when you know that while it is locked for others.

    The camera should be the best so far, and lift the iPhone 5 is significant, especially in indoor pictures.

    A little less because of price, which certainly pay a lot for the hardware and the quality of the experience, but also for the mark. Their profit margins can not get away from. Parts of the minus also considering design weakness with aerial straps on the back that I probably will never learn to like. Latest rumor says that they finally smokes on the iPhone 7 ...
  • Acceptable
    18 years ago
    Wonderful (almost) 9/10
    The battery could have been better considering the price you pay today!

    2016-03-04 - Filed in service after 3 weeks, bad! - 4 stars
  • Excellent
    18 years ago
    Wow what lift to my old smartphone.

    Had received full marks if it were not so expensive 😱.
  • Excellent
    18 years ago
    I like it a lot. Previously I had the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and LG G2. I loved my LG G2, and when it broke down after 2 years I wanted to find a worthy replacement. What I value most is a stylish exterior, a smooth interface, good camera, good battery life and maximum sizes of 5.2 inch, ie a maximum of about 7.1 cm in width.

    After looking around for a while, I was annoyed that most high-end phones with android was so big. I felt and squeezed Z5 compact but did not like the little square shape and that it does not add much to the LG G2.

    Iphone 6s feel super fast, sleek, camera seems good and battery life as I read a lot of complaints about I think is more than approved. I appreciate that it is so incredibly partridge in the interface, but find it a little sad to say goodbye to widgets and back button.

    Overall, I am very satisfied.
  • Barely acceptable
    18 years ago
    I'm not impressed.

    I have long been impressed by Apple's quality and a "fan". But not anymore.
    Just changed me from an iPhone 5 that has been faithful to me then release. Sure 6s: a faster, but for well over 7000kr I expected a big boost on all levels. The camera has got something more "life-like" colors, but apart from that, nothing better than my 5th place, despite the more megapixels. Twilight Pictures or in low light is not to talk to. At least as bad as my 5th. Battery life, I was not impressed, and then I'm still no hard users.

    Where did Apple's quality and ambition go?
    Wish I could return the phone and get my money back.
  • Excellent
    18 years ago
    Like it!

    Has been Androidare a while now (had iPhone 4 last) so it's the little things happened since then.

    3D touch, I like, smooth when to eg only to check the email or unstable (Peek and Pop).
    Good camera, a little more natural colors than compared to the Galaxy 6th

    Battery life is well like that, hold one day if the caterpillar much.
    The price I think is quite a lot. The price of the 64GB should be at levels .. 16GB and 16GB today, hey apple! With the camera to shoot in 4K on a 16GB handset, well, then was out of memory on a ggn.
    At least 64GB in my opinion you should have.
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Love it!

    Quick as damn
    Have had problems with certain apps that hangs (eg Almanac, SMHI ... require that you close the app, ie swiper delete it, then start it again)
    Occasionally large screen = Keep the phone without major problems in jean pockets
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Love this!

    However, the latest OS upgrade messed up for some apps stopped working
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Works as expected
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Best phone ever ????????????
  • Excellent
    18 years ago
    Upgraded from an iPhone 5 and this is a real boost
    So much faster
    A little bigger screen
    Everything flows much better
    Until I have received Iphone is that they just become more and more expensive, unfortunately, hence no full pot
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Amazing phone!
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Very pleased! Awesome battery life to be an iPhone.
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Wonderful! Love 3DTouch and Live Photos! : D
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Cruel phone. Love 3D Touch it does so the cell phone is used in a completely different way.

    More info will come when I am more familiar with the handset.