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Product generation: Microsoft Windows 10. 24 products in this generation. 4 predecessors and no successors
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  • Barely acceptable
    1 year ago
    Significantly less disgusting than Windows 8.1, but is still suffering from identity crisis over whether there should be a streamline: at the operating system where everything advanced hidden away for the user by fördummad layout, or if it should keep the old Windows 7 standard. Windows 10 is really two operating systems into one, where many functions are available via both Metro app system and the "normal" system.

    This means that while many specific settings were hard to find in Windows 7, so did the 8th grade and then 10: an even harder just by clarifying the options that the design team at Microsoft thought that the users need to see.

    A small example of this is the setting page for "mouse" only gives you the option to choose the number of rows that the mouse wheel will scroll and whether the mouse buttons are being right- or left-wing. To change the pointer speed, this is now hidden under "additional mouse settings".

    If you want to avoid having to meet the login screen of your personal computer each time you wake it from sleep mode? Then you need to go on the internet to find the secret code word to bring up the correct options box where it can be changed, for it would be absolutely unthinkable to include that feature in the standard "account settings" where "ordinary" users can likely to find it!

    So you own a Windows 10 license you just installed on a computer that you own, and then wish to install software other than Windows? Sorry, you do not own the rights to install things on your own computer without the need to contact the administrator (yourself) to find a solution where you via the internet you will find the secret code words to write in to unblock yourself from the installation of new software on your own hard drive.

    This may seem trivial, but when every single process in Windows 10 overlap where one must spend several minutes / hours to find where they hid each setting so lessnar quickly.

    Avoid as long as possible, unless you have a specific need to go from Windows 7th
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Windows 10 is the best version now! For normal use, keep it with the Home version. Run and buy!